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Razorback Open Shooting Dog Classic

Hidden Valley Field Trial Club

By Rita Ornsby | Feb 03, 2020
Open Shooting Dog Classic Winners. From left front: Virgil Moore with Jacked Up Jasper and Shawn Kinkelaar with Tug Of War. Behind: Eddy Taylor, Gary Young, judge; Johnny Ornsby, Harold Woodward, judge, and Roger Martin.

Conway, Ark. — The Hidden Valley Field Trial Club hosted the 2019 running of the Razorback Open Shooting Dog Classic December 15 at Camp Robinson near Conway, Ark. Fourteen Derbies and 46 shooting dogs were drawn.

We would like to extend a kind-hearted thank you to the Arkansas Game and Fish commission for the use of these grounds, horse barn, dog kennels and clubhouse.

Thank you to Purina and Greg Blair for all the help they give, not only to this trial but to the entire field trial community.

Jim Morehouse with SportDog has been a supporter of our trial supplying us with training collars for the winners. Without supporters like these it would be hard to put on a trial.

The CRCA field trial group is responsible for purchasing the quail and feed at Camp Robinson. Five-thousand quail were released August 24 in coveys of 30 plus at different sites throughout the six one-hour courses. It can be a challenge for all of us to raise the resources to fund this project. However, we feel having large coveys of strong flying birds adds to the excitement of the sport of horseback field trials for the dogs, handlers and all participants.

We were pleased to have Arkansas Game and Fish Commissioners Anne Marie Doramus and Andrew Parker join us Monday morning and ride. Also, Todd Gore and Cliff Lee, ex MLB pitcher, also rode and enjoyed the event.

Shawn Kinkelaar and Chuck Stretz, notable professional dog trainers and handlers, furnished the well seasoned horses for them to ride and watch these pointing dogs go about their task of hunting and finding game. We hope they will join us again. It was a pleasure having them ride in the gallery and share their views of the event.

Lunches were provided by Johnny and Rita Ornsby. Evening meals were served every night after the running, compliments of the Ornsbys. Lots of great fellowship was evident with all in attendance.

Judges Harold Woodward of Vilonia, Ark., and Gary Young Lawton, Okla., gave each contender their undivided attention. We thank them for their time and effort.

Roger Martin manned the dog wagon and was always right where needed. Thanks to all for a well oiled event.


Topping the Open Derby was Chelsea’s Mae West, pointer female owned by Brad Sadler of Port Royal, S. C., and handled by Kinkelaar. Mae West  put on a show, running to the front with very little scouting and carded a find at 59 with good Derby manners.

Pushing hard behind her was Wind Ridge Sugar Plum, pointer female handled by Eddy Taylor for owner Eugene Sprotta of  Germantown, Tenn. Sugar Plum had finds at 12 and 14 and hunted to the front. Rounding out the placements was S S S Lightning, pointer female owned by Rick Snipes of Aspermont, Tex., and handled by Kinkelaar. She ran a nice race but went birdless.

Conway, Ark., December 15

Judges: Harold Woodward and Gary Young

OPEN DERBY CLASSIC — 13 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st—CHELSEA’S MAE WEST, 1686810, pointer female, by Chelsea’s Thunder Bolt—Chelsea’s Southern Chic. Brad Sadler, owner; Shawn Kinkelaar, handler.

2d—WIND RIDGE SUGAR PLUM, 1687356, pointer female, by Westfall’s Ice Breaker—Gin Creek Garnet. Eugene J. Sprotta, Jr., owner; Eddy Taylor, handler.

3d—S S S LIGHTNING, 1684478, pointer female, by Chelsea’s Thunder Bolt—S S S Jill. R. A. Snipes, Jr., owner; Shawn Kinkelaar, handler.

Shooting Dog Classic

Two Fingers Neat (Moore) and Storm Warning (Kinkelaar) were the opening twosome. Neat was picked up at 44.  Warning made an early exit and Kinkelaar requested the retrieval unit at 14.

S F Fullcolor (Hurdle) had a find at 30 going up the mountain. Color marked flight of birds as Hurdle flushed. Sent on, he had a find at 45 with everything in order and finished with no more bird contacts.  Pure Gossip was found standing at 35 but Stretz couldn’t produce any birds. Released to relocate Gossip hunted the area but couldn’t come up with birds. Sent on Gossip continued hunting a forward race and carded her second unproductive at 45 and was up.

World Class Chief (Moore) and Big Hurt (Taylor). This pair had a breach of manners and they were up early.

