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Georgia Shooting Dog Trials

By Nell  Mobley, Secy., Georgia, FTA | Jan 16, 2020

Waynesboro, Ga. — The shooting dog portion of the annual Georgia trials began Friday, January 10, at Di-Lane Plantation, Waynesboro, Ga., where 22 Derbies kicked off this portion of the trials. The Derby features one-hour heats.

The winner was Miller’s Record Heat, white and orange pointer female owned by Allen R. Linder of Livingston, Tenn., and handled by  Mike Tracy. Record Heat had four stylish finds in a commendable ground effort. Second was Sandy Hill Wally, white and orange pointer male owned by Bob Lanier of Wallace, N. C., and handled by Jerry Raynor. Wally had a classy find at 23 in a strong, solid race. Third was Dominator’s Rebel Diva, pointer female owned by Tommy Liesfeld of Waynesboro, Ga.,  and handled by Doug Ray. Diva was credited with two finds and two backs in a strong, forward race.

Judges for the Derby and the Georgia Shooting Dog Championship are Grayson Francis of Nathalie, Va., and Ray Joye of Marion,  S. C.

A half day was lost  to snow on Sunday, January 12, and part of the morning on January 13 to fog. Given this development, the stake will likely now be concluded on Saturday, January 18.

A correction: Georgia Shooting Dog Championship drew seventy (70) dogs, not 69 as earlier reported.

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