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Touch’s Katrina Named Amateur Winner; Knight’s White Lady Wins Open Stake Laurels

Idaho Open and Region 9 Amateur Shooting Dog Championships

By Doug Favor | Nov 04, 2019
Touch's Katrina Winner of the Region 9 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship

American Falls, Ida. — Field trialers from multiple western states as well as Canada were again welcomed September 19 by the Eastern Idaho Bird Dog Club to the expansive grounds at American Falls, Ida., for the running of the Everton Derby Classic, the Region 9 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship and the Idaho Open Shooting Dog Championship.

The grounds were in fine shape thanks to the abundant moisture through much of the summer.

The field trial camping area was once again nicely mowed by landowner Lamar Isaac prior to trialers arriving making for a very pleasant camping area.

The grounds were otherwise largely unchanged with the exception being the opening Hornbacher courses having been recently mowed as part of CRP management protocol. This made for nice field edges and open valleys for showing a dog’s performance but birds did seem diminished in these areas perhaps from the recent mowing.

A fourth course was added this year, further utilizing the bird-rich Matthews’ property, and was well received. Without the fine management of these contiguous, beautiful properties by their landowners for the enhancement of wildlife this trial wouldn’t be possible.

The Eastern Idaho Bird Dog Club and the attending field trialers are all in deep thanks and appreciation to Albert Hornbacher, Henry Hornbacher and the Rudeen, Matthews and Isaac families for once again allowing us access to this beautiful venue and unique experience.

Participants enjoy challenging their dogs to the expansive high grassy hills, broad plateaus and sagebrush draws for six continuous courses without ever crossing a fence or navigating a gate.

Wild birds are present throughout all of the courses providing an excellent test for bird dogs.

Many thanks go out to the host club for their organization and smooth running of the largely attended trial. Lillian Favor once again spearheaded efforts taking on multiple duties critical to the success of the trial.

Rose Mathews was greatly appreciated for her efforts organizing excellent evening meals from local vendors and arranging for a fine group experience at the local Indian Springs Resort for the Idaho Championship drawing.

Many other club members contributed assisting with dog truck duties and keeping water tanks filled throughout camp and on the courses. It was a coordinated, cumulative effort of many to once again execute a challenging, enjoyable trial on fantastic grounds.

Appreciation goes out to Purina and SportDog for their continued great support of not only our trial but field trialing in general.

Many visitors were present throughout the week all with the common thread of enjoying fine bird dogs. We very much enjoyed the opportunity to meet new people interested in our activity and venue. We hope to see them again in the future whether visiting or entering their own competitors.

Everton Derby Classic

Judged by Chris Perkins of American Falls, Ida., and Alex Mauck of Sandy, Ore., the Derby drew 10 dogs. It was run over five 30-minute courses under cool weather September 19.

Declared winner was Wild’N E Z, pointer female handled by Austin Turley and owned by Nard Bailey of Alturas, Cal. She had a nice piece of work on a sharptail early in her brace then applied herself very strikingly to the available wide draws and mowed edges to the road corner tank.

Second was awarded to S T Locked N Loaded, Vizsla female handled by Brian Gingrich and owned by Jeff Zenas  of Williamsburg, Mich. She had a fine back early then a find on Hungarians on the broad plateau. A nice steady effort over and through the high pass down to the water tank.

Named third was H B V’s Lambeau Leap, German Shorthair female owned and handled by Lillian Favor of Pocatello, Ida. A nice find on Huns early was followed up with an energetic effort over the broad plateau, through the high pass and down to the water tank.

A fine Derby with nice performances.

American Falls, Ida., September 19

Judges: Alex Mauck and Chris Perkins

EVERTON OPEN DERBY CLASSIC — 8 Pointers, 1 Setter and

1 German Shorthair

1st—WILD’N E Z, 1680776, pointer female, by Great Northern—E Z’s Sweet Drifter. Nard D. Bailey, owner; Austin Turley, handler.

2d—S T LOCKED N LOADED, 1686059,  Vizsla female, by C K Touchdown Guy—Midnight Run’s Probable Cause. Jeff Zenas, owner; Brian Gingrich, handler.

