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Erin’s Lone Star Law Wins Derby Title; Strut Nation Named All-Age Champion

Georgia Open Derby and Quail Championships

By Nell Mobley and John Ray Kimbrell | Mar 08, 2019
Erin's Lone Star Law Winner of the Georgia Derby Championship

Waynesboro, Ga. — The first people to arrive in their motor home at Di-Lane Plantation for the Georgia Championships were John Ray and Mary Kimbrell who arrived on December 30 and departed for their home in Fort Mill, S. C., on January 18. John Ray serves as stake manager and Mary assumes her regular chores with making coffee every morning, helping with lunch, and getting the box of snacks and beverages ready for the dog wagon.

At 93, Mack Carter continues driving the dog wagon pulled by a Ford pickup loaned to the GFTA by Mizell Ford. Mack boasts of his service for over 40 years.

Last season, the three courses we use were undergoing a tremendous logging operation, getting rid of overgrown hardwoods. Naturally, John Ray wanted to ride the courses to observe their condition.

Just the person to drive yours truly and John Ray around was Chuck Miller who was in his third year releasing the birds every morning at 5:30. He took us for a “real” tour. We jokingly told him that when he saw a bump he sped up so we were made to feel the ride.

The courses had been immaculately groomed by John Bearden, DNR technician assigned to Di-Lane, and Henry Williams, long-time employee with the Department of Natural Resources.

Comments from the trainers and owners were that the grounds were in the best-ever condition. Birds were in abundance, both wild and pen-raised.

We are proud to boast of the first championship every year — the Georgia Derby. Bragging rights were in order for this stake (55 entries). If my memory serves me correctly, this is a record entry.

The drawing was held on December 30 with the assistance of Gary Futch, Becky Futch, John Ray and Mary, and Chuck Miller. Becky prepared the drawing sheets and Mary prepared the judges’ books. Thirty-six entries were drawn for the Georgia Quail Championship.

A newcomer to the South, Lynn Oxendine of Neosho, Mo., joined Mike Jackson of Battle Ground, Ind., to name the champion and runner-up in the Derby Stake. This was Mike’s third year with us to judge in one or more stakes hosted by the GFTA. Both sportsmen are sought after judges. Lynn was with Purina a number of years ago and Mike retired from a company that built power lines. They both are quick to say they have time after retiring to spend with the sport they enjoy.

Derby Championship Winners

Earning the 2019 Derby title was Erin’s Lone Star Law, pointer male owned and handled by Sean Derrig of Chicago, Ill. Law was drawn for course No. 2 in the second brace of running. Taking to the course in high fashion, he had a find at 3 with excellent manners noted. Derrig turned Law loose across the creek. With hunting on his mind, he suddenly stopped at 19 on the right side of crossing approaching Lamar’s Crossing, all in order as birds were raised. Some good swings were made on the east side of property and he was found on point at 37 with a wild covey flushed, excellent manners. The hour was finished far to the front with Derrig running in high gear to pick up.

Dogwood Bill, pointer male handled by Jamie Daniels and owned by Dogwood Kennels in Boston, Ga., captured runner-up honors. He took to course No. 1 with hunting on his mind and stopped at 16 past the power line. A nice covey was flushed. As Jamie continued to maneuver over the grounds a second find at 36 was noted with all in order. As the hour progressed Bill seemed to get stronger the second half. A third all in order find was witnessed when he was found on point at 50. The hour was completed with plenty of power to the front.

With excellent performances by these two young Derbies, they are sure to be running next season in all-age stakes.


With overcast skies, the first two Derbies were released — Miller’s Justified (Lester) and Game Call (Griffin). Justified was credited with finds at 11, 20, 57 and 60. Birds flew when shots were fired. Justified honored bracemate on two occasions and made nice forward casts. Game Call was a stylish running male which was credited with finds at 20, 30 and 50. Good manners were noted with three backs. Call made good casts and was to the front when time was called.

Erin’s Lone Star Law (Derrig) was reported as champion. No Sale (Henley) went missing and the retrieval unit was requested at 32.

Lester’s Storm Surge was harnessed at 8, not pleasing Lester. Game Weapon (Griffin) had a nice forward race with an all in order find at 59.

Rain began moving in during the early afternoon. Carlton’s on the Loose was off to a nice start along with bracemate Neely’s Party Girl (Neely). They carded a divided find at 54. Both had strong races and finished the hour.

Notorious King’s Ransom (Henley) and Hendrix’s House Card (Carlton) were up at 30 for a breach of manners on point.

Dominator’s Rebel Squire (Daniels) went birdless. Bird work was needed to complement a nice race for Snapback (Shepherd).

Day No. 2 was held up for 30 minutes when a fog moved in. No birds for Marques Big Luck (Henry) but he made some nice casts and put down a medium range race. No birds were lifted on two points for Lester’s King Pin (Lester).

