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Field Trial Report

German Shorthaired Pointer Club of San Antonio

By Georgia B. Brown | Mar 20, 2017

Freer, Tex. — The German Shorthaired Pointer Club of San Antonio held its spring trial at the Killam Ranch near Freer, Tex., on February 8. Thanks to the Killams, the club has some of the finest facilities anywhere and we are sincerely indebted to them.

We experienced some of the hottest weather ever for this trial; however, considering the weather the dogs did an exceptional job of dealing with the situation. A special thanks for the superb crew of judges; Josh Nieman, Mike Aldrich, Chad Inderman, Rodney Moon, David Quijano, Keith Bryant and Mike Butler. They also dealt with the difficult environmental conditions.

Running a 102-dog trial during the work week has its challenges. But due to the organizational skills of our field trial chairman, John Rabidou, and co-chairman, Jim Wortman, things moved along very smoothly. This happened in spite of John having to depart early to take care of one of his “additional duties”, as presenter at the  Field Trial Hall of Fame in Grand Junction, Tenn. We are extremely fortunate to have someone of John’s talent and immeasurable know-ledge in this club. Of course the oldtimers did their job. However, one of our newer members, Doug Bingham, must be recognized. Doug, fighting serious health problems, was there throughout. During the running dual courses on Thursday, Doug was able to foresee potential conflicts and was able to address them ahead of time resulting in minimum delay. All of the handlers were extremely helpful pitching in to assure things ran as smoothly as possible.

Freer, Tex., February 8

Judges: Mike Aldrich and Josh Nieman

OPEN ALL-AGE — 8 German Shorthairs [Placements Withheld]

Judges: Josh Nieman and Mike Butler


1st—COMMANDER JACK, 1650413, German Shorthair male, by D Two Buddy Lee—D Two Bella Luna. W. D. Bineham, owner; John Rabidou, handler.

2d—UODIBAR’S BET YOUR BOOTY, 1661761, German Shorthair female, by Dress Blues—Uodibar’s Bestill’N Know. John Rabidou, owner and handler.

3d—WEST WIND’S KNOW BULL, 1645628, German Shorthair male, by Free Flights Bullwinkle—Ravenwood Happy Talk. Mike Mullineaux, owner and handler.

Judges: Chad Inderman and Mike Butler


1st—MURPHY’S BABE, 1650910, German Shorthair female, by Slicks Cuttin Wild—Murphy’s Cheap Trick. H. A. Kooima, owner; Josh Nieman, handler.

2d—H K’S JUS ENUF, 1647686, German Shorthair female, by Uodibar’s Chocolate Wonder—Uodibar’s Flying Greta. Hayley Killam, owner; Eldon Hongo, handler.

3d—DELUNA’S Q P SLING BLADE, 1652556, German Shorthair male, by Monkeyshines Solo—West Wind’s Sky Rockets. R. W. Moon, owner; Mike Mullineaux, handler.

Judges: Mike Aldrich and David Quijano

OPEN DERBY — 26 Entries

1st—UODIBAR’S SISTER ON THE FLY, 1667314, German Shorthair female, by H K’s Prime Cut—Smitty’s Maddie Mae. J. W. Rabidou, owner and handler.

2d—UODIBAR’S SWEEPER, 1671539, German Shorthair female, by Uodibar’s Against All Odds—C L K’s Point Me The Way. John Rabidou, owner and handler.

3d—UODIBAR’S ROBBI JO, 1662507, German Shorthair female, by Uodibar’s Against All Odds—B D K’s Sin City Casino. Sherri L. Tangsrud, owner; John Rabidou, handler.

Judges: Rodney Moon and Keith Bryant

OPEN PUPPY — 24 German Shorthairs

1st—H K’S ANDREAS, unreg., male, by H K’s In The Boondocks—Uodibar’s Angelina. Hayley Killam, owner; Eldon Hongo, handler.

2d—LLANO’S HANDSOME HANK, unreg., male, by H K’s Prime Cut—Llano’s Hot Tamale. Chad Inderman, owner; Josh Nieman, handler.

3d—H K’S SOLE SISTER, unreg., female, by Uodibar’s Party Punch—H K’s Jus Enuf. Hayley Killam, owner; Eldon Hongo, handler.


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