3d—H B V’S LAMBEAU LEAP, 1684030, 1684030, German Shorthair female, by H B V’s Motor Scooter—Bugsy’s Bright Starlight. Lillian Favor, owner and handler.

Region 9 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship

Judges for this event were Lori Steinshouer of Reno, Nev., and Brian Gingrich of Rockford, Ill. Lori is well known in the West and nationally for her handling of bird dogs. On thirteen occasions, with three different dogs, she has qualified for the National Championship. She is the only woman handler to compete at Ames Plantation in the National Championship.

For 25 years she has spent her summers training in the Rockland, Ida., area just south of the field trial grounds. She is certainly no stranger to the demands and requirements of a good bird dog effort in this country.

Brian is a well-known and well-traveled professional trainer and handler. He trains and competes with an impressive string of Vizslas. He has handled dogs to eight National Vizsla championships in American Field events and three AKC national championships. He has recently won the Big Sky Shooting Dog and Arizona Shooting Dog Championships. He was welcomed for the first time to the American Falls field trial grounds.

Touch’s Katrina, pointer female owned and handled by Austin Turley of Molt, Mont., was named champion. She had a fine effort in brace No. 8 on the bird-rich course No. 2. She exhibited all the qualities expected of a champion on these grounds. She found birds handling multiple finds on both sharptails and Hungarians.

Touch’s Katrina exhibited power and endurance for an hour over a tough course with significant physical demand. She demonstrated great rapport with her handler, always showing ahead and kindly handling multiple directional changes on a course that has two near 180° turns.

Lone Tree Splish Splash, pointer female owned and handled by Bill Owen of Santa Barbara, Cal., garnered runner-up honors. She proved herself on course No. 3. She had a spectacular find on sharptails quickly in her hour. Found standing, a large number of birds exited as handler approached and more on the flush. She handled the rough entrance to the course No. 3 loop and took in all the available country to complete her circuit. Provided opportunity for more open country at the finish, she demonstrated endurance and power finishing her hour.

The Running

Tucalota Blew (PM/Mayhew) and M H Hot Corner (PM/Huston) were away promptly at 7:30 a. m. on an uncharacteristically chilly morning. Hot Corner was quickly greeted on her maiden voyage on these grounds by a rooster at 5 and found herself promptly in harness. A harsh welcome to Idaho. Blew worked moderately through the opening ridges to the water tub. He widened up the hill and had a stop to flush on a group of sharptail mid-course at 51. He completed the hour working to the ridgetop.

Making Me Better (SM/Owen) and Edelman (PM/Jones) quickly took on the opening face of course No. 2. A quick stand by Edelman that proved un-productive was not recognized by Better and he was in harness at 5. Edelman worked up the opening ridge with work on sharptails at 10 and 15 stopping to flush both times. He scored finds at 20 then 23 on sharptails. Energetic to the ridgetop he carded two quick unproductives and was harnessed by handler.

Traveler’s Straight Line (SM/Sand) and T A K’s Hell on Wheels (GSPF/Kosmack) were away to try out a new course No. 3. Wheels had a stand near the ridgetop at 5 that did not yield birds. A short distance uphill from Wheels, Hungarians and sharptails were seen lifting, Straight Line going with them to be up at 5. Wheels made the entrance to the loop and worked the brush patches up the valley. Gaining the ridgetop, sharptails lifted course center, dog not involved. Going down the ridgetop a pheasant was called out exiting the heavy sage. After searching, Wheels was found standing mannerly and fired over. Wheels continued a searching race for the hour without further contact.

No. 4 had Rebelstoke (PM/Puggiari) and Emmalita (PF/Turley) away briskly along roadway then up ridge to S-bends and traverse. Sharptails lifted widely off the bench, no dogs felt involved. At 30 Rebel had an unproductive down a finger ridge. Both dogs made corner at water tank, worked up the draw to start working the mowed field edges. At 45 Emma was striking a hard point in the open thin cover, Rebel not honoring and found the harness. No birds were produced for Emma. She was sent on to continue a really nice ground race that unfortunately came up empty, finishing down off the bluff of the closing ridge.

