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By David A. Fletcher | Jul 20, 2021

Morrice, Mich. — I admit it. I stole the above headline from Dr. John Russell's wonderful article about two great friends of mine from the past years, and deserving candidates for the 2021 Field Trial Hall of Fame — Henry Weil and Dan Bonaguidi. Those two, perhaps under nominated and under appreciated gentlemen, gave a lot to field trials, as John Russell portrayed in his timely article.

They are two excellent choices for the Hall of Fame but there are others as totally deserving that are prominent in my mind for this year's election. Let me add Dr. Terry Terlep, field trial patron and trial executive if there ever was one. He's been at trials for decades, wearing many hats, and is still very active and on the field trial scene.

Robin Gates has a history few can match in field trials. I knew and followed his career since I met him when he was a sixteen-year-old in his father's summer camp at Broomhill, Manitoba.

Add to this list Freddie Rayl and we have just put in place another great candidate. I was fortunate in my career to brush shoulders with all of the great men I mention here. I know what they have done to enhance the field trial sport, and it is monumental.

Much of what I have in my memory about my five candidates is from the bygone years. I got to know most of them in the early 1960s, and hopefully they will not be overlooked or forgotten by today's field trial fraternity.



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Posted by: Jan M. Shaw | Jul 30, 2021 08:29

David I appreciated reading your "Highly Deserving Candidates" and you are right, there are many that will be overlooked but those you mentioned, I agree, are all highly deserving.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Jan Shaw

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