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Hell Creek Trials

By Jeremy Taylor | Jan 07, 2021
Open All-Age Winners. In foreground, from left: Nick Thompson with Lester’s Shockwave Korry Rinehart with Hendrix Copperline, Steve Hurdle with Coldwater Thunder. Back row: Jack Griffin, Connie Hicks, Betty Shearouse (judge), Gary Lester, Brad Kennedy, Morgan Brewer (judge); Guy Hendrix, David Russell, Rachel and Anniston Russell, Doug Arthur and Jennifer Stewart.

Blue Mountain, Miss. — The 2020 Hell Creek Trials kicked off on Thursday, October 29, on the spacious Hell Creek Wildlife Management Area in Blue Mountain, Miss.

Nathan Blount and staff with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks had the grounds in great shape. We are very thankful for all that he and the rest of the MDWFP staff do for the field trials held at Hell Creek.

Mr. Jack Griffin retired from MDWFP back in June, but was on hand each day to drive the dog wagon.

We thank Mr. Brad Kennedy and Sportsman’s Pride for their sponsorship and dedication in making this field trial possible.

Also thanks to Mr. Shane Strickland who sponsored a delicious barbecue lunch for all during the Open Derby.

Entries were up again this year and we greatly appreciate everyone who came out to support this trial.

Daniel Bolden and Brad Kennedy judged the Amateur All-Age. Elton Bray and Korry Rinehart presided for the Derby and Shooting Dog.


Nineteen dogs were drawn in the Amateur All-Age. Placing first was Misty Morn Masked Man, owned and handled by Joey McAlexander. "Tonto" was credited with three finds and a strong race to take the top spot.

Second was Nosam’s Patchwork, owned and handled by Mason Ashburn. Patchwork had two finds and a good forward race. Superstition's Jake, owned by Ric Peterson and handled by Bubba Spencer, was credited with one find and a back to take third.

The Derby had a large entry of twenty youngsters. Placing first was Nosam’s Ladylike, pointer female owned and handled by Mason Ashburn. Second was Game Ice, owned and handled by Dr. Fred Corder, third place was Burch’s Set’em Up Joe, owned and handled by Jonathan Burch. All were placed on ground race.

The Jimmy Dale Downs Memorial Amateur Shooting Dog Stake drew seventeen, with pointer female Cocklebur Drama Queen taking first with three nice finds for handler Amy Spencer. Second was Lester’s Prime Poison Lane with one find for Brian Peterson. Lester’s Top Recruit for Lance Servais earned third

Blue Mountain, Miss., October 29

Judges: Daniel Bolden and Brad Kennedy

AMATEUR ALL-AGE [One-Hour Heats] — 16 Pointers and 3 Setters

1st—MISTY MORN MASKED MAN, 1667341, pointer male, by Miller’s Dialing In—Mac’s Inspiration. Joey McAlexander, owner and handler.

2d—NOSAM’S PATCHWORK, 1687243, pointer female, by Miller’s Speed Dial—Grace’s Happy Feet. T. Mason Ashburn, owner and handler.

3d—SUPERSTITION’S JAKE, 1687243, pointer male, by Touch’s Adams County—Superstition’s Molly. Richard Peterson, owner; Bubba Spencer, handler.

Judges: Elton Bray and Korry Rinehart

AMATEUR DERBY — 15 Pointers and 5 Setters

1st—NOSAM’S LADY LIKE, 1691960, pointer female, by Whippoorwill Justified—House’s Snow White. T. Mason Ashburn, owner and handler.

2d—GAME ICE, 1691410, pointer male, by Dominator’s Rebel Heir—Game Snow. Dr. Fred Corder, owner and handler.

3d—BURCH’S SET’EM UP JOE, 1689029, pointer male, by Skyfall—Burch’s Mississippi Belle. Jonathan Burch, owner and handler.


[One-Hour Heats] — 15 Pointers and 2 Setters

1st—COCKLEBUR DRAMA QUEEN, 1658664, pointer female, by Indian Creek Perfect Storm—Reedy Fork Katie. Amy, Bubba & Colt Spencer, owners; Amy Spencer, handler.

2d—LESTER’S PRIME POISON LANE, 1652018,  pointer male, by Lester’s Snowatch—Lady’s Southern Charm. Brian Peterson, owner and handler.

3d—LESTER’S TOP RECRUIT, 1681841, pointer male, by Lester’s Sunny Hill Jo—Rivertons Funseeker Riley. Lance Servais, owner and handler.


The Open All-Age began on Tuesday, November 3, with a starting field of 26. Judges were Betty Shearouse of Chattanooga, Tenn., and Morgan Brewer of Montgomery, Ala. We thank them for their time and attention given to each competitor.

Taking first for the second year in a row was Lester’s Shockwave, pointer male owned by Tommy and Bonnie Hamilton of Springfield, Ky., and handled by Gary Lester. Shockwave was credited with four stylish finds and a classy front-running race to secure the top spot.

Placing second was Hendrix’s Copperline, pointer male owned by Burke and Guy Hendrix of Hernando, Miss., and handled by Steve Hurdle. Copperline was credited with one find at time and a big ground race to secure his placement. Third was Coldwater Thunder, pointer female owned by Rachel Russell and Doug Arthur and handled by Steve Hurdle. "LuLu" was credited with one find and a big ground race to claim her spot.

The Open Derby drew a nice entry of twenty youngsters. Taking first was Touch’s Walk The Line, pointer male owned by Keith Wright and handled by Ike Todd. He had two good finds with a nice ground race to take the top spot. Second place was Game Heir, owned by Dr. Fred Corder, also handled by Ike Todd. Third was Burch’s Set’em Up Joe, owned by Jonathan Burch and handled by Steve Hurdle.

The second and third place dogs were placed without the benefit of bird work, but very nice ground races. We will be seeing more from these Derbies in the months to come.

Judges: Morgan Brewer and Betty Shearouse

OPEN ALL-AGE [One-Hour Heats] — 24 Pointers and 2 Setters

1st—LESTER’S SHOCKWAVE, 1681623, pointer male, by Ransom—Beane’s Line Dancer. Tommy & Bonnie Hamilton, owners; Gary Lester, handler.

2d—HENDRIX’S COPPERLINE, 1681729, pointer male, by Hendrix’s Signature—Hendrix’s Delta Queen. Burke Hendrix, owner; Steve Hurdle, handler.

3d—COLDWATER THUNDER, 1655558, pointer female, by Coldwater Warrior—Thunder Bess. B. K. & Rachel Blackwell, Doug Arthur & David Russell, owners; Steve Hurdle, handler.

OPEN DERBY — 20 Pointers

1st—TOUCH’S WALK THE LINE, 1692248, male, by House’s Ring of Fire—Touch’s Lemon Drop. Keith Wright, owner; Ike Todd, handler.

2d—GAME HEIR, 1691409, pointer male, by Dominator’s Rebel Heir—Game Snow. Dr. Fred Corder, owner; Ike Todd, handler.

3d—BURCH’S SET’EM UP JOE, 1689029, pointer male, by Skyfall—Burch’s Mississippi Belle. Jonathan Burch, owner; Steve Hurdle,  and handler.





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