Tucalota’s Rebel Buck (PM/Mayhew) and Cap’n Sam (SM/Huffine) took on course No. 5 after lunch. Wide into the corner, both dogs worked up through the cedars after road crossing. Traversing the ridges above road, Sam struck a  handsome pose on edge of heavy sage but no birds were produced by handler. Both dogs continued on at moderate pace, then slowing with warming afternoon. Sam was picked up at 45. Buck made the water tank and gained some energy to make attractive casts the last 10 up toward the high grass saddle without luck on birds to finish the hour.

Touch’s Mic Drop (PF/Perkins) and Fenway (BM/King) took on the opening slopes of course No. 6, hitting the likely spots without a score. At 20 Mic struck a nice pose on the plateau but handler could not produce any birds. Birds noted being ridden up by scout after carrying on — unfortunate. Both dogs worked nicely across the plateau then through the heavy cover to traverse to the big valley. Both searched well through the patchy sage then Mic again pointed at 45 on the low edge of the high sage knob, Fenway mannerly backing. Mic moved up by handler and struck a hard point. When no birds were produced Mic was harnessed by handler. Fenway finished a nice hour down the mowed edge of the bottoms and ridges hitting likely spots without a score. Nice effort.

Touch’s Hail Stone (PM/Rickert) and Electric Lady (SF/Griffin) were away in sketchy morning weather. Both dogs handled the opening ridge nicely, Stone steadily building his range through the mowed fields. Lady stretched as well but made the corner with handler and headed up the hill. Stone was sighted briefly taking the high route to gain the hill but not seen again in judgment. Lady hunted the benches up to safflower field corner and struck a nice point but no birds produced. She finished the hour over the top and down the draw to the road nicely.

Touch’s Katrina (PF/Turley) and Traveler’s High Point (SF/Sand) broke away rapidly up the opening face. Gaining a vantage point on the ridge, point was called by Turley at 10 for Sand’s dog standing handsomely down on mid-bench. Sand flushed vigorously but no birds produced. Sent on, Point had an immediate stop to flush on sharptail, likely the bird that had stopped him prior. Released with vigor, Point hustled to gain the front then went sideways gaining the high berm. Searched for vigorously by handler and scout, moving deer and elk from the brush patches, but failing to yield a bird dog in their search. Sand asked for the retrieval unit at 30.

Meanwhile, Katrina was working up the ridge carding finds on sharptails at 25 and 30, then a stunning stand on Huns at 35. She worked across the high plateau at nice range and handled kindly to make a wide sweep around the corner to take on the mid traverse. She went deep across the mid traverse but pointed out timely by handler. Watered at the high corner she was sent down toward the closing draws and carded a stop to flush on sharptails on the small center ridge. Sent on through the bottom and up the valley she finished a fine hour showing nicely powering up the final hill.

Lone Tree Splish Splash (PF/Owen) and Wiggins Miss Fernie (PF/Puggiari) were cast off toward the loop of course No. 3. Each dog stopped at 5 before the loop entrance, Fernie with a stop to flush low and Splash with a stylish find, birds flushing as handler approached and more with handler on the ground. A nice start and “spectacular find,” per Judge Steinshouer. Dogs made entrance to the loop and made wide casts up the bottom, making the corner to take on the steep climb to the ridge. At ridgetop gallery greeted with flushing sharptail to course left, no dogs involved. Both dogs swung wide, requiring some scouting to make the high corner. They took the plateau wide then went underneath heavy brush patch to course right. Out of judgment below the ridge, both dogs showed to front at far end of the right brush patch — very nice moves to carry the front. Many sharptails flushed sporadically from course left and brow of ridge by field trial party. Both dogs wide around the ridge to exit the loop then wide down closing ridges to finish near roadway. Splash was noted with power going forward at the hour mark.

