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Greensburg Pointer and Setter Club

By Mike Husenits | May 09, 2019
Open Puppy Winners. From left: Backcountry Girlfriend with Chris Catanzarite and partner, Spectre with Dave Park and Ashpole Creek Angel’s Motion with Robert Ecker.

Rochester, Pa. — The Greensburg Pointer and Setter Club held their spring field trial March 23-24 over grounds owned by the Beaver Valley Pointer and Setter Club near Rochester, Pa. The club received a pleasing entry of 80 dogs distributed between U. S. Complete stakes and AFTCA amateur stakes. All handling was done on foot; judges rode horses and UTVs were utilized for bird planting and dog wagons.

Greensburg is the second oldest surviving club of the Ohio-Pennsylvania circuit, the club founded in 1955 and responsible for holding two to three trials annually, missing only a few years due to unusual circumstances. Lately, the club is most fortunate to have local enthusiasts Lucas Poloff and Logan Moeller as members. These two men manage the organization and implementation of the club’s events with an assist from club President Mike Husenits and Vice-President Chris Catanzarite. Special accolades also go to Mandy Poloff and Sarah Moeller for their participation in providing food and beverages. For this event, the homemade hot ham barbeque, meatballs in sauce, pasta salad and desserts were most appreciated and highly enjoyed by all.

The festivities kicked off Wednesday evening with a drawing held at the Poloff residence where two-year-old Quinn Poloff drew numbered ping-pong balls from a box for each stake, assisted by Lucas and Logan. Both Quinn and baby sister Ella attended the trial and enjoyed the activities, especially the horses, doggies and UTV rides.

The club and participants extend gratitude to Purina and Greg Blair for the generous supply of quality Purina product sent for the winners. Thanks also to the Beaver Valley Club for allowing the use of their fine clubhouse and grounds. Beaver Club members Joe Cammisa, Norm Meeder and Dave Honhold all participated and helped out with bird planting, goodwill and judging assignments.

A new Greensburg Club banner was on display and was appropriately lettered with Purina as the main sponsor and also depicting the club’s affiliation with the AFTCA, U. S. Complete and Pennsylvania Walking Associations. Additionally, Lucas and Logan had quality hats and large hot/cold tumblers with the club’s identifying logo available.

Brandon Kreuer and Luke Poloff generously donated their Polaris UTVs for dog wagons, bird planting, and reporter plus general spectator transportation. When early pickups occurred far from the starting point, these vehicles are a tremendous aid in helping to keep the program running smoothly and on schedule.

As noted previously, the Greensburg Club was founded in 1955. After several years of operation, K. B. Graham, one of the original club founders, started keeping a scrapbook of the club’s history that contained detailed records of every trial report, photos and other documents. Upon the passing of K. B., this reporter took on the responsibility of keeping the scrapbook updated. The book was on display at the trial with nearly everyone in attendance spending time reviewing the contents. Many of the younger generation were not aware of the notable field trial celebrities who participated in various capacities over the years at Greensburg, including Hall of Fame members H. H. Cahoon, Elwin and Inez Smith, Harold Ray, Truman Cowles, Ferrel Miller, Bob Wehle, Dave Hughes, Gene Casale, Gerald and George Tracy, Verle Farrow, Dave Fletcher, Tom Flanagan, Dave Grubb and Sam Light. All either competed in, reported or judged during the halcyon years when the club operated from the Virginia Farms area of the Conemaugh River basin near Blairsville, Pa.

Meredith Mays furnished her fine string of walking horses for the judges. Meredith also judged every stake and was in the saddle from sun-up to sun-down both days with only short breaks between stakes. Brandon Kreuer joined Meredith for the Open Puppy and Open Derby and Al Fazenbaker teamed with her for the Open Shooting Dog. Joe Cammisa rode all day Sunday with Meredith judging the amateur stakes. The club extends sincere appreciation to each for a service well done and sometimes thankless job. Their decisions were logical and received with applause.

The program kicked off early Saturday morning, the temperature at 22° with a stiff northwest wind. It was cold!

Chris Catanzarite won the Open Walking Puppy with his fast moving pointer female Backcountry Girlfriend which hunted the course in merry fashion, showed a willingness to handle and ranged to the limits. Hot on her heels was her littermate named Spectre which ranged slightly shorter overall but nonetheless a fine looking prospect for owner-handler Dave Park. Third went to Ashpole Creek Angel’s Motion, swift-footed setter female handled by Robert Ecker to a forward well-directed ground heat, showing plenty of what it takes to be a field trial winner.

The Open Walking Derby winner was Anna Lake Sophie, setter female handled by Dave Hughes to a far-ranging forward ground heat and polished bird work on four finds, Sophie demonstrating lofty pointing style, granite-like intensity and manners above reproach on each. Mark Hughes handled black marked pointer male Grouse Trails Tuscarora to a classy forward race coupled with a solid find where “Tux” demonstrated high rigid style and complete steadiness to wing and shot. Tux finished ahead at wide range. Caliber Peak Gunslinger, handsome orange marked pointer male, finished third for handler Mark Hughes. “Triggs” had a mannerly back early followed with solid bird work on three finds, all pointed with lofty style, rock solid intensity and advanced manners. Closest to the winners were Toro, Jerry and Konrad.

