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Greensburg Trials

By Mike Husenits | Oct 11, 2019
H. H. Cahoon Open Shooting Dog Winners. From left: Suemac’s Sashay with Mark Hughes, Judge Joe Cammisa, Backcountry Tornado with Chris Catanzarite, Lucas Poloff and Wayward Flyin Tomato with Sarah Gomes.

Harrisville, Pa. — The time-honored Greensburg Pointer and Setter Club held their annual fall trial September 13-15 over grounds leased by the Oak Ridge Pointing Dog Club near Harrisville, Pa.

The course terrain is rolling hill country; mostly open fields with cover and feed strips planted annually by Oak Ridge members headed by grounds committee chairman Ron Schmeider. Ron and his crew had the course in excellent shape considering the unusual amount of rainfall and unusually heavy goldenrod growth and other ground cover, a big job accomplished well.

The Greensburg Club has operated since 1955 with many of the founding members now gone, with only two or three oldtimers still active. Fortunately, the club now has a couple young enthusiasts who have willingly taken the bull by the horns.

Lucas Poloff and Logan Moeller now manage all of the pre-trial duties and are responsible for planning and implementing the activities and manage the logistics and running of the event in all aspects. Their efforts are greatly aided by Mandy Poloff and Sarah Moeller, two young mothers who somehow manage to attend, prepare and serve delicious lunches and help with many chores.

Two-year-old Quinn Poloff provided entertainment with her keen interest in the dogs and horses. Quinn’s baby sister Ella, still a bit young to understand the goings on, was all smiles. Logan and Sarah’s newborn son Collin also enjoyed napping in the outdoor fresh air.

The Poloff and Moeller families deserve high accolades for their efforts in accomplishing the monumental task of running a field trial while tending to the needs of three young children.

Fortunately, several volunteers stepped up to help out. Bob Smith and Norm Meeder released strong flying Tennessee Red quail.

Dave Hughes, Andrew Dawson and Jesse Gomes handled the bulk of the dog wagon duties. Dave Hughes, Logan Moeller and Luke Poloff donated use of their utility vehicles.

Chris Catanzarite handled a myriad of chores and lent his horses to anyone in need. Susie Cammisa sent a scrumptious box of cookies. Brandon Kreuer volunteered his help unselfishly. The club extends a heartfelt thanks to all.

Purina area manager Greg Blair came through with dog food for the winners.

This trial held a combination of U. S. Complete walking stakes and open horseback stakes with Purina product for all. Thank you, Purina!

A panel of seven judges shared duties for the six stakes with Meredith Mays shouldering the bulk of the work load by serving double duty as horse wrangler and judge for the open horseback stakes plus the open qualifier and Amateur Shooting Dog. Meredith gave her undivided attention to a total of 55 dogs.

Mark Hughes teamed with Meredith in the horseback Derby, Joe Cammisa in the horseback Shooting Dog, Logan Moeller in the Qualifier, Cliff Mesnard in the Amateur. Their decisions were well thought out and well received.

Nick Mellon and Pete Leone oversaw the Open Walking Shooting Dog and Open Puppy.

Weather conditions were typical for this time of year; cool mornings gave way to warm afternoons with the highest temperature reaching 80°.


The program kicked off on Friday with the Open Horseback Derby named in honor of Henry Caruso, Sr. and Jr., long time beloved Pennsylvania professional bird dog trainers.

Backcountry Girlfriend, orange marked pointer female owned and handled by Chris Catanzarite, was awarded first on the virtue of a stylish forward race coupled with four evenly spaced finds, all handled with intensity and more than acceptable fall Derby manners. Waybetter Jay was second for owner-handler Carl Bishop with a forward consistent race; a find at 8 where Jay demonstrated advanced manners, then a sterile stand in heavy cover and a strong finish. Third was a near toss-up between three dogs with Raag’s Southern Comfort awarded the yellow ribbon for owner-handler Ray Wheeler with a medium ground effort and one Derby find.

The Open Horseback Shooting Dog honors Herbert H. Cahoon, Hall of Fame member from Western Pennsylvania, well known for his contributions to this journal and a founding father of Pennsylvania grouse trials, nicknamed “The Sage of Ben Avon (Pa.).”

