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By Lynn W. Heard | Nov 08, 2017
John O’Neall, Jr. Amateur Shooting Dog Classic Winners. In foreground, from left: Tricia and Joe Rentz with Redland’s Jacked Up, Alan Atkins and Roger Key with Conway Twitty, Fran and Jack Miller with Miller’s Bring the Heat and Miss Pat O’Neall. Back: Judges Jason Loper and Tommy Rice III, and George Tracy.

Hatchechubbee, Ala. — The Hatchechubbee Classics Field Trial Club fall competition kicked off on Friday morning, October 20. The trial had advertised Amateur Puppy, Amateur Shooting Dog Derby, John O’Neall, Jr. Amateur Shooting Dog Classic, Open Derby and Open Shooting Dog, time permitting specified on several of these stakes.

The club enjoyed a good draw for this early trial. The Amateur Puppy and Open Shooting Dog Stakes were not drawn, due to time restrictions.

Club President Alan Atkins was pleased to again secure the services of Tommy Rice III of Pavo, Ga., and Jason Loper of Thomasville, Ga. Both men are well respected for their knowledge of bird dogs and field trialing. They were attentive to each dog and handler.

Mrs. Pat O’Neall was on hand for the trial, although she did not enter any dogs this year. The field trial community is grateful for her continued support and generosity in sharing these grounds.

Herman Kizzie is another fixture at all the trials here. As usual he did an outstanding job planting the birds, as well as preparing the grounds in advance for the trial. This year’s plentiful rain has created great cover to hold and feed the birds. Mowing and checker boarding the grounds created a great natural flow for the dogs as they hunted. These grounds are known as one of the best single course venues in the Southeast. Gentle rolling hills, mature pines, hardwoods, scrub oaks, broomsage, plum thickets abound, along with food plots. If you’ve never run here, put it on your bucket list. It is an honor to have your photo taken in front of that landmark white chimney, evidence of a long-gone homestead.

Additionally, President Atkins thanked Sportsman Pride and Brad Kennedy for their continued support, as well as our cook Stephen Williams and his wife Kim. Their meals as always were outstanding and delivered in a timely manner.


The Amateur Derby ran first, beginning at 7:30 a. m. The temperature at breakaway was a cool 47°. Miller’s Upgraded Version, handled by Fran Miller, won the stake. The judges described him as having a nice big forward race with one stop to flush.  Jack Arlington’s One Penny More had three good Derby finds with a moderate forward race to place second. Third was Dubose’s Daddy Boy, owned and handled by Bobby Dubose. His race was described as moderate, but lateral at times, with one mannerly Derby find.

Hatchechubbee, Ala., October 20 — One Course

Judges: Jason Loper and Tommy Rice III

AMATEUR DERBY — 14 Pointers

1st—MILLER’S UPGRADED VERSION, 1674987, male, by Just Irresistible—Miller’s Bring The Heat. Fran & Jack Miller, owners; Fran Miller, handler.

2d—ONE PENNY MORE, 1674414, female, by Jolly’s Little Bud—She’s A Peach. J. B. Arlington, owner and handler.

3d—DUBOSE’S DADDY BOY, 1669857, male, by Dubose’s Snake—Dubose’s Susy. Bobby Dubose, owner and handler.


After a lunch break, the John O’Neall, Jr. Memorial Amateur Shooting Dog Classic commenced. The temperature had risen to 81°. Snow Flake, handled by Jack Miller, and Meadowwood Fastbreak, handled by Ted Roach, began the stake. Miller asked for his retrieval unit at 30; Snow had gone birdless. Fastbreak finished the hour, but also birdless.

Due to some misunderstanding of the judges’ advice, both Rick (Jim Crane) and Bo Bundy (Arlington) were picked up early near the first creek crossing.

Ned (Lavon King) and Meadowood’s Joe Dirt (Roach). At 20 King asked for his retrieval unit as Ned was never seen crossing the power line. Joe Dirt carded three finds.

Bell (Fran Miller) and Jay (Lynn Heard). At the end of this fast moving brace both handlers were pleased with their dogs’ performances. Bell had two finds and a back with a fast forward race. Jay had three finds and a back. Both dogs finished to the front at the end of the hour. It was an exciting brace, not only to the two handlers, but from the many comments offered by observers. This concluded the first day’s running.

Saturday morning the temperature  at 7:30 a. m. was a cool 64°. Fire and Ice (Joe Rentz) had mannerly finds at 12, 16, 23, 29 and 38. She also had a mostly forward race and handled nicely. Crane asked for his retrieval unit at 45 as Jessie had no bird contact.