Skydancer Gold Rush (SM/Griffin) and Wild N Easy (PF/Turley) made quick work of the opening bench above the road to begin the swing to the high traverse. Mannerly across the traverse they both took the draw to the tank nicely. Rush dug through the brush to course left and struck a handsome pose on the skyline at 25. Extended flush by handler yielded a pair of Huns seen exiting the brow of the hill near dog. All in order. Rush continued the hour with nice race through the large sweeping valley and final ridges. Easy ran a consistent, energetic race start to finish showing very well. She pointed briefly on “Hail Mary” knob then moved on. A sharptail moved by gallery uphill of her point. A near miss in a nice effort.

S B Always Dreamin (PF/Owen) and R C’s Batman (PM/Mathews) were away after lunch in a warming afternoon. Both dogs scored stops to flush on pheasants at 15 just after the first road crossing. They continued on well around the draws paralleling the road, favoring course right. A very large covey of Huns exited course dead center. Dreamin slowed on the long uphill course and was picked up  at the water tank road crossing. Bat continued a steady run from road crossing through the large grassy saddle, ending his hour in the big valley without further bird contact.

Sam (SM/Mahoney) and Rebellita (PF/Turley) made nice casts up the initial climb to gain the ridgetop. Sam pressed on forward briefly as course swung right along the plateau but returned shortly to gain the front. Rebellita swung right as well but returned promptly, scoring a stop to flush on sharptails just as she regained the field trial party at the brow of the hill at 15. Sam continued a wide application, giving the grounds a good look but a backcast in the large valley was not pleasing handler and he harnessed him at 40. Rebellita continued a very consistent, pleasing race for the hour without further bird contact. A nice effort.

Stig (SF/Mahoney) and Tucalota’s Rebel Touch (PF/Mayhew) broke away into the bright rising sun. Horse troubles for Mahoney found Stig being handled by scout Perkins shortly after the breakaway. Stig showed beautifully up the opening ridges and mowed edges, then made the swing nicely toward the water tank. Just before the water tank Stig was found in deep cover and a pheasant flushed by handler. Stig dug in and made deep cast up the hill and was found on picturesque point. An unfortunate self-relocation during the flushing attempt ended her day. Rebel ran a consistent moderate race throughout but no bird contacts for her on this day, ending her bid just before road crossing.

Sadie (GSPF/Sutherland) and R C’s Bobtail (PM/Mathews) broke nicely up the low slopes of course No. 2, quickly gaining the ridgeline to negotiate what was coined the gauntlet for the abundance of sharptail that had been frequenting the area. To summarize, Sadie had an unproductive at 10, a find at 22, a find at 30, and a final find at 35 along the high brush edge, all handled very mannerly. She made the high corner and continued back around the mid traverse at moderate range, finishing her hour nicely back in the bottom. A nice effort. Bob scored a stop to flush at 5, an unproductive at 10, a find at 22, and a stop to flush at 25. Pointed again at 32; handler urged dog, putting up a bird to air to end his day.

Crazy Mountain Buck (SM/Huffine) and Perkins Renegade Jade (GSPF/ Perkins) were swiftly up the opening slopes and gained entrance to the loop of course No. 3. Each showed very nicely up the draw and made the turn to make the steep climb to ridgetop. Gaining the ridgetop Buck had a stop to flush on sharptail at 30. Buck continued a nice effort down the broad ridgetop then over the brow of the hill to the low sage. He scored another stop to flush at 40. He continued his hour, completing the loop and exiting back to lower foothills finishing nicely without further contact. Jade continued her energetic effort onto the ridgetop and, with the wind briskly over her back, she made the brow of the hill. At 40 she had a stop to flush in the low sage near Buck and followed with additional stops to flush at 45 and 50 as sharptails popped frequently ahead, the tailwind not helping her cause. She made the exit of the loop and finished with a nice downhill cast toward the water tanks.

Bellita (PF/Turley) and Northwoods Charles (SM/Owen) showed well across opening ridges above road. Bellita struck a nice pose at 20 but it proved unproductive. At 24 in a shallow dip above the tanks Charles scored a nice find on three sharptails, with all in order. Watered and sent on from the tanks, point was called briefly for Charles on high sagebrush knob, a rooster rapidly in the air with Charles in pursuit at 35. Bellita continued a nice race up through the large mowed draw and down the final hills. She struck a nice point at time which proved also unproductive. Another very nice effort on course No. 4 which was proving great for showing a dog but tough to get quality bird work on.