First in the Open Walking Shooting Dog was Phillips Half Moon, setter female handled by Mark Hughes. “Remi” added to her impressive win record with a performance that proved superior. She reached forward to the limits, recorded three perfectly handled finds, the third following an absence with Remi found deep in the valley standing tall to ice the cake. Second went to Texas Free Mason, hard driving setter male handled by Robert Ecker to a wide ranging ground heat and two well earned finds, the first at the end of a far reaching cast along treeline into the bottom, found standing with high style and pin-point location. Mason finished strong and well forward. Third went to Kendal Hills Dawson Creek, pointer male handled by Mark Hughes. Dawson started with several very wide forward swings, disappeared and found far ahead with game well located, style and manners unquestionable. His final find in the bottom required relocation, which Dawson executed with precision accuracy. Closest to the winners were Barley, Sassy, Dexter, Boston and Bruiser.

Sunday started off bright and early with the Amateur Shooting Dog, won convincingly by Larke Stormin Trexette, setter female owned and handled by Brandon Kreuer. Storm left little doubt she would be a strong contender with a fast paced stylish ground race combined with four well earned finds with Storm demonstrating pin-point location, statuesque style and exquisite manners, finishing her stint with a far-reaching cast.

Second went to Marshall Tucker, pointer male owned and handled by Dave Honhold to a ground heat that ranged forward and to the limits, a solid mannerly find along woodsline and a second stand with a dead bird produced. “Luke” finished ranging well ahead. Eric Munden handled Kendal Hills Dawson Creek to third with a stylish hard hunting ground race, three superbly handled finds with Dawson posing high on both ends and rock steady for the shot. He added a lone unproductive and two mannerly backs. Missy, Mac and Meg pressed the winners.

The Amateur Derby winner was Phillips Moonlite Lily, setter female handled by Eric Munden to a classy forward race coupled with a pair of mannerly finds and a strong finish. Eric also handled his second placed pointer female Wildland Warrior to the winners’ circle with a solid forward hunting race, two mannerly finds, one divided find and a stylish back. “Lola” hunted consistently from start to finish. Caliber Peak Storm Warning placed third for owner-handler Sarah Gomes on the merits of a hard hunting ground race directed to forward objectives and three solid finds where “Syren” demonstrated picture perfect style and advanced manners. Hot on the heels of the winners were Toro and Woody.

Rochester, Pa., March 23 — One Course

Judges: Brandon Kreuer and Meredith Mays

OPEN PUPPY — 8 Entries

1st—BACKCOUNTRY GIRLFRIEND, 1682667, pointer female, by Waybetter Rocky—Backcountry Polly. Chris Catanzarite, owner and handler.

2d—SPECTRE, unreg., pointer male, by Waybetter Rocky—Backcountry Polly. Dave Park, owner and handler.

3d—ASHPOLE CREEK ANGEL’S MOTION, 1683691, setter female, by Scott’s Awsum Motion—Talking Smoke Josie. Bobby Thompson, owner; Robert Ecker, handler.

OPEN DERBY — 4 Pointers and 6 Setters

1st—ANNA LAKE SOPHIE, 1674196, setter female, by Long Gone Studly—Anna Lake Kick. Robert Mason, owner; Dave Hughes, handler.

2d—GROUSE TRAILS TUSCARORA, 1674616, pointer male, by Grouse Trails Cracker Jack—Grouse Trails Pride. Dave D’Hulster, owner; Mark Hughes, handler.

3d—CALIBER PEAK GUNSLINGER, 1677296, pointer male, by Cover Charge Search Engine—Double Deuce Molly. Sarah D. & Jesse Gomes, owners; Mark Hughes handler.

Judges: Al Fazenbaker and Meredith Mays

OPEN SHOOTING DOG — 14 Pointers and 12 Setters

1st—PHILLIPS HALF MOON, 1648257, setter female, by Long Gone Boston—Grouse Ridge Comet. Matthew Phillips, owner; Mark Hughes, handler.

2d—TEXAS FREE MASON, 1650873, setter male, by Merritt’s Zackery—Indian Creek Sunrise. Kevin Klein, owner; Robert Ecker, handler.

3d—KENDAL HILLS DAWSON CREEK, 1650421, pointer male, by Beaver Meadow Benjamin—Richfield Stella. Tim Perschke & Tim Tufts, owners; Mark Hughes, handler.

Judges: Joe Cammisa and Meredith Mays

AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG — 10 Pointers, 11 Setters and 4 Irish Setters

1st—LARKE STORMIN TREXETTE, 1652542, setter female, by Slamming Point Dynamo—Larke Cabela Blue Jewel. Brandon Kreuer, owner and handler.

2d—MARSHALL TUCKER, 1648838, pointer male, by The Lobbyist—Gailen’s Silver Girl. Josh, Jeremy & Dave Honhold, owners; Dave Hanhold, handler.

3d—KENDAL HILLS DAWSON CREEK, 1650421, pointer male, by Beaver Meadow Benjamin—Richfield Stella. Tim Perschke & Tim Tufts, owners; Eric Munden, handler.

AMATEUR DERBY — 11 Entries

1st—PHILLIPS MOONLITE LILY, 1676280, setter female, by Long Gone Studly—Phillips Half Moon. Matthew Phillips, owner; Eric Munden, handler.

2d—WILDLAND WARRIOR, 1676947, pointer female, by Erin’s War Creek—Suemac’s Coventry. Eric Munden, owner and handler.

3d—CALIBER PEAK STORM WARNING, 1677332, pointer female, by Cover Charge Search Engine—Double Deuce Molly. Sarah Gomes, owner and handler.

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