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Georgia Championships

By Becky B. Futch (For Gary A. Futch, President) | Jan 04, 2021

Waynesboro, Ga. — The Georgia Open Championships began January 2 in Waynesboro, Ga., with the Georgia Derby Championship having drawn 35 dogs, as follows:

1. One Of Them Girls, PF/IS; Mark Haynes. With

One Day Queen Bee, PF; Lane Hodges.


2. High Drive Dart, PM; Judd Carlton. With

Lester’s Cash Master, PM; Gary Lester.


3. Knight Hill Bill, PM; Ike Todd. With

Lester’s Titlewave, PM; Gary Lester.


4. Touch’s Whitey Ford, PM; Ike Todd. With

Dubose’s Wonder Dog, PM; Bobby Dubose.


5. Touch’s One Night Standards, PF/IS; Mark Haynes. With

One Day La Bandita, PF; Lane Hodges.


6. Miller’s Acention, PM; Gary Lester. With

Carlton’s High Voltage, PM; Judd Carlton.


7. Peak’s Made Up Mind, PM; Gary Lester. With

Gain Rebel,  PM; Ike Todd.


8. Great Nation, PM; Tommy Davis. With

Como Thunder, PM; David Russell.


9. Dubose’s What a Dog, PM; Bobby Dubose. With

Lester’s Showboat Rex, PM; Gary Lester.


10. Touch’s Walk the Line, PM; Ike Todd. With

Bonner's Hot Rize, PM; Derrek Bonner.


11. Snowman, PM; Lane Hodges. With

Erin’s Tin Star, PM; Judd Carlton.


12. Lester’s Boss Man, PM; Gary Lester. With

Touch’s Wild Finale, PM; Ike Todd.


13. Knight Hill Blue, PM; Ike Todd. With

Carlton's Outsider, PM; Judd Carlton.


14. Erin’s Prime Time, PM; Sean Derrig. With

Conner’s Triggerman, PM; Fred Rayl.


15. Southern Nation, PM; Lefty Henry. With

Game Heir, PM; Ike Todd.


16. Lester’s Another Shock Wave, PM; Gary Lester. With

Erin’s Silver Lining, PM; Sean Derrig.


17. Spencer’s Rambeling Justice, PM; Fred Rayl. With

I'm Southern Smoke, ESM; Luke Eisenhart.


18. Erin’s Country Rebel, PM; Sean Derrig. As a bye.


The Georgia Open All-Age Championship has an entry of 53 dogs, as follow:

1. Spencer’s Rambling Justice, PM; Fred Rayl. With

Marques Armed Robber, PM; Lefty Henry.


2. Im A Southern Natural, ESF; Luke Eisenhart. With

Erin’s Wild Atlantic Way, ESM; Sean Derrig.


3. Touch’s Gallatin Fire, PM; Mark McLean. With

Lester’s Stem Winder, PM; Gary Lester.


4. Great River Joe, PM; Tracy Swearingen. With

Dominator’s Bull Market, PM; Jamie Daniels.


5. Ace’s R Wild, PM; Mark McLean. With

Touch’s Red Rider, PM; Luke Eisenhart.


6. Dogwood Bill, PM; Jamie Daniels. With

Marques Big Luck, PM; Lefty Henry.


7. Touch’s Blue Knight, PM; Woody Watson. With

Senah Back In Business, PM; Jamie Daniels.


8. Touch’s Breakaway Fred, PM; Mark McLean. With

True Confidence, PM; Luke Eisenhart.


9. Sand Hill Little Juney, PF; Fred Rayl. With

Ausum Country Justice, PM; Luke Eisenhart.


10. Erin’s Lone Star Law, PM; Sean Derrig. With

Dominator’s Rebel Heir, PM; Jamie Daniels.


11. Touch’s White Water, PF; Mark McLean.

Lester’s Boss Man, PM; Gary Lester.


12. Strut Nation, PM; Scott Jordan. With

Miller’s Stray Bullet, PM; Jamie Daniels.


13. Touch’s Malcolm Story, PM; Mark McLean. With

Dunn’s Tride’n True, PM; Luke Eisenhart.


14. Miller’s Bushwacker, PM; Jamie Daniels. With

Lester’s Shock Wave, PM; Gary Lester.


15. Erin’s Copper River, PM; Jerry Raynor. With

Shadow’s Lord Magic, PM; Luke Eisenhart.


16. Crown’s Black Ice, PF; Tracy Swearingen. With

Dominator’s Rebel Squire, PM; Jamie Daniels.


17. Dunn’s True Reign, PM; Luke Eisenhart. With

Touch’s Joy Ride, PM; Mark McLean.


18. Miller’s Speed Dial, PM; Gary Lester. With

Knight Moon, PM; Luke Eisenhart.


19. Hirollins Macho Man, ESM; Tracy Swearingen. With

Confident Nation, PM; Tommy Davis.


20. Rebel Cause, PM; Jamie Daniels. With

Lester’s Georgia Time, PM; Mark McLean.


21. Miller’s Blindsider, PM; Jamie Daniels. With

Touch’s Folsom Blues, PM; Mark McLean.


22. Touch’s Mega Mike, PM; Mark McLean.

Osceola’s Rebel Chief, PM; Luke Eisenhart.


23. Miller’s Unfinished Business, PM; Jamie Daniels. With

Erin’s Prometheus, ESM; Luke Eisenhart.


24. Lester’s Storm Surge, PM; Gary Lester. With

Dominator’s Rebel Rogue, PM; Jamie Daniels.


25. Woodville’s Yukon Conrelius, ESM; Mark McLean. With

Sandy Hill Wally, PM; Jerry Raynor.


26. Miller’s Heat Advisory, PM; Jamie Daniels. With

Sand Wood Creek, PM; Jerry Raynor.


27. J C L’s Dal, PM; Bill Adams. As a bye.

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