Scippio (PM/Turley) and Searching for a Rainbow (PF/Jones) broke away after lunch into a warming afternoon. Both dogs showed well across opening hills and road crossing without bird work. Pheasants were noted in the cedar patch and a large covey of Huns noted exiting mid-course before the power lines but dogs not in area. Continuing on after water tank road crossing, both dogs showed well over the low hills. Both were found standing in the high grassy saddle at 50. Both handlers with vigorous flushing attempts, unproductive. The hour was completed in the deep valley without bird work.

Northern Prairie Addition (PF/ Conover) and Perkins Trace of Snow (PF/Perkins) rapidly took to the high ground on course No. 6. Many birds ridden up by gallery on the lower slopes on this day. Addition was found on the plateau pointing at 15, Snow backing. This proved unproductive. Showing well across the plateau, Addition was  found pointing again at 24, again with Snow backing. A second unproductive. Both dogs were sent on and continued with nice races through the hour, Snow showing particularly well down the closing mowed field edge ravine. No bird work in the hour.

Prairie Tank (PM/Conover) and Tucalota’s Rebel Rush (PM/Mayhew) were turned loose into a brisk clear morning with moderate breezes. Tank showed very well up the opening ridges and mowed draws. Rush was a little more moderate in his effort. Both dogs made the corner at the tank and took on the draw and low ridges to high saddle. Found by scout pointing on the high ridge above the safflower at 48, a group of sharptails was flushed with all in order for Tank. A nice find. Both dogs continued over the saddle and down through the closing draws without further bird work.

Touch’s Diamante (PM/Turley) and Cedar Bug (PM/Stiens) broke rapidly away to course right on the steep breakaway of course No. 2. Diamante had an immediate long absence but ultimately returned to handler, scout noted riding hard course right still in search. Cedar took full advantage of the bird rich course with finds at 6 and 11.

Another find at 16 noted for birds exiting as handler approached and more with the flush. Sam scored a stop to flush at 20 with Cedar backing. Both dogs shared bird work at 24 and 30. They settled into their efforts handling the turns of this course well, Cedar making a large forward cast prior to the high turn but returned well. Both dogs were mannerly and stylish on their bird work throughout. An exciting brace.

I Got This (PM/Favor) and Redrock Rebar (PM/Mathews) were swiftly away over the opening ridge. Both returned from course right to make it through the narrow gap to enter the loop. Both dogs showed well through the valley then made the turn to gain the ridgetop. At 25 at the ridgetop Rebar had a stop to flush on a single sharptail. He then swung to wide course right taking some work to return to the front by handler. He was returned forward down the ridge and then picked up by handler at 50. I Got This had an unproductive in the grassy saddle at 30. He had a nice find on three sharptails on the high brow of the hill with all in order at 35. He scored another find on a single at 40. He had a stop to flush on a single sharptail at 45. Prior to making the exit of the loop he again had a stop to flush at 50. He finished the hour slowing in his effort down the closing hills.

Knight’s White Lady (PF/Owen) and Perkins Lakeside Wild Child (PF/ Perkins) took to the ridge to course left off the breakaway. Lady continued wide and long down the ridge but then was returned to the front. Child was more moderate and scored a nice pose on the high knob at 15 which proved unproductive. Both dogs continued well around the high corner and down to the tank without contacts. They each showed well around to the mowed wide valley. Child showed nicely to high course left and down through closing ridge without finds. Lady was picked up at 50 by handler.

Judges: Brian Gingrich and Lori Steinshouer


[One-Hour Heats] — 30 Pointers, 10 Setters and 4 German Shorthairs

Winner—TOUCH’S KATRINA, 1654628, pointer female, by Touch’s Whiteout—House’s Proud Mary. Austin Turley, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—LONE TREE SPLISH SPLASH, 1672171, pointer female, by Frontline Shack Attack—Whippoorwill Wild Spark. Bill Owen, owner and hander.