Earning first place was Suemac’s Sashay, classy liver marked pointer female owned by Roger and Susie McPherson and handled by Mark Hughes. Sashay ran an impressive ground race with a mannerly find at 4 followed by a solid back at 25, finishing strong and well forward. Backcountry Tornado was second for owner-handler Chris Catanzarite with an extreme wide ground heat, a pair of finds and a lone unproductive. “Tori” was found standing at 12 following her breakaway along left woodsline, a true on a limb find followed by an unproductive at 25 and a find at 30 that required lengthily relocation. Wayward Flyin Tomato, callname Cooper, was third for owner Anne Hughes Smith and handler Mark Hughes. Cooper ran well forward with plenty of eye appeal. He scored mannerly finds at 15 near duck blind crossing, at 22 in gas well bottom and at 28 in brushy thicket, finishing ahead with plenty of style and strength.

The judges also named Warrior Zeke honorably with a rangy forward race, three perfectly handled finds and a lone unproductive.

The Open Walking Shooting Dog qualifier began Friday evening with four braces completed, the remaining three on Saturday. Warrior Zeke, orange marked pointer male owned by Mike Husenits and handled by Mark Hughes, took first with a flashy far-flung forward race. Zeke was found far ahead at 6 with a perfectly handled find, then cast well forward, adding a second mannerly find at 29 in autumn olive thicket. Leslie’s Shiloh Joe, stylish setter male owned and handled by veteran Les Bressler, won second with a stylish hard hunting race and two well handled finds, the first at 10, the second divided at 28. Joe’s style and intensity on point were most impressive. Double Deuce Sage, liver marked pointer female owned and handled by Doug McMillen, got the nod for third with a medium range hard hunting race, mannerly finds at 2, 15,18 and 25, plus a back at 29.

The Open Puppy drew a short field of 7 but most important aspects of potential quality was evident. First went to Sutter’s Magic Moxie, a fleet footed

setter female owned by Paula Giulitto and handled by Dave Hughes. Moxie went wider and stronger as the brace wore on and finished reaching to the limits. Anna Lake Samantha, extremely stylish pointer female owned and handled by Rob Matson, took the red ribbon with a well-directed forward smooth handling race, demonstrating a world of classy moves. Third was Double Deuce Pearl, classy pointer female owned and handled by Sarah Gomes, with an attractive way of going and smooth handling response, just a bit shorter in overall range. Behind the winners the judges liked Rosie and Avie.

The Open Walking Shooting Dog proved to be a highly competitive stake with no less than eight placement worthy performances. Backcountry Bruiser, solidly built orange marked pointer male owned and handled by Chris Catanzarite, took the blue ribbon with a first brace performance that was not to be outdone. Bruiser hunted well forward and registered finds at 5 in right side thicket, at 10 on steep hillside, at 15 near pond, at 20 beyond duck blind crossing and at 30 along wooded edge, while maintaining a forward intelligent race all the way.

Placed second was Larke Stormin Trexette, hard driving setter female owned and handled by Brandon Kreuer. Storm started strong going well forward, found standing at 8 on hillside, a slight tick as handler approached then tight, holding steadfast with approved manners. Ahead, she registered two more solid mannerly finds at 18 and at 25, finishing her stint going away.

Braggabull, or Emmy, liver marked pointer female, won third with an extremely classy way of getting through the country, a pair of well handled finds at 14 and 21 coupled with two pretty backs at 18 and 25.

Hard on the heels of the winners came Molly, Rye, Zeke, Sass, Spec and Pistol, all with good ground heats and solid bird work.

The final stake was the always-competitive Amateur Walking Shooting Dog. Wildland Warrior, callname Lola, liver marked pointer female owned and handled by Eric Munden, was modest overall in range but stayed with the job at hand in eager fashion, her rapport with handler evident throughout. Lola scored well-mannered finds at 6 along steep hillside and finished with a second well-earned find at 29. Second placed Double Deuce Megan, stylish setter female owned and handled by Doug McMillen, had a forward ground heat, mannerly finds at 17 and 25, plus added two backs at 2 and 30, all with manners above reproach. Backcountry Missy, pointer female owned and handled by Chris Catanzarite, was third with mannerly finds at 7, 15 and 22, the first requiring a relocation in thick cover. Missy added a mannerly stop to flush at 25 and finished well ahead.

