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Field Trial Report

German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Minnesota

By Alex Fredin, Field Trial Secretary | Jul 07, 2017
Open Restricted Shooting Dog Winner Bangert’s Red Baron posed by Brian Gingrich, joined by Judges Bruce Mueller and Cynthia Findley.

Gary, S. D. — The German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Minnesota held its second annual spring field trial May 19-21 at the James Dailey Ranch in Gary, S. D. We are very grateful to the Dailey Family which allows us to hold our field trials on one of their ranches in the Prairie Coteau region of South Dakota and for their hospitality and the work they did to make the field trial a success!

These grounds are a wide open prairie pasture with rolling hills, potholes and a great place to show a dog. The day before the trial the area received three inches of rain which brought some water obstacles for the horses and dogs.

May weather can be unpredictable. Thank you to everyone who came out and braved the conditions.

Thank you to all the professional handlers who came and helped make it a success: Greg Dixon (Wisconsin), Josh Holden (Minnesota), Art Armbrust (Nebraska), Brian Gingrich (Illinois), Ray Dohse (Georgia) and the competitive amateurs from surrounding states.

I want to extend a special thank you to Mike Heller, David Carlson, Cynthia Findley, Bruce Mueller, Heath Kooima, and Randy Rathman for spending time in the saddle and judging, even under those tough conditions.

Eighty-seven dogs were drawn.

Friday morning we started with the Open Restricted Shooting Dog. After the retrieving callbacks were completed, Bangert’s Red Baron was named winner with Brian Gingrich handling. Friday afternoon we started and completed the Open Derby and Erin’s Primrose was named winner with Ray Dohse handling.

Saturday was wet and windy but the dogs seemed to handle the conditions very well. We completed the Open Shooting Dog and started the Open-All Age.

Saturday night our judges’/land-owners’ dinner was held at the High Mountain Supper Club where we announced the winner of the very competitive Open Shooting Dog,  Burr Oak’s Taza, Brian Gingrich handling.

Sunday morning we wrapped up the Open All-Age with Bangert’s Red Baron winning and Brian Gingrich handling. We finished the trial with a very nice running in the Amateur Shooting Dog. Congratulations Clark Linn and B D K’s Texas Hold Em for a nice win.

Thank you to all who helped put this trial together and a special thank-you to Trial Chairman John Zeman for his dedication of this trial. John does everything he can to help make the trial run smoothly from bird planting to cooking lunches.

Also thank you Bruce Mueller, Clark Linn and Tom Petersen for all their assistance in helping the trial be a success.

And a huge thank you to Purina for their generous support and providing dog food to stake winners.

Gary, S. D., May 19 — One Course

Judges: Cynthia Findley and Bruce Mueller


1st—BANGERT’S RED BARON, 1659495, Vizsla male, by C K Touchdown Guy—Heidi Go Seek Jones. Patricia Bangert, owner; Brian Gingrich, handler.

2d—THE SHOCKER, unreg., German Drahthaar female, by Backwoods Longshot—Buckwoods Almost Famous. Judith Goldman, owner; Greg Dixon, handler.

3d—VEZETO’S CHASE, unreg., Vizsla male, by Archiee—Vezeto’s Riled Risin Moon. Michael Heller, owner and handler.

Judges: Dave Carlson and Cynthia Findley

OPEN DERBY — 11 Entries

1st—ERIN’S PRIMROSE, 1666015, pointer female, by Erin’s Redrum—Erin’s Rose Bud. Shane Anderson, owner; Ray Dohse, handler.

2d—VEZETO’S MYSTERY OF PANDORA’S BOX, unreg., Vizsla female, by Archiee—Vezeto’s Rusti Romper. Michael Heller, owner and handler.

3d—PRAIRIE FIRE GUNNAR, 1670582, Vizsla male, by Hi Spirit—Lorrin. Mark Mohr, owner; Josh Holden, handler.

Judges: Dave Carlson and Michael Heller


1st—BURR OAK’S TAZA, 1663411, Vizsla male, by Boot Scootin Boogie—Bravo Hachlin’s Stage Winner. Jim Gingrich, owner; Brian Gingrich, handler.

2d—TRINITY’S XPERT WITNESS, 1655606, setter male, by Chukarhill Rimrock Ridge—Trinity’s Pop’N The Clutch. Cynthia Findley, owner and handler.

3d—MOONSHADOW’S DANCING PIXIE, 1665398, German Shorthair female, by Tonelli’s Sky High—Palin’s Gossip Girl. Jean Viarengo, owner; Josh Holden, handler.

Judges: Heath Kooima and Randy Rathman

OPEN ALL-AGE — 13 Entries

1st—BANGERT’S RED BARON, 1659495, Vizsla male, by C K Touchdown Guy—Heidi Go Seek Jones. Patricia Bangert, owner; Brian Gingrich, handler.

2d—BACKWOODS HAPPY HOUR, unreg., pointer male, by Two Acre Bulldog—Buford’s Campaign Button. Judy Goldman & Lee Shout, owners; Greg Dixon, handler.

3d—ST. CROIX’S LIGHTNING STRIKE, 1642541, pointer female, by True Confidence—Attitude’s Tornado. Bruce Mueller, owner; Greg Dixon, handler.

Judges: Michael Heller and Bruce Mueller

OPEN PUPPY — 4 Entries

1st—RIVER VALLEY’S BIG DEAL, 1673131, German Shorthair male, by Odyssey’s Furious Northwoodsr—River Valley’s Without Clearan. Bozidar Djuranovic, owner; Josh Holden, handler.

2d—BANDIT’S SPRINGTIME BULLET, unreg., Brittany male, by Summertime Buddys Bandit—Rebel Flame’s Billie Snup. Tonya & David Carlson, owners; David Carlson, handler.

Judges: Heath Kooima and Randy Rathman


1st—B D K’S TEXAS HOLD EM, 1657654, German Shorthair male, by Slicks Cuttin Wild—Texas Hoosier Girl. Clark & Andrea Linn, owners; Clark Linn, handler.

2d—ESSERGREIF’S LITTLE LIZA JANE, 1672742, German Shorthair female, by Essergreif’s Lucky—Essergreif’s Bella Luna. John Zeman, owner and handler.

3d—ST. CROIX’S LIGHTNING STRIKE, 1642591, pointer female, by True Confidence—Attitude’s Tornado. Bruce Mueller, owner and handler.

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