Dunn’s True Reign (Eisenhart) was off to a good start with an early all in order find. The retrieval unit was requested at 30 when he went missing. Caladen’s Yukon Cornelius (Todd) had point called early in the hour but birds had left. A lot of style was observed with seven well-spaced finds during a medium race.

When performances were not pleasing handlers early in the hour, they made the choice to request the retrieval unit. Such was the case for Lester with Lester’s Top Recruit and Todd with Touch’s Folsom Blues.

Another brace of dogs that did not please handlers — Hi Glass (Hester) and Touch’s Justified (McLean).

No birds were seen following two points for Lester’s Shockwave (Lester). Dominator’s Rebel Patch (Daniels) had one excellent find looking stylish with a strong race to finish to the front.

Summerlin’s Harvest Time (McLean) was the one to watch. The hour was complete with a medium range race, two good finds with game lifted and two stops to flush. Rayl scratched Spencer’s Rambling Alibi.

No running on Friday, January 4, as heavy rain prevailed for the entire day.

Saturday began with a temperature of 47°, sunny and very windy.

Despite the wind, Dakota Phantom Sky (Hester) was released on course No. 1 to begin the day. An early find was noted at 13 with Sky continuing on at medium range to finish the hour. Rayl’s Black Lady (Rayl) ran a medium race but had no bird contact.

Touch’s Grey Streak had a fruitless attempt at 15 and was harnessed by Todd at 45. An early point at 3 for Erin’s Cold Justice (Derrig) with birds not seen by judge. Justice had a good find at 10 with all in order, then an unproductive at 15. Handler chose to pick up at 45.

Brace No. 15 was abbreviated when Dominator’s Ghost (Daniels) and Erin’s Deja Vu (Derrig) were not pleasing handlers.

Birds were not produced for points at 27 for Neely’s Standing Ovation (Neely) and Game Train (Morton). Neither dog was pleasing handler, taken up at 48.

Released on course No. 2 across the highway were Marques Lucky Lady (Henry) and Hendrix’s Touch Up (Hendrix). Lady had two finds with birds flown, a medium race to finish the hour. Touch Up had a great find at 16. Hendrix requested the retrieval unit at 48.

With no bird work, Touch’s Blue Spring was taken up by Todd at 45 at Berol Road. Tall River Psycho was not pleasing Hester who picked up at 19.

Dogwood Bill’s (Daniels) effort was detailed earlier. Hendrix’s Deacon Blue (Hendrix) began the hour with a nice race and a point at 26. At flush Blue had a breach of manners and was up.

Sandhill Lil Juney (Rayl) and Hi Speed Queen (Hester) were picked up at 45 at the road crossing for not pleasing handlers. Juney had no bird contact. Queen had one all in order find with birds flushed at 12.

White Smoke (Eisenhart) and Touch’s American Doll (Todd) were up early.

Erin’s Blew By You carded a good find with bird flushed, handled well but was taken up early when was not pleasing Derrig. Beeler’s Country Clipper (Beeler) had a beautiful find at 40 but things went bad as birds flushed.

Temperatures were rising. Canadian Elhew Jack’s (McLean) performance was affected. Judge noted a very nice performance by Hendrix’s Copperline (Hendrix) with a find at 18 with birds flushed and a good forward race.

James Pond Bull (Watson) was picked up at 49 with no bird work. No birds were flushed for Superstition’s Final Touch (Todd) at 19. Touch was picked up at 49 at road crossing.

Marques Handsome Ransom (Henry) pointed at 16 with game flushed. He was to the front running a long race when time was called. Birds were flushed at 22 for Worsham’s Super Sport (Todd). He was seen to the front at hour’s end.

The last brace of the stake was a bye dog. Cheyenne Nation was not pleasing Bush and was picked up at 18.

Judges Jackson and Oxendine asked that mention be made of the performances of the following: Game Call (Griffin), Dominator’s Rebel Patch (Daniels), Summerlin’s Harvest Time (McLean), Hendrix’s Copperline (Hendrix), Marques Handsome Ransom (Henry) and Worsham’s Super Sport (Todd).

Waynesboro, Ga., January 2

Judges: Mike Jackson and Lynn Oxendine

GEORGIA DERBY CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] — 51 Pointers

and 4 Setters

Winner—ERIN’S LONE STAR LAW, 1678779, pointer male, by Erin’s Redrum—Daisy Bad River. Sean Derrig, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—DOGWOOD BILL, 1678778, pointer male, by True Confidence—Hutchinson’s Storm Chaser. Dogwood Kennels, owner; Jamie Daniels, handler.

Quail Championship

Following lunch and announcement of the Derby winners, the Quail Championship got underway on Monday afternoon, January 7, on course No. 1.

