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Touch’s Diamante Wins 2017 Renewal; Prairie Tank is Runner-Up

Idaho Open Shooting Dog Championship

By Kim Sampson | Oct 05, 2017
Championship Winners. From left: Lillian Favor, Austin Turley with Touch’s Diamante, Judge Eric Mauck, Glenn Conover with Prairie Tank, Judge Alex Mauck and Mike Robbins.

American Falls, Ida. — The Idaho Open Shooting Dog Championship began on the afternoon of September 18 directly following the conclusion of the Region 9 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship.

Judges were the brother duo of Eric and Alex Mauck, both of Oregon, Boring and Troutdale, respectively. In addition to fulfilling many prestigious judging assignments around the country throughout the years, both men have been very successful with their own dogs and have an educated respect for trials run on wild birds, making them uniquely qualified for this assignment. The positive and professional manner in which they executed their duties was noticed and appreciated by all in attendance.

Sponsors are a welcome and appreciated shot in the arm for any championship and Purina came through again, donating dog food to the winners. Thank you for the continued support!

Weather during the running varied from warm and dry to cold and wet; the only constant was the wind, which blew and howled from what seemed like every direction, making contact between dogs and handlers a challenge. Weather conditions, both good and bad, warmer and colder, would be a factor throughout the running.

The Winners

The champion came from the third brace, run on course No. 2, a newer course that was laid out this year in response to several pieces of land being put into crops/production rather than CRP. As it turns out, this was a preferred course, holding lots of birds, every day.

Touch’s Diamante, five-year-old white and orange pointer male owned and handled by Austin Turley of Molt, Mont., took full advantage of the early morning draw and ran course No. 2 like he owned it. Big sweeping forward casts, often to the limits of the course, were a common sight, as he kept the rapt attention of the judges and gallery members for the full hour. “Sam” was positive and intense on his game, which included four gorgeous finds on sharptails and a find on Huns after time. A championship performance in every sense of the word!

Runner-up was found in the second brace, run first thing in the morning on course No. 1.

Prairie Tank, sixteen-month-old pointer male owned by Glenn Conover of Great Falls, Mont., made excellent use of the course in his animated, untiring quest for birds. Some scouting was necessary because of his extended range and the undulating terrain, but not enough to distract from his overall performance. Three pieces of mannerly stylish bird work, all on sharptails, nicely rounded out his hour. Quite a run for this young dog, which will no doubt make his way into the winners’ circle again.

An interesting side note is that the champion sired the runner-up, keeping the championship placements “all in the family.”


Rebellita had some good casts initially and point was called for her but Turley elected to pick up at 30. Maxwell’s Prickly Pete (Gellhaus) had a wide and sometimes erratic race for his hour, with three finds which were handled with good manners.

Prairie Tank (Conover) was covered previously. Zumbro Stinky Pete was fast on the ground and not always attentive to Gellhaus throughout most of the hour. He had two finds and one unproductive.

Tucalota Blew (Mayhew) had a moderate race and two finds on sharptails, both handled with style and appropriate manners. Touch’s Diamante (Turley) was covered previously.

In No. 4, Lone Tree Splish Splash stuck with Gellhaus for about 20 minutes and then was lost. Frontline Major Fun (Sampson) was enjoyable to watch covering the country with his long stride and animated way of going, responding well to his handler. Although he seemed to go to all the right places, he couldn’t come up with any birds.

Daniels Creek Whitehawk (Gellhaus) started out strong but was relatively short running for the second half of his hour and no bird work. Kid (Staley) was lost early and never returned to judgment.

Hitman’s Smokin Gun (Sampson) had a find on Huns at 1, with bracemate Cooper (Staley) backing. Cooper moved too much at the flush and was up. Gun went on to have another find on Huns at 20 and ran well, finishing forward.

In No. 7, Touch’s Katrina (Turley) and Windfall Size Matters (Gellhaus) made good use of the country at the beginning of their brace. Katrina carded two finds on sharptails and finished her hour. Size Matters had no birds and was picked up at 28.

I B Sweet Jane (Favor) and Northern Prairie Addition (Conover) were into birds early, with a divided find on Huns at 2. Both dogs were mostly forward during their hour, Addition making several big casts that required more scouting, and Jane hunting at a more moderate pace and range. Jane was credited with one other find, and a stop to flush. Addition racked up three more finds and a stop to flush.

Upland Elhew Wild Rose (Robbins) had point called for her at 4, was relocated and a single hen pheasant was flushed by the handler. Stops to flush at 12 and 24 and an unproductive at 22 were also part of her hour. Traveler’s Prairie Souix (Sand) had an unproductive at 4 and a stop to flush at 12. She ran a moderate forward race and was gone at time.

Gin’N Tonic Live Wire (Noell) was gone the first 15 minutes and required some hard riding. Point was called at 28 but no birds could be produced.

Traveler’s Split Rail (Sand) had a short race and no bird work.

Tucalota Rebel Rush (Mayhew) ran a moderate race and handled well but did not have any bird work. Gin’N Tonic Hot Wire (Noell) was lost shortly after breakaway and never returned to judgment.

Dezasterous Jax the Ripper (Gellhaus) ran a good consistent shooting dog race, always keeping his handler in mind. A beautiful find on Huns at 13, handled mannerly and with style, punctuated his hour. Traveler’s Blackthorn (Sands) had an unproductive at 9 and a relatively short race