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Georgia Open Shooting Dog Championship

By Nell Mobley | Mar 17, 2020
Georgia Open Shooting Dog Championship Winners. Front (l-r): Coosawhatchie Smooth Ride with Mike Tracy, Coalson and Caleb Elliott and Jack Mallard and Sand Wood Creek with Jeff Ruth. Middle: Saylor Mallard, Mary Tracy, Susan Moser, Mary Kimbrell, Casey Hollander, Carol Jackson, Donna Ruth, Jerry Raynor. Back: George Tracy, Jay Moser, John Ray Kimbrell, Jack Kimbrell, Grayson Francis, judge; Mike Jackson, Ray Joye, judge; Gary Futch and Chuck Miller.

Waynesboro, Ga. — This was the first season that I have missed the Georgia Championships in some way since 1975. My secretarial duties​ began in 1981 and chairperson since 1999. Suffering with​ pneumonia, hospitalized for one week, followed with four weeks of recuperation kept me confined. My health has almost improved to normal.

With the notes given to me by John Ray Kimbrell and Mike Jackson, I will attempt to compile the report.

So many individuals stepped in to make certain that everything was carried out the way “Ms. Nell” would have wanted. John Ray and Mary Kimbrell of Fort Mill, S. C., with grandsons Jack Kimbrell and Austin Sherman arrived on December 30 and set up camp through January 19. John Ray serves as stake manager and Mary took care of the secretarial duties and collecting entry fees in my absence, while the grandsons served as marshals.

President Gary Futch was on hand to ride every day to marshal. He brought his ATV along to maneuver around the grounds. We are fortunate to have Gary in his place of leadership.

Can you believe that Mike Jackson came from Battleground, Ind., to assist with the trials? I contacted Mike in early November and asked for his assistance. Mike was serving as a judge for Allen Johnson and Jerry Raynor at the Cock-N-Fire Field Trial Club in North Carolina on December 28; therefore, he would be in the area. He and his lovely wife, Carol, arrived January 3 and stayed for the duration of the trials. He served as marshal and kept notes on the braces.

How could we have done it without Chuck Miller? He works for Vice-President Art Lively, so Art allowed him to be off his job to assist in any way he could. This was Chuck’s third year releasing birds at 5:30 every morning. The birds were banded the day before by long-time helper Gene Ward.

Chuck assumed my duties every day — grocery shopping, planning meals, going to the bank and making trips to my house to secure needed items. He served lunches every day with the help of Mary Kimbrell and Ashley Roberts, Executive Director of the Burke County Chamber of Commerce. Chuck, I will count on you in January, 2021.

Field trials date back in Waynesboro to 1903. For many years they were staged on property of various Burke County landowners.

In 1991, Di-Lane Plantation was purchased by the U. S. Corps of Engineers as mitigation property and subsequently leased to the Georgia government for wildlife use. We feel a sense of pride in having permanent grounds on which to host first class field trials. In the early 1950s, Di-Lane was owned by Hall-of-Famer Henry Berol.

Ryan Mecal is the resident wildlife technician at Di-Lane. He made certain that grounds were adequately groomed to suit our needs. Ryan is an enthusiastic individual and hopefully he will remain in his position for many years to come.

We could not do without the support of Nestlé Purina Pet Care. In September, I contacted Greg Blair, Purina field consultant, with a list of what I would need in January. Individual bags of Pro Plan to hand out to the trainers along with food vouchers to the winners arrived in timely fashion.

Purina hosts the annual owners-handlers banquet. Sixty-nine people enjoyed the grilled steak dinner.

Chuck makes certain that Purina banners are hung in place.

The drawing was conducted by John Ray and Mary Kimbrell, Mike Jackson and Chuck Miller. Mary prepared the judges’ books while Chuck prepared the drawing sheets.

Twenty-two entries were drawn for the Derby Classic along with seventy for the Shooting Dog Championship.

Serving as judges for both stakes were Ray Joye of Marion, S. C., and Grayson Francis of Brookneal, Va. A gracious thank-you for maintaining a respectful eye over every dog throughout their time.