Joining Mike Jackson in the judicial saddles was Buck Daniels of Midville, Ga., who manages nearby Buckeye Plantation. He is a seasoned judge and recognizes a good dog when he sees one. He is a person that we can easily call on during the year when help is needed since he is nearby.


Named champion from the first brace was Strut Nation, five-year-old white and  orange  pointer male owned and handled by Scott Jordan of Grant, Minn., and scouted by Joe Bush. It is interesting to note that Nation won the Derby Championship in 2016 in Waynesboro.

An exciting hour was witnessed by the judges as well as all in the gallery. He was seen only three times as he covered the terrain until found on point at 22 on the hedgerow high and tight with birds flown. Scott brought him together, released and Nation made a huge swing across pipe line on west side of property. At 44 he could be seen standing staunch with tail high — a beautiful sight to see with a nice covey flown. He continued on to the front running strong when the hour ended. Excellent manners were  displayed for his sixty minutes, extreme race and both times he pointed he was far to the front.

Runner-up was Touch’s Gallatin Fire, three-year-old white and orange pointer male handled by Mark McLean and scouted by Mark Haynes for owners Alex and Bryana Rickert of Bozeman, Mont. Fire is no stranger to Waynesboro, having won the Derby Championship here in 2018.

Running on course No. 2 across the highway, Fire pointed at 2. Birds were  flown and dog was carried on. Fire was found standing at 12. Handler called point but judges did not see the birds. McLean relocated and an excellent relocation was observed. With hunting on his mind, he was found the third time standing at 28 past Lamar’s Crossing. Again all was in order at shot. His final find was at 36 across the sand road. Fire dug in far to the front and time was called. Handler worked hard to bring the dog in sight for judges to see.


Braced with champion Strut Nation in the first brace was Erin’s Redrum Derrig), a strong moving dog but not seen enough by judges. No bird work was noted for Redrum for the hour.

A good find was carded at 43 for Ace’s R Wild (McLean). He was gone some but finished the hour with a strong race. Jessie’s Cold Shoulder (Brown) stopped at 19, point called and game lifted. At 52 handler was not pleased and the retrieval unit was requested.

Setter male Erin’s Hidden Shamrock (Derrig) had multiple finds at 26, 31, 36 and 48 with three on the path. A nice forward race was noted, and the hour completed. Lester’s Private Charter (McLean) exhibited nice manners at 36 with an honor of bracemate. Covering the course well point was called at 46 with all in order at shot. Charter finished the hour with a medium race.

Point was called by Derrig at 18 for Erin’s Lone Star Law. Some style was lost according to the judge. Good stylish finds were witnessed at 31 and 37 but he was out of pocket some. He completed the hour. Touch’s Wild Desire (Furney) was lost at 29 with the retrieval unit requested.

Pointer males were drawn for brace No. 5 on course No. 2 — Dunn’s Tried’n True (Eisenhart) and Quickmarksman’s Dan (Hester). True had a nice find at 19. Shortly afterward he went missing and a request for the retrieval unit followed. Dan had two good finds at 10 and 18. He was last seen at 30 with the retrieval unit requested at 43.

House’s Buckwheat Hawk (McLean) had bad luck following two all in order finds along with a strong race. He was gone at 58 and not returned to judgment. Touch’s Smooth Operator (Furney) took to the course with hunting on his mind. Birds were flushed on two finds. The hour was finished with a medium race.

No birds were seen at 45 for True Confidence and Eisenhart chose to harness. Putting it in perspective, Erin’s Full Throttle (Henry) just did not make it. His bird work was good with three good finds. He was excellent on bird work. At the gas line, he got behind some, but was piloted to the front by handler and finished the allotted hour.

Not pleasing Furney, Seminole Boss was picked up at 35, along with Erin’s Wild Justice (Eisenhart).

Good bird work was recorded for Spencer’s Rambling Lawman (Rayl). He was credited with multiple finds. A fruitless attempt to raise birds at 48 was noted. His race was medium with the hour finished. Lone Tree’s Rod Iron (Hester) was last seen shortly after breakaway.

Eisenhart chose to pick up Farwest Cowboy at 45 when he reached the road crossing. A full hour was run in the medium range race for Touch’s Mega Mike (McLean). He was credited with satisfactory finds at 18, 30 and 42 along with a stop to flush.

Quickmarksman’s Tom Tekoa (Hester) was credited with finds at 11, 23 and 30. When time was called a medium forward race was noted at pickup. Sims Rambling Rex (Rayl) went birdless and his race was not what it should have been.

Dakota Nation (Bush) scored three well-spaced finds and a back of bracemate at 6. Awsum in Motion (Eisenhart) went missing and was not returned to judgment.

Ascension (Eisenhart) backed his bracemate at 13 with good manners followed by a find at 26. He stopped at 58 and was taken up after a breach of manners. Touch’s White Knight (McLean) was lost.

