American Field

How Many Miles

By Tom Word | Mar 20, 2020

How many miles

Did the Big Man ride?

Behind a bird dog

Puppy, Derby, All-Age?


Through heat and storm

On prairie and in pines

From Canada to Florida

From boy to aging man


He overcame addiction

Never touched another drop

From alcoholic to workaholic overnight

Said the only man taller in his Lee County


He was long top handler

The hardest man to beat

Year after year on prairie and edge country

And in the tall long leaf pines


When the day’s running ended

He headed for his room

Did not hang around to gossip

Or to try to charm a judge


His dogs were broke and listened

Hunted way out on the edge

Were true All-Age and talented

Backed by owners knew the game


He had his owners’ confidence

As he had that of his dogs

Both knew he knew what he was doing

And would do all that was needed


When the day came he did not feel that

And we cannot know why

He chose to leave the scene

He will never be forgotten

He was Big, that says it all

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