Miller’s Record Heat, white and orange pointer female owned by Allen Linder of Livingston, Tenn., and handled by Mike Tracy, was awarded first, down in the first brace of the stake. She had a strong start with an excellent forward race. All in order finds were recorded at 20, 22, 25 and 45. Heat is a very stylish female, covering the ground well, and was seen out front when time was called.

Named to second place was Sandy Hill Wally, white, orange and ticked pointer male owned by Bob Lanier of Wallace, N. C., and handled by Jerry Raynor. Wally ran in the last brace on Friday on course No. 3. Birds were flushed for his point at 23. He had no other bird work, however, looked good on the ground, finishing the hour with a good forward race.

It is interesting to note that all three winners ran on the first day with first and third place winners as bracemates. Third place went to Dominator’s Rebel Diva, white, orange and ticked pointer female owned by Tommy Liesfeld of Waynesboro, Ga.,  and handled by Doug Ray. She ran a nice forward race throughout the hour with two good finds and one unproductive. She honored her bracemate at 22 and 25. At pickup she was out front.


Miller’s Record Heat and Dominator’s Rebel Diva were reported earlier.

Calico’s Guns and Roses (M. Tracy) was off to a good start with a medium range race and was gone for fifteen minutes. Mike chose to pick her up with a no show of birds at 35. J C L’s Dal (Adams) moved on birds and was taken up at 32.

Bull Finch was not pleasing Mike Tracy and was harnessed at 25. Oahe Buck (Rice) was picked up at 56 following an unproductive at 42.

Miller’s Extreme Heat (M. Tracy) started the hour with a forward race. Heat had one unproductive and finished the hour. No birds were seen for Beckworth’s Firecracker’s (Rice) point at 31. She had a nice find at 56 with birds in flight. The hour concluded with a medium race.

Erin’s Big Casino (M. Tracy) and Sandy Hill Wally (Raynor) ran in the last brace on Friday on course No. 3. Casino ran a medium race but was picked up following a second unproductive. Wally’s effort was previously detailed.

No bird work with a medium race, Iron Bull (M. Tracy) was picked up early. Melrose Rambling Man (Rice) finished the hour with a medium race with no bird work.

Waybetter Dude (M. Tracy) honored bracemate Town Creek Jill (Martino) at 7. Dude was not running to please handler. Following an unproductive Dude was picked up at 55. Jill ran a medium race and was credited with nice finds at 7 and 13.

Miller’s High Heat Index was lost before the hour finished with Mike Tracy requesting the retrieval unit. Brown Town Kicking Dust (Raynor) ran a medium range race but had no bird work for the hour.

Miller’s Triple Digit Heat was harnessed at 42, not running enough to please Mike Tracy. Hillhavyn’s Drug Runner (Martino) was running a nice race but went with birds at 37 and was taken up early.

Secret Agent Attitude (Rayl) had a fruitless attempt at 24 followed with an all in order find at 38. The hour was finished with a medium forward race. Watch Ticker was not pleasing Martino and was taken up at 28.

Waynesboro, Ga., January 13

Judges: Grayson Francis and Ray Joye

GEORGIA DERBY CLASSIC [One-Hour Heats] — 21 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st—MILLER’S RECORD HEAT, 1685700, pointer female, by Just Irresistible—Miller’s Bring The Heat. Allen Linder, owner; Mike Tracy, handler.

2d—SANDY HILL WALLY, 1683939, pointer male, by Fastforward’s B K Gunner—B K Whynot Handous. Bob Lanier, owner; Jerry Raynor, handler.

3d—DOMINATOR’S REBEL DIVA, 1679631, pointer female, by Dunn’s Tried’n True—Tall Oak’s Jill. T. J. Liesfeld, owner; Doug Ray, handler.


Following announcements and prayer, the Championship began on Sunday, January 12, promptly at 8:00 a. m.

Ray Joye and Grayson Francis were in the judicial saddles. These two sportsmen rode intently and watched the performance of every dog. When winners were announced, they named the top two which in their opinion were the best of the best.