Sandhill Trig (Rayl) had commendable finds at 11, 39, 51 and 53. At time he could be seen forward running at medium range. Touch’s Secret Agent (Furney) had a nice relocation at 12 with birds in flight. Carried on by handler, Agent stopped at 19 but moved on birds and was picked up.

A short hour was noted for the last brace of the day. Touch’s Red Rider (Eisenhart) was lost at 30, and Touch’s Game Point (McLean) at 25.

Bad luck for Game Wardon (Eisenhart) at 23 when he moved on birds when flushed. Touch’s Malcolm Story (McLean) had a fruitless attempt at 4 with birds gone, followed by a nice back at 23. Not running enough to please McLean, the retrieval unit was requested.

Beeler’s Quick Step (Beeler) had a nice all in order find at 10, was gone some, but finished the hour. Touch’s Gallatin Fire (McLean) was covered previously.

No need to continue with the brace if a notable performance is not in the making. Such was the case for Awsum Country Justice (Eisenhart) and L C Smith (Hester). Both trainers requested their  retrieval units.

Several favorable performances were observed by Judges Jackson and Daniels — Sandhill Trig (Rayl), Erin’s Full Throttle (Henry) and Erin’s Hidden Shamrock (Derrig). All had commendable strong forward races and looked very stylish around game.

Judges: Buck Daniels and Mike Jackson

GEORGIA QUAIL CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] — 32 Pointers

and 4 Setters

Winner—STRUT NATION, 1658294, pointer male, by Game Strut—High Value Special. Scott Jordan, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—TOUCH’S GALLATIN FIRE, 1675102, pointer male, by House’s Ring of Fire—Touch’s Sandy. Alex & Bryana Rickert, owners; Mark McLean, handler.

Some Sidelights

Nestlé Purina Pet Care is to be commended for their history of support to our field trial sport. Not only the Georgia field trials, but trials nationwide. Purina is fortunate to have Greg Blair on board as area manager.

We try very hard to make certain that we adequately advertise for Purina. At the entrance a banner is displayed on the fence, another on the fence at the entrance to the stables along with a permanent one in the clubhouse. Many hats with the Purina logo on front can be seen in the gallery. Dog food certificates are presented to the winners. Individual bags of dog food are handed out to participants as well as hats. Jim Smith, field consultant, joins us during the Shooting Dog Stakes to ride for several days. Once again, thanks Purina for your support of our sport.

The owners/handlers’ banquet sponsored by Purina was well attended by over sixty people. A delicious steak dinner was prepared by Kathy and Roy Bell, assisted by Dale and Gene Ward, Jimmy and Peggy Allen, Paula Adams, and Polly Dailey.

For a number of years, it has been the custom for the winner of the previous year’s Derby and All-Age champions to host a fish fry. This year’s event was provided by Alex and Bryana Rickert, owners of Touch’s Gallatin Fire, and Larry Earls, owner of Quickmarksman’s Tom Tekoa. The meal is served and prepared by community members and the Waynesboro Exchange Club.

Executive Director of the Burke County Chamber of Commerce for over 28 years, Ashley Roberts has been instrumental in getting the advertising in The American Field funded via the hotel/motel receipts.

Only special people would undertake the bird release chore. Gene Ward picks up the birds at Rabun Game Birds and bands each one, a requirement of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Chuck rises early to begin their release at 5:30 a. m.

The Burke County Chamber of Commerce, through local sponsors, provided an oyster roast on Thursday evening. The All-Age concluded earlier in the afternoon and trainers for the Shooting Dog Stakes which began running the following morning had arrived and some of the All-Age guests had not left. For those who did not like oysters, grilled sausage was prepared. Wind jackets and caps were presented to the trainers by the Chamber. Some one hundred people attended.

Our president of the GFTA is Gary Futch. He loves the sport and is on hand to ride every hour to marshal. Your writer is the secretary and serves as chairperson of the trials.

Gary furnishes John Ray with a pick-up to use during his stay at Di-Lane. The ATV comes in handy also to maneuver around the grounds.

Jack Schwarz serves as a marshal. He and his wife Sarah served a lasagna lunch one day.

A number of guests were on hand during the trials. They included, but were not limited to: Claudia McNamee, Carl Bishop, Bill and Margie Ricci, Becky Futch and several of her friends, Larry Earls, Coleen Henry, Jack and Sarah Schwarz and daughter, Dawn and Audrey Mallard and friend Ross, Martha Neely, Judd Carlton, Billy and Mark Henley, Richard Adams, Carl Owens, John Ivester and Maeve Derrig.

I want to thank everyone who entered dogs in our trials. Hopefully you will return in 2020. If you missed this season, hopefully our trials will be on your schedule for next season. Good luck throughout the year.

N. M.

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