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By Tom Hall | Jun 14, 2017
Open Shooting Dog Winners. From left: Teddy Poston with T L’s Cold Front, Jerry Raynor with Indian Creek Great White and Calvin Curnutte with Merritt’s Bear.

Camden, S. C. — The Gamecock Field Trial Club held its annual spring trial March 31-April 2 at the Mid-Carolina Club’s venue outside Camden, S. C.

The Gamecock Club is the oldest club in the Association of South Carolina Field Trial Clubs, one of the oldest in the country likely, with its founding in the early 1930s during the heyday of bobwhite quail hunting. The club traces the love of all things quail and bird dog oriented that took root in the agriculturally rich lands of Sumter County where sporting author Havilah Babcock roamed the fields and wrote his nostalgic tales of southern bird hunting culture.

The club was revived three years ago through the efforts of Pinewood, S. C., bird dog trainer Steve Browder. Steve, with help from Tim Ruff and other members of the Association, made it a priority to bring back the Gamecock. We are grateful to Steve for his efforts to revive this important club.

With a total of 37 entered dogs, the weekend was a success and enjoyed by all who attended.

Thank you to the excellent judges and many volunteers who contributed their time and efforts to make the trial a success.

The Amateur Shooting Dog was judged by Eric Russell and Calvin Curnutte. We appreciate the efforts of these two eastern North Carolina dog men who did a great job. The winner was last year’s South Carolina Handler of the Year and field trial stalwart Roger Duerksen handling Klee’s Maggie Mae. Second went to local pointer male Preacher Maxwell, handled by Tim Ruff and owned by the two Mid-Carolina legends, Charles K. Young and Marion Yarbrough. Third went again deservedly to the man who brings a lot of dogs to our trials from the beautiful low country and we appreciate that, Roger Duerksen with Big and Bold.

The Open Shooting Dog was judged by the affable and well known field trial couple Earl and Margaret Drew. This couple does so much for field trialing and we appreciate it every time we see them pull up in their fancy camper and horse trailer ready to run and enjoy the camaraderie of our great sport. Besides being great with dogs and horses, they are wonderful judges and we appreciate their generosity.

The Open had 22 dogs entered with a larger than usual number of setters, seven entered. Pee Dee area trainer Teddy Poston took first place with Fancy, pointer female out of Rock Acre Blackhawk. Second was Indian Creek Great White, owned by Auddie Brown and handled by Jerry Raynor. Third was awarded to Merritt's Bear, owned by Terry Merritt and handled by Calvin Curnutte.

The Open Derby was also judged by the Drews and it had thirteen entries. First was awarded to Warren Parrott with Hirollins Wake up Maggie, setter by Erin’s Hidden Shamrock. Second was Lily On Bee, owned by Nicholas Holdgate and handled by Trey Littlejohn. Third was Sandland Tarheel Fancy, owned by Marquis Patterson and handled by Eric Russell.

The final stake was the Open Puppy judged by Mid-Carolina president Dennis Lemoine and trial organizer Steve Browder. Ten puppies were entered, a healthy number for a stake we don’t always run. First place was awarded to L C Smith, pointer male owned and handled by Gary Miller.

Second was Hirollins Easy Money, owned by Warren Parrott and handled by Katy Lane. Third went to Max, handled by Eric Russell.

Thank you again to the judges and volunteers who assisted the Gamecock, our last trial of the year for the Association. This was a great year for trialing in South Carolina and we are excited for next year and the continued success of our local clubs.

Camden, S. C., March 31

Judges: Earl Drew and Margaret Drew


1st—T L’S COLD FRONT, 1653768, pointer female, by Rock Acre Blackhawk—Spinning For Cash. T. L. Poston, owner and handler.

2d—INDIAN CREEK GREAT WHITE, 1642056, pointer male, by Lester’s Snowatch—Indian Creek Lizzy. Auddie Brown, owner; Jerry Raynor, handler.

3d—MERRITT’S BEAR, 1648389, setter male, by Smoke Rise Buck—Merritt’s Pearl. Terry Merritt, owner; Calvin Curnutte, handler.

Judges: Margaret Drew and Steve Browder

OPEN DERBY — 13 Entries

1st—HIROLLINS WAKE UP MAGGIE, 1665786, setter female, by Erin’s Hidden Shamrock—Quickmarksman’s Sue. Warren Parrott, owner and handler.

2d—LILY ON BEE, 1665792, setter female, by Stoney Run’s Bojangles—Legacy N Lace. Nicholas Holdgate, owner; Trey Littlejohn, handler.

3d—SANDLAND TARHEEL FANCY, 1664168, setter female, by Hot Blooded—Sandland Cinnamon. M. W. Patterson, owner; Eric Russell, handler.

Judges: Steve Browder and Dennis Lemoine

OPEN PUPPY — 6 Pointers and 4 Setters

1st—L C SMITH, 1671185, pointer male, by Stoney Run’s Buddy—Class Act Rachel. Gary Miller, owner and handler.

2d—HIROLLINS EASY MONEY, 1670778, pointer female, by Sugarknoll War Paint—McKinney’s Honky Tonk Grace. Warren Parrott, owner; Katy Lane, handler.

3d—MAX, unreg., particulars not given. Eric Russell, handler.

Judges: Eric Russell and Calvin Curnutte


1st—KLEE’S MAGGIE MAE, 1650954, pointer female, by Great River Magnum—Miss Strut. Susan K. & R. L. Duerksen, owners; R. L. Duerksen, handler.

2d—PREACHER MAXWELL, 1627383, pointer male, by Lynchriver Rebel—Sanvista’s Jill. C. K. Young & C. M. Yarbrough, owners; Tim Ruff, handler.

3d—BIG AND BOLD, 1617321, pointer male, by Big’N’Rich—Rocky River Suzie. Susan K. & R. L. Duerksen, owners; R. L. Duerksen, handler.

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