Idaho Open Shooting Dog Championship

Judges for this stake were Mike Robbins of Mona, Utah and Gordy Jones of Spanish Fork, Utah. These two are very experienced on these grounds, both handling dogs to championship performances in the past. They also train and hunt the surrounding areas well understanding the demands and qualities of a championship performance on these challenging grounds with wild game. All handlers appreciated their keen attentiveness and it was apparent they were intent on finding a deserving championship effort. The club thanks them greatly. Due to work responsibilities of one judge, it was elected to expand the daily running to seven braces to facilitate timely completion. The morning courses remained unchanged and a third course was easily added to the afternoon running.

Knight’s White Lady, pointer female handled by Travis Gellhaus and owned by Bill Owen, took championship honors. She showed brilliantly over the mowed edges of course No. 1 taking in large chunks of ground but handling to complete the course as designed. She had a very nice find on sharptail exhibiting style and championship manners. Lady finished her hour demonstrating her physical endurance taking in the limits of the available course. A very nice performance.

Touch’s Katrina, pointer female owned and handled by Austin Turley, again found the winners’ circle earning the runner-up title. She again displayed a fine shooting dog effort on course No. 2 with very stylish work on sharptails, a mannerly back of her bracemate, and demonstrated a powerfully independent but handling pattern throughout her hour.

The Running

Thunderbird Fynn (PM/Gellhaus) and Scout (VM/Gingrich) were turned loose on course No. 5 with warming afternoon breezes and near cloudless skies. Both dogs made the first road crossing and hunted well across benches paralleling roadway. Scout struck point adjacent to roadway at 35, Fynn not appropriately backing. The stand proved unproductive. At 45 Scout hit hard point above a patch of brush known for holding birds in the afternoon. They were not home on this day and his hour ended.

Candy Crush (PF/Gellhaus) and Katy (PF/Steinshouer) were turned loose from tank at road crossing. Katy made a large independent move up a natural ridge to course left and took some time to return. Crush was also wide off the breakaway but returned promptly to show forward across the sage valley and through the grass saddle. Katy regained the front at grass saddle as well to be watered by handler. Crush made a big move down the wide valley and struck a hard point in the shade of a low draw. Katy got caught up in the rush to attend Crush’s point despite hard efforts by scout to gather her and a missed opportune back. The stand proved unproductive. Sharptails were moved nearby as the field trial party proceeded. Crush took the front deeply and was not shown again in judgment.

Bob (PM/Mathews) and Cinder (VM/ Gingrich) were away from the water tank near the Rudeen residence. Both gained the high plateau quickly. Cinder was found standing near the remnant sage fenceline at 10, nothing produced. Both continued well across plateau and took to the steady uphill to the high pass in the afternoon heat. The conditions were proving a bit much for Cinder at 35, picked up by handler. Bob continued with nice effort over the high pass and around traverse to far water tank. He negotiated the traverse above the roadway and entered the well-known old “honey hole” with high expectations. No birds to be found on this day. He ended the hour well up the sage brush ridge. This was the only brace of the championship stakes without birds moved or noted by this reporter.

Jane (PF/Turley) and Oliver (PM/Gingrich) took off into bright sunshine on course No. 1. The brace was quickly greeted by a large covey of Huns that escaped detection by the contenders and flew back toward camp. Oliver settled into a steady effort for what was reported by handler to be his first broke stake. Both dogs showed well up over the mowed ridges and around to tank. Uphill from tank at 45 Oliver struck a nice pose in a typically productive spot. Jane, also having a very good effort on the ground, failed to back and was harnessed. The stand proved unproductive. Sent on Oliver went over the high saddle and worked the draw to roadway, found standing in the high wheatgrass near brushline at time. No birds were produced. As Oliver was harnessed a pair of hen pheasants was put to air by passing gallery in middle of the open draw away from brush line. Unfortunate.