Smut (Lynn Heard) had a strong forward race, carding two backs and four finds, with a moderate finish. Two of Smut’s finds required relocation, which were handled with great confidence. Pineywoods Jackpot (Darron Hendley) also had two finds and finished the hour.

Iron and Oak (Ross Leonard) and One Day Winnit Girl (Lane Hodges) both had an unproductive early. Iron and Oak went on to have a mannerly find at 40. At the end of the hour each dog was on hand for the finish line.

At 41 Mike (King) pointed a big covey and struck again at 47. Magnum Southern Heritage (Alan Nitchman) had a find at 20, losing a little composure, but went on to have another at 34, but picked up after this find, completing the morning’s running.

One Day Freeze (Hodges) and Conway Twitty (Atkins) kicked off the afternoon, a high, hot sun overhead. Freeze had a mannerly find at 6 and finished the hour with a moderate race. At 10 Tricia Rentz and Fran Miller alerted the gallery and judges that a rattlesnake was heard and seen just off the path to the left. Before Herman Kizzie could arrive with the shotgun, Buck Heard was off his horse and disposed of the snake with his broken bridle rein. Then to add insult to injury, Lavon King decided to step on the snake and remove his head with his pocket knife. Of course, the rattles had to be removed as well. Conway Twitty had a fast forward race with mannerly finds at 8, 15, 37 and 42. Conway, named winner in last year’s Amateur Shooting Dog Invitational, proved that he’s still got game. Conway finished the hour strong and to the front.

Magnum Ice Queen (Nitchman) and Redland’s Jacked Up (Rentz). Both handlers called point on opposite sides of the road at 7. Jack required a relocation but pinned the bird with no trouble. He went on to have finds at 18, 36 and 39. He had a forward race and finished the hour strong. Queen went on to have another find at 14 just before the creek crossing and was put in the harness.

One Day Frost (Hodges) suffered an unproductive at 7 but looked stylish while doing it. Hodges asked for the retrieval unit at 37. Dragon Fly (Jim Hughes) had a find at 19, all in order. At 44 Hughes asked for his retrieval unit.

One Day Tomoka Queen (Darcy Hodges) handled nicely and was picked up at 27 as she had no birds at that point. Miller’s Bring the Heat (J. Miller) ran a fast forward race. She had a large covey find in a food plot at 12, at 17 had a find in a ditch that seems to always hold birds, then two more finds at 36 and 45. “Lacey” exhibited excellent manners at each find. After a short absence Lacey reappeared and finished the hour strong and far to the front.

JOHN O’NEALL, JR. AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG CLASSIC [One-Hour Heats] — 21 Pointers and 3 Setters

1st—REDLAND’S JACKED UP, 1657294, pointer male, by Q P K Ben—D’s White Chaser. Joe & Tricia Rentz, owners; Joe Rentz, handler.

2d—CONWAY TWITTY, 1629902, pointer male, by High Point Beginning—Wake Robin. Alan Atkins, owner and handler.

3d—MILLER’S BRING THE HEAT, 1622745, pointer female, by Lester’s Snowatch—L G White Lilly. Fran & Jack Miller, owners; Jack Miller, handler.


The Open Derby began Sunday, October 22, at 7:30 a. m. with a temperature of 67°.

Ransom’s Southern Charm was down with Billy (Michael Martino). “Nell” was observed several times always to the front and running strong. She had a good find at 27 in the food patch just to the left of the course on the final approach to camp. Both dogs finished the course to the front.

Fred (Hennes) and Rhett (John Neely). At 7 Rhett was found pointing to the right of the lane. Fred, came on the scene and pointed as well. Both handlers fired their pistols. This was typical of an early fall Derby find with both dogs moving, but stopping at their handlers’ urging. Both dogs finished the course, with Rhett showing fast and mostly forward.

Miller’s Cover Girl (J. Miller) and Bud (Tom Hennes). At 27 “Alice” scored the first find for her handler. All was in order. Both dogs finished the course to the front and strong. Alice frequently stopped to listen and look for her handler. Once she confirmed that she was going in the right direction, she would continue on. Bud had no bird contact.

OPEN DERBY — 16 Pointers

1st—RANSOM’S SOUTHERN CHARM, 1675602, female, by Lester’s Prime Poison Lane—Ransom’s Bug Out. Jim Hughes, owner and handler.

2d—RHETT, unreg., pointer male, breeding not given. John Neely, owner and handler.

3d—MILLER’S COVER GIRL, 1675005, pointer female, by Just Irresistible—Miller’s Bring The Heat. Fran & Jack Miller, owners; Jack Miller, handler.

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