Coosawhatchie Smooth Ride, seven-year-old white and orange pointer male, was named champion for handler Mike Tracy and owner Casey Hollander of Seabrook, S. C. Smooth Ride ran on the second course on Monday afternoon. Tracy released him and he had hunting on his mind with a nice forward race. Divided finds were shared at 5 and 15 with bracemate Trip My Trigger (Rice). Continuing on in the big field, he stopped suddenly at 27. Tracy flushed with birds in flight when the gun was fired. Across Berol Road Smooth Ride had a good all in order find at 54. When time was called this stylish dog was seen to the front running strong.

Runner-up honors went to Sand Wood Creek, three-year-old white and liver pointer female owned by Jeff Ruth of Aberdeen, N. C., and handled by Jerry Raynor. Creek is a stylish youngster and looked good on the ground handling her finds with excellent manners. She carded an early find at 20. Raynor carried Creek on with a stop at 32. Birds were flushed with her heeding her training. Creek’s third find was at 38 with all in order at flush. The hour ended with Creek to the front.


Melrose Rebel Heart (Chastain) and Armstrong Mountain Dustie (M. Tracy) were released in the first brace of competition. Heart began with a commendable race. Her first find was at 27, all in order, followed by finds at 31 and 43. A fruitless attempt occurred at 40. The hour was completed with a medium range race to the front. Dustie was picked up at 5 when he ran over birds.

Luke’s Gospel Truth (Rayl) had a nice start with nice finds at 11 and 38. No birds were flushed at points at 50 and 53, ending his time. Cory’s Easy Holy Water was lost at 20 with Mike Tracy requesting the retrieval unit.

Knight’s White Lady (Gellhaus) was off to a good start. However, no birds were located at 28, followed by the same result at 40. She was picked up. Miller’s Blazing Hot Chick (M. Tracy) had an unproductive at 10, then went missing. When it appeared she was not going to return to judgment, Tracy requested the retrieval device.

Handlers, judges and marshals were on hand to begin brace No. 4 Monday morning. A heavy fog moved in forcing a two-hour delay.

Miller’s Unbridled Forever (M. Tracy) and Bo Bunda (Martino) ran as the first brace of the day just before lunch. Forever had a good start. Good finds were credited at 36 and 41 with a good race to the front. Bad luck for Bunda when she was lost at 40 with the retrieval unit requested.

Crow Creek Dude (Gellhaus) started with a medium range race, with a point at 19 with birds flushed. The hour was completed with an unproductive at pickup. Erin’s Ty Breaker (Roach) started the hour with a nice forward race. Finds were credited at 8, 16 and 34. He was gone for eighteen minutes and was behind when time was called.

Coosawhatchie Smooth Ride (M. Tracy) was reported earlier. Trip My Trigger (Rice) had an unproductive at 8 with divided finds at 5 and 15. Continuing on the course in fine fashion point was called at 37 with birds seen. The hour finished with a medium race.

Lone Tree Splish Splash moved on birds at 26 and was taken up by Gellhaus. North Country Girl (M. Tracy) was lost at 25 and the retrieval unit was requested.

Bully Rock (M. Tracy) had an unproductive at 20, moved with birds and was picked up at 25. Sand Wood Creek (Raynor) was reported earlier.

Hillhavyn’s Drug Money (Martino) had the retrieval unit requested at 18. Miller’s Bushwacker (Norman) started the hour with good running range. He was credited with clean finds at 18, 49 and 59. When time was called, he could be seen out front.

S F Still Dreaming (Gellhaus) was picked up at 9 when she went with birds at flush. Osceola’s Seminole Wind (M. Tracy) started well with a nice find at 25. No birds were seen on a point at 48. Her performance was not pleasing Tracy resulting in a request for the retrieval unit.

Bail Me Out (M. Tracy) carded finds at 3 and 39. The hour finished with a medium range race. Piney Wood Firefighter (Martino) was lost at 25.