Snow Drifter (R. Ornsby) had finds at 5 and 15 with everything in order and finished the hour.  Matt  Basilone called point at 27 for Limbsmoke Skeet Rock but couldn’t produce any birds. He released Rock to relocate but this was fruitless. He finished with no birds.

R J’s Deicer (Kinkelaar) was up at 18. Urban Fantasy was on left side of course going toward the pines when Basilone called flight of birds. Fantasy was standing but birds not seen by judges and no more could be put to flight.  He finished the hour with no more contacts.

John’s Grand River Bess (Stretz) and Blue Wings Frontier (Taylor) were picked up early.

Nottingham’s Storm Warning (Basilone) and Jacked Up Jasper (Moore).  Basilone wasn’t pleased with Warning and picked up at 25. Jasper continued on having the course all to himself. Just after crossing the mountain Jasper went left down a feed strip and pointed at 35. Moore put birds to flight with everything in order. Jasper finished the hour with no more game contacts.

Double Ransom (Stretz) and Miller’s Miss Kittie (Taylor) broke away quickly to the front; neither came up with birds during their hour.

Zorra (Kinkelaar) had an unproductive at 35 and finished the hour. Hale’s High Flyer (Taylor) had a stop to flush at 6 and a find at 52, marking the birds as they flushed. Flyer finished the hour.

Kinkelaar called point for Tug Of War  at 8 but couldn’t produce any birds. Kinkelaar released Tug to relocate but no birds were home. Taken on, Tug had a find at 48 with good manners and finished. Meadowwood’s Matt Dillon (Hurdle) went birdless and was somewhat bullish to get around.

Super Natural (Moore) ran a strong race but went birdless. Glenmartin Excalibur (Stretz) had a nice front race and a find at 52 with good manners and finished well.

Tangled Sheets (Taylor) carded an unproductive at 55 and time expired. Steel City Alabama (Basilone) had a find at 12, all was good. Taken on, he finished the hour.

Silver W Jill Z (Kinkelaar) was up at 13. Point was called for Hard Hat’s Iron Will (Moore) at 25, the dog standing in tall grass just past ditch. Moore walked in to flush and birds came out like a swarm of bees and just kept getting up. This was just too much for this young dog to take and he went with the birds to end his bid.

In Swami’s Shadow (Kinkelaar) and Purpleline Casper (Stretz) were next. Shadow had a find at 37 and finished the hour. Casper had a find at 25 and then two uproductives to end his time.

Taylor picked up Hale’s Kickstarter (Taylor) at 40. Ridge Creek Kate (Kinkelaar) had an unproductive at 41 and was harnessed.

Deerfield Game (Basilone) was up at 29.  Dial Again (Hurdle) ran a nice race but no birds.

True Choice (Kinkelaar) carded an unproductive at 13 and finished the hour.  Boumeester’s Bar None (Stretz) failed to back and was up at this juncture.

Quicksilver Breeze (Hurdle) was up at 33. Chelsea’s Thunder Bolt (Kinkelaar) was up at 37.

Nottingham’s Storm Rider (Basilone)  was picked up at 19.  Jayhawk Jail Break (Moore) went birdless.

Upfront’s Southern Star (Kinkelaar) and Touch’s Big Whiskey (Stretz). Kinkelaar requested the retrieval device for Star at 18. Whiskey had a stand at 18 but had a breach of manners and was harnessed.

L F Dyno Mike (Moore) had a find at 18 with Hale’s Southern Touch (Kinkelaar) backing. Touch had an unproductive at 22. Both finished the hour.

Princess Di (Kinkelaar) had a breach of manners at 9 and was up. Hurdle requested the retrieval unit at 54 for Kennedy’s Chocolate Chip.

Shag Time Scout (Kinkelaar) couldn’t come up with birds. Real Truth (Stretz) was up early.


42 Pointers and 4 Setters

1st—JACKED UP JASPER, 1645583, setter male, by Horton’s Boomer Skip—Horton’s Ridge Jody. Larry Williamson, owner; Virgil Moore, handler.

2d—TUG OF WAR, 1668963, pointer male, by Sugarknoll War Paint—Nehawka Amazin Sue. Adam Hart, owner; Shawn Kinkelaar, handler.

3d—GLENMARTIN EXCALIBUR, 1678284, pointer male, by Cole Train—Wiggins Miss Tina. Christopher Martin, owner; Chuck Stretz, handler.

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