Closest to the winners were Storm, Sophie and Rye.

Harrisville, Pa., September 13 — One Course

Judges: Mark Hughes and Meredith Mays


1st—BACKCOUNTRY GIRLFRIEND, 1682667, pointer female, by Waybetter Rocky—Backcountry Polly. Chris Catanzarite, owner and handler.

2d—WAYBETTER JAY, 1683226, pointer male, by Waybetter Rocky—Steel City Karen. Carl & Collin Bishop, owners; Carl Bishop, handler.

3d—RAAG’S SOUTHERN COMFORT, 1684781, pointer male, by Lester’s Sunny Hill Jo—Raag’s Miss Lightfoot. Ray Wheeler, owner and handler.

Judges: Joe Cammisa and Meredith Mays


1st—SUEMAC’S SASHAY, 1658242, pointer female, by Chasehill Little Bud—Richfield Stella. Roger, Susie & Daulton McPherson, owners; Mark Hughes, handler.

2d—BACKCOUNTRY TORNADO, 1629924, pointer female, by Mac’s Silver Dollar—Backcountry Dolly. Chris Catanzarite, owner and handler.

3d—WAYWARD FLYIN TOMATO, 1659935, setter male, by Fire A Way—Kendal Hills Sally. Anne Smith, owner; Mark Hughes, handler.

Judges: Meredith Mays and Logan Mueller

OPEN SHOOTING DOG — 5 Pointers and 7 Setters

1st—WARRIOR ZEKE, 1668664, pointer male, by Erin’s War Creek—Brave Heart Cassie. Mike Husenits, owner; Mark Hughes, handler.

2d—LESLIE’S SHILOH JOE, 1664509, setter male, by Hunter’s Pale Face—Hunter’s Chippewa Squaw. Les Bressler, owner and handler.

3d—DOUBLE DEUCE SAGE, 1673986, pointer female, by Double Deuce Peter—Funseeker’s Holiday. Doug McMillen, owner and handler.

Judges: Pete Leone and Nick Mellon

OPEN PUPPY — 4 Pointers and 3 Setters

1st—SUTTER’S MAGIC MOXIE, 1685636, setter female, by Long Gone Studly—Single Shot Barley. Paula Giulitto, owner; Mark Hughes, handler.

2d—ANNE LAKE SAMANTHA, 1684880, pointer female, by Erin’s Redrum—Brave Heart Cassie. Rob Matson, owner and handler.

3d—DOUBLE DEUCE PEARL, unreg., pointer female, by Waybetter Rocky—Waybetter Rummy. Doug McMillen, owner and handler.

OPEN SHOOTING DOG —11 Pointers and  6 Setters

1st—BACKCOUNTRY BRUISER, 1672645, pointer male, by Erin’s War Creek—Backcountry Tornado. Chris Catanzarite, owner and handler.

2d—LARKE STORMIN TREXETTE, 1652542, setter female, by Slamming Point Dynamo—Larke Cabela Blue Jewel. Brandon Kreuer, owner and handler.

3d—BRAGGABULL, 1670091, pointer female, by Bully Bragg—Bullerina. Dave Hughes, owner and handler.

Judges: Meredith Mays and Cliff Mesnard

AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG — 9 Pointers and 3 Setters

1st—WILDLAND WARRIOR, 1676947, pointer female, by Erin’s War Creek—Suemac’s Coventry. Eric Munden, owner and handler.

2d—DOUBLE DEUCE MEGAN, 1666594, setter female, by Long Gone Boston—Rocky Point Lilly. Doug McMillen, owner and handler.

3d—BACKCOUNTRY MISSY, 1672663, pointer female, by Erin’s War Creek—Backcountry Tornado. Chris Catanzarite, owner and handler.

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