Bombs Away (Rice) was lost at 17 and the retrieval unit was requested. Miller’s Heat Seeker (Tracy) started strong with an unproductive at 15. He was carried on with finds at 25, 32 and 56. At hour’s end Seeker was seen out front.

Miller’s Braveheart was not pleasing Mike Tracy who requested the retrieval unit at 25. Miller’s Stray Bullet (Norman) was off to a good start with a mannerly find at 34. The hour concluded with no other bird work.

Under cloudy skies with a temperature of 70°, Ten Oaks Annie (Gellhaus) was off to a good start making some nice casts with birds flushed on finds at 5 and 20. A breach of her training at 58 resulted with her being taken up. L F Silver Belle (Ray) was off to a good start making some nice casts. She backed her bracemate at 5 and had finds at 26 and 58, all in order. The hour was finished with a medium range race.

Touch’s Mae Mobley (M. Tracy) began her hour with a strong start. Following a second unproductive at 35 she was harnessed. Mohawk Mill Rebel Tirade (Raynor) failed to back bracemate at 3.

Ascension (Roach) had the retrieval unit requested at 51. Just Thrillin (Rice) started with a medium race with nice finds at 11 and 18. Handler chose to end his hour at 58.

Northwoods Charles (Gellhaus) carded finds at 3 and 33. This setter male was classy running, making some good casts. When time was called, he could be seen to the front. Quail Roost ATC (Martino) took to the hour running. A point at 35 was fruitful with him continuing on to finish the hour.

Sandman Icy (M. Tracy) started strong with a find at 10 followed with a back of bracemate at 15. All in order finds were credited at 20 and 34 for Icy, finishing the hour to the front. This was the brace for finds and a display of manners. Charitable Deed (Rice) honored bracemate at 10 and continued on  to card a find at 16 on relocation. With hunting on her mind, she carded another all in order find at 34. The hour was finished with a medium range race.

Miller’s Lock and Loaded (M. Tracy) started the hour with a good race hunting in all the right places. Birds were flushed at 4, 11 and 28. At pickup Loaded was seen to the front. On relocation Candy Crush moved on the birds followed by Gellhaus picking up.

An early rain on Thursday morning was welcome. Waybetter Rocky (M. Tracy) and Miller’s Creative Cause (Ray) were released in brace No. 20. To compliment a medium range race, Rocky was credited with all in order finds at 18, 35 and 42. When time was called, he could be seen out front. Creative Cause had an abbreviated brace following a point at 18 where she moved with birds.

Palara (M. Tracy) carded a find at 10. She was not pleasing handler who requested the retrieval unit at 38. Rayl’s Big Ben (Martino) was lost at 28 with the retrieval device requested.

Thursday was not the best day for performances of the trial.

Zumbro Stinky Pete (Gellhaus) was last seen at 10, the retrieval unit requested. Dakota Nation had finds at 10 and 55 and was harnessed at 55 when not pleasing Roach.

Miller’s Miss Calamity Jane had a fruitless attempt at 38 and was taken up by Mike Tracy. C S Trump (Ray) was taken up at 3 for a movement on flush.

Cheyenne Jack (M. Tracy) and Thunderbird Finnegan (Gellhaus) were not pleasing their handlers resulting in pickup at 35 and 40.

Miller’s Just Rowdy (M. Tracy) had a good start but carded an unproductive at 17. Mike carried him on with all in order finds at 30 and 39. The hour ended with a medium range race. Swami’s Rip Tide (Raynor) was lost at 26.

Goldberg (Gellhaus) had a nice all in order find at 22, followed by an unproductive at 27. The retrieval unit was requested at 46. Packing A Punch (M. Tracy) went missing early with retrieval device requested at 25.

Train (Gellhaus) honored bracemate at 10. She was not pleasing handler and was taken up at 18. C S Little Ann (Ray) took to the ground running at medium range with multiple finds at 10, 18, 21 and 38. When time was called, she could be seen out front.

