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Grand Valley Field Trial Club

By Dave Fletcher and Jim Cipponeri | Nov 01, 2019
Fireside Lady Antebellum First in the Open Shooting Dog Stake

Highland, Mich. — September 21-22 was the scheduled date for the Grand River Field Trial Club’s fall event but conditions were far from fall-like.

Temperatures reached well into the 80s, a blazing sun shone relentlessly and the record-setting rainfall of the spring and early summer in Michigan had helped grow the ample prairie grass and bluestem cover high and dense. Over your head in places.

Our thanks to Bill Darr and Tom Vanecek who with their own tractors and equipment mowed lanes throughout the course, crisscrossing the grassy terrain.

More help came from Ron Sposita with his D and R Trimmer mower and from Jim Cipponeri riding horseback spotting the rocks and stumps to be avoided by the rotary mowers. Without the mowed lanes hunting and finding birds would have been terribly difficult.

Entries were down due to hot weather, the fact that bird season was opening Sunday and several local trialers were out of the state or the country.

Seven stakes were offered featuring walking and horseback stakes and drew a total entry of 28, easily staged on Saturday, without the need to go into Sunday.

The Amateur (Horseback) Shooting Dog was cancelled due to the hot weather.

In the Open (Horseback) Shooting Dog, Jim Cipponeri’s Marques Diamond Jim, braced with Bill Klenner’s Pepsi Rum Runner, second, searched hard on the outer edges. Diamond Jim had a covey of quail in great fashion with Rum Runner also proper on his birds. Bill Darr’s Autumn Irish Hart rounded out the placements with a nice forward race.

All walking shooting dogs were placed on broke bird work. In the Walking Derby and Puppy Stakes more bird work came forth.

The drawing was at the home of Jim and Connie Cipponeri in New Hudson, Mich. They also handled the many tasks that get the trial started . . . getting the birds, running order sheets, American Field ad, judges assigned to the four stakes held.

Dave Fletcher made the rosettes, was assistant reporter and at 85 years of age judged two walking stakes on his four- wheeler.

Jim Cipponeri, Jenny Kurtz and Ron Sposita liberated quail. Blake Rizzo, Ron Sposita and Phil Daniels also served in judicial roles.

Our thanks once again to Nestlé

Purina for their help.

Highland, Mich., September 21 — One Course

Judges: Blake Rizzo and Ron Sposita

OPEN SHOOTING DOG — 4 Pointers and 3 Setters

1st—MARQUES DIAMOND JIM, 1657286, pointer male, by White’s Solid Reward—Sid’s Little Jill. Jim Cipponeri, owner and handler.

2d—PEPSI RUM RUNNER, 1666542, pointer male, by Erin’s Redrum—Erin’s Superstar. William Klenner, owner and handler.

3d—AUTUMN IRISH HART, 1664001, setter male, by Erin’s Hidden Shamrock—Spring Autumn Grace. William Darr, owner and handler.

Judges: Phil Daniels and Blake Rizzo

OPEN SHOOTING DOG — 1 Pointer, 4 Setters and 1 Weimaraner

1st—FIRESIDE LADY ANTEBELLUM, 1650653, setter female, by Grouse Ridge Reroy—Fireside Interesting Linda. Ken Korttila, owner and handler.

2d—VELOCITY’S ELHEW TALKIN JIVE, 1676413, pointer male, by Silvershot’s Pocket Rocket—Windward's Lorelei. Sara Beaver, owner and handler.

3d—VELOCITY’S FAINT OF HEART, 1686780, Weimaraner male, by Silvershot’s Pocket Rocket—Windward’s Lorelei. Sara Beaver, owner and handler.

Judges: Dave Fletcher and Blake Rizzo


1st—SILVERSHOT’S WILD VELOCITY, 1656565, Weimaraner male, by Silvershot’s Aspen Blitzkrieg—Lindley’s Remington Express Point. Sara Beaver, owner and handler.

2d—OBELIX DES LYS D’AUVERGNE, 1684433, Braque Saint-Germain male, by Ivane—Iena De La Diane De Belrem. Michael E. Petkwitz, owner; Cindy Petkwitz, handler.

AMATEUR PUPPY— 2 Setters, 1 Weimaraner and 1 Braque Saint-Germain

1st—SILVERSHOT’S WILD VELOCITY, 1656565, Weimaraner male, by Silvershot’s Aspen Blitzkrieg—Lindley’s Remington Express Point. Sara Beaver, owner and handler.

2d—WILDE BIRD MISSY’S COVEY, 1687075, setter female by Boise’s DeCoverly Ernie—Rum Creek Faith’s Journey. Jenny R. Kurz, owner and handler.

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