Touch’s Katrina (PF/Turley) and I Got This (PM/Favor) had good conditions to take on course No. 2. Both dogs were quickly over the top of the opening slopes. “Kate” was found stylish and intense at 20 by handler with I Got backing. A single sharptail flushed with all in order. Sent on, I Got scored a find on sharptail in the high gap at 25. I Got had a second find at 35 on the high plateau with Kate backing, all in good order. Both dogs worked well across the high plateau, I Got building to be far forward at the turn. Kate handled the turn widely but mannerly and held the front for the mid traverse. I Got returned to front after hard riding by handler. Both dogs worked the mid traverse and were wide on the turn toward the bottom. In the bottom both dogs had birds in the high country on their minds and took the right side ridge high and over the top. Kate returned well to show to the front at the hour. I Got showed wide forward to course right at time up the hill.

Prairie Tank (PM/Conover) and Perkins Lakeside Wild Child (PF/ Perkins) were away on course No. 3 with continued good conditions. Both showed well and similarly through the gap to the loop. Nice through the bottom they shared a divided stop to flush at 30 just before ridgetop. Both dogs recorded stops to flush going down the ridgeline and were quickly around and out of the loop to re-enter the open slopes above the road. Both showed well across the valley floor and were quickly up the steep hill and over the top near time. Tank was found standing at 58 with sharptails, all in order. Slightly down the hill, Wild Child recorded a stop to flush to complete the hour.

Northwoods Charles (SM/Owen) and Sassy (VF/Gingrich) quickly were across the low hills above the roadway and made the first ridgetop. Gathered up both made the corner and the uphill to make the high traverse. At the high corner sage pocket Charles had a stop to flush on a large covey of Huns at 20. Both dogs showed well down to the tank, watered and sent on. Charles continued at moderate range through the mowed valley, down final ridges and field edges without further contact. Sassy built steadily through her hour and showed spectacularly along the high ridge paralleling the mowed valley. She made quick work of “Hail Mary” ridge without bird work, showed ahead along the field edge to try a last opportunity for a find in “Amen Corner” near camp. Despite a fantastic ground effort, no bird work was recorded for her this day.

Makin Me Better (SM/Gellhaus) and High Prairie Gypsy (SF/Hansen) took on course No. 5 in the rapidly warming afternoon. A large covey of Huns greeting the field trial party on the breakaway but not contacted by dogs. Both dogs made road crossing well. Paralleling the roadway Better built in his efforts and was lost at 35, found later in roadway by dog truck which had also picked up handler and scout. Gypsy hunted at moderate range to tank at road crossing. Sent on she recorded a quick find on sharptail at 47 at base of sage climb. She continued at moderate range for the hour without further contact.

Hi Tailin Jasmine (PF/Gellhaus) and Burr Oak’s Bam Bam (VF/Gingrich) were away on course No. 6 in the now warm afternoon conditions. Jasmine carded a stop to flush on sharptail at 15 with Bam Bam backing. Jasmine had a second stop to flush at 20 on the broad plateau. Both dogs showed nicely through the high pass. Jasmine was found standing in the high sage pocket at 40 but nothing was produced. Both dogs continued on to the roadway tank and were picked up by handlers at 45.

Lone Tree’s Showbiz (PM/Gellhaus) and Traveler’s Split Rail (SM/Sand) took to the high ridge above the roadway then down well below the corner. They both swung wide to enter the “honey hole” and birds were quickly noted in the air throughout the sage pocket. Showbiz scored a mannerly stop to flush at 10. Both dogs were gathered and sent on up and over ridge. At 20 point called for Rail along high brush line. Rail moved himself up producing four sharptails and found the harness. Showbiz showed very nicely hitting likely bird spots deep to the front down through the wide valleys and mowed ridge line to finish the hour without further bird contact.

Knight’s White Lady (PF/Gellhaus) and Janee’s On the Line (PF/Staley) were turned loose on course No. 1 under cooler, slightly cloudy skies. Both dogs showed very well up the opening ridge and mowed valley. Lady recorded an unproductive in the low sage draw at 12. Turned loose she showed wide but forward around the high corner deep in the country. Line showed forward and attractively as well. Both dogs made the turn at the water tank and were seen taking the center ridge above the tank. Over the brow of the ridge point was called for Lady with Line backing at 38. A trio of sharptail produced for a fine piece of work. Line scored a quick stop to flush at 40 just uphill. Sent on both dogs went over the high saddle and down to roadway. Crossing into the big valley both showed well with Lady finishing her hour very deep to the front.

