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Geisha Has Died

By David Grubb | Apr 04, 2019

Lake Orion, Mich. — I am sorry to report that Geisha, coming fourteen years of age (September 25) passed away March 27. A special lady and her outstanding husband, Sandy and Scott Sherer, took her when I was first injured and kept her in their home where she was treated like the queen she was.

Although Geisha never won a championship, she had an illustrious eleven years on the major circuit and scored several wins. Her performance some years back at the Kentucky Open Championship was outstanding and everyone thought she’d won it.

One year at Mr. Fitch’s Galena Plantation in north Mississippi, she scored seven finds, but alas took a few steps on one of her finds, and the only ones who saw it were my good friend Randy Downs and one of the judges.

She always gave her all, was powerful and extreme, even in her later years.

The last time I ran her was at the West Tennessee trials. I lost her to the front. When I came to the road crossing, the dog wagon driver said, “Mr. Dave, she crossed here about ten minutes ago.”

Mr. Ed Whiting of Boca Raton, Fla., owned her during her Derby season and first years as an all-age. When Mr. Whiting died, Bruce Young of Kirbyville, Tex., assumed ownership until she was retired.

Thanks so much to Sandy and Scott Sherer who gave her so much the last year of her life. She was a fun dog to work and class all the way.



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