One Skinny More (Martino) had an all in order find shortly after breakaway at 3, followed with a second at 27, and honored bracemate at 8. She carded one more find at 49. No birds were seen at 31. Both females finished the hour out front.

Miller’s Unfinished Business (Norman) was off to a commendable start, good manners on a back of bracemate at 17, continuing through the hour with birds noted at 30. Game was not seen on a point at 56 with Norman harnessing. Touch’s Two Step (Rice) started with hunting on his mind. Point was called at 17 and 30 with judges seeing the birds. An unproductive at 48 had a request for the retrieval unit.

High Drive Whirlwind (Tracy) and Hillhavyn’s Good Time Rail (Martino). When both dogs had an unproductive at 8, the retrieval units were requested.

At 2 Miller’s Big Iron (M. Tracy) honored bracemate Thrill Me (Rice). Bad luck at 5 and taken up by handler. In the first brace on Saturday morning, birds were moving. Well-spaced finds were credited for Thrill Me at 2, 20, 47, 49 and 53. She was a classy female with a forward finish.

Miller’s War Bonnet (M. Tracy) had an unproductive at 7 with an all in order find at 16. Bonnet was not running enough for Mike who harnessed at 47. Tallokas Sun Dial had an abbreviated hour when Rice picked up at 45.

Senah’s Back in Business (Norman) had an early find at 2 with birds seen. Handler chose to pick up at 47. Bittersweet War Cry (M. Tracy) carded an unproductive at 2 followed with birds seen at 9 and 12. Handler chose an early end for the hour.

The last two braces of the stake ran on Saturday, January 18, following lunch.

Born on Fourth July (Gellhaus) and Lincoln County Chase (Raynor) were on the ground for a short time. Gellhaus requested the retrieval unit at 15. Chase had early finds at 6, 12 and 14 with all in order. Not pleasing handler, the retrieval unit was requested at 21.

Lone Tree Show Biz (Gellhaus) was harnessed at 44. Button’s Up (Ray) carded an unproductive at 9. A find was noted at 28. Handler requested the retrieval device at 40.

GEORGIA OPEN SHOOTING DOG CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] — 66 Pointers and 4 Setters

Winner—COOSAWHATCHIE SMOOTH RIDE, 1651276, pointer male, by Great River Ice—Great River Queen. Casey Hollander, owner; Mike Tracy, handler.

Runner-Up—SAND WOOD CREEK, 1673395, pointer female, by Covey Up Woodie—Sandhill D O T. Jeff Ruth, owner; Jerry Raynor, handler.

Sidelights at Di-Lane

The social events during our trials are very popular. I feel a real sense of pride when the Chamber of Commerce comes forward to host their annual oyster roast and grilled sausage. The event was sponsored by Salter Building Supply, Inc. Over a hundred people enjoyed the evening. Ashley Roberts, executive director of the local chamber, makes certain that all trainers are presented with special gifts.

On Sunday evening, Dawn and Michael Mallard hosted a barbecue chicken dinner with some forty owners and handlers in attendance.

The steak dinner sponsored by Purina was prepared and served by Roy Bell, Gene and Dale Ward, Kathy Cannon, Paula Adams and Polly Dailey.

It had been customary for many years for the previous year’s owners of winners of the Derby Classic and Shooting Dog Championship to sponsor a fish fry. Hosts for the evening were Bill and Muriel Primm, Fran and Jack Miller and Dennis Hood and Osceola’s Kennel. Approximately eighty were in attendance. The local Waynesboro Exchange Club prepared the meal.

Becky and Gary Futch provided casseroles for lunch on Friday. Loretta and Chuck Miller provided chili on Sunday with Jack and Sarah Schwarz providing lasagna on Tuesday.

Jimmy Allen makes certain that an adequate supply of ice is on hand every day for lunches and the dog wagon.

Mack Carter takes care of the dog wagon, pulled with a truck furnished by Mizell Ford. Mack is 94 years old.

Belinda Baker serves as our photographer.

The Burke County Chamber of Commerce pays for our advertising in The American Field with revenue

derived through the hotel-motel tax.

N. M.

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