Rod (PM/Mathews) and Born on Fourth July (PM/Gellhaus) were both wide right off the breakaway of course No. 2. Rod returned to the front and showed well up the ridge. He was unfortunately under sharptails at 15 and in the harness. July also returned to cross the front but kept going over the ridgeline heading for course No. 3. Seen deep down off the sage hill he was picked up by handler as well at 15.

Sam (PM/Turley) and Toby (VM/Gingrich) were quickly away, making  some work for scouts and handlers to gain entry to the course No. 3 loop. Sam was gathered and made it into the loop. Gingrich entered the loop minus Toby but continued confidently, Toby showing down off the high ridge line to course right and took the front. Sam proved a handful up onto the ridgetop and swung wide right around the corner to not be returned. Toby had a hard point on the high knob at 30 that proved unproductive. Shortly down the hill at 35 he scored a stop to flush then another at 37 on sharptails. Making the low corner and heading for the loop exit he was found by handler with a nice find on a sharptail at 45. Toby finished the hour well across the open valley near roadway.

Northern Prairie Addition (PF/ Conover) and Red (VM/Gingrich) showed well around low ridges above roadway on course No. 4. Red had a stop to flush on sharptail at 14 along the sage to course right. Sent on Red took in big chunks of country around the high traverse and down to the water tank.

Addition showed nicely as well at more moderate application. After water tank Red started to really take in some country but stayed in contact with handler. He showed beautifully down the mowed valley taking the high ridge left and disappearing. Handler searched the sage hoping for the dog on point but Red noted far down Hail Mary ridge forward. Red showed very well around field edges into Amen Corner without bird work, a covey of Huns noted flushing just beyond where dog was picked up at time near handler’s trailer — a cruel sport. Addition had a very nice run down closing draws as well but no bird contacts for this previous champion on these grounds.

Emmalita (PF/Turley) and Chief (PM/ Sampson) were quickly away in the afternoon, taking the high route paralleling roadway to corner. The breakaway covey of Huns again noted making an escape undetected by dogs to complete their shutout for the week. Emma made the corner to cross the road. Chief was not returned in judgment, continuing the natural ridgeline that pulled him deep into bird country. He was picked up in the following brace high on the mountains. Emma put in a good effort along roadway and across the road crossing. She showed well up through the high grass valley and finished nicely down through the final valleys but without bird contact.

Lone Tree Splish Splash (PF/Owen) and Perkins Trace of Snow (PF/Perkins) made short work of the opening slopes of course No. 6 taking quickly to the high plateau. Sharptails were ridden up by gallery on the lower slopes below. On the plateau Snow recorded a stop to flush at 13. Both dogs showed well across plateau, across heavy grass valley and through the high pass. Across the high traverse and down to roadway both dogs made the road crossing with handlers hoping for birds to still be present in the popular morning area. Both dogs disappeared up over the ridge and were found standing at time. Vigorous flushing by both handlers proved unproductive to complete the hour and the stake.

Judges: Gordy Jones and Mike Robbins


25 Pointers, 5 Setters and 2 German Shorthairs

Winner—KNIGHT’S WHITE LADY, 1653758, pointer female, by Touch’s Knight Rider—Henson’s Snow White. William Owen, owner; Travis Gellhaus, handler.

Runner-Up—TOUCH’S KATRINA, 1654628, pointer female, by Touch’s White Out—House’s Proud Mary. Austin Turley, owner and handler.

Judges: Josh Sutherland and Austin Turley


OPEN SHOOTING DOG — 3 Pointers and 3 German Shorthairs

1st—H B V’S HOME BREW, 1684029, German Shorthair female, by H B V’s Bad Motor Scooter—Bugsy’s Bright Starlight. Doug Favor, owner and handler.

2d—PERKINS BEAUTIFUL DISASTER, 1675256, pointer female, by Wiggins River Wild—Wiggins Lady Knot. Chris Perkins, owner and handler.

3d—PERKINS RENEGADE JADE, 1657407, German Shorthair female, by H B V Dunfur’s Plan B—Slicks Slump Buster. Chris Perkins, owner and handler.

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