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Georgia Derby Georgia Quail Championships

By Nell Mobley, Secy. | Jan 12, 2018

Waynesboro, Ga. — On Saturday evening, December 30, a  total of 36 youngsters was drawn for the Derby Championship. Competition began Tuesday morning, January 2, under the watchful eyes of Judges Eddie Sholar of Leesburg, Ga., and Woody Watson of Albany, Ga.

Topping the field in the Derby Championship was Touch’s Gallatin Fire, white and orange pointer male owned by Alex and Bryana Rickert of Bozeman, Mont., and handled by Ike Todd. Gallatin Fire had three finds and a good strong race. Awarded runner-up was Dakota Nation, white and liver pointer male owned by Scott Jordan of Grant, Minn., and handled by Tommy Davis. Nation had one good find and a strong race. Both winning dogs handled well.

In the Quail Championship advertised Judge John Thompson of Camilla, Ga., had to bow out due to a fall after the fourth brace, and Gary Futch of Statesboro, Ga., joined Jadie Rayfield of Mount Pleasant, S. C., to pass judgment on 31 all-age contenders.

Earning the title was Quickmarksman’s Tom Tekoa, six-year-old white and orange setter male owned by Larry Earls of Blacksburg, S. C., and handled by Mike Hester. Tom Tekoa had a good forward race and one good find. Erin’s Redrum, five-year-old white and orange pointer male owned and handled by Sean Derrig of Chicago, Ill., was named runner-up. Redrum had three finds and a strong finish.

The weather during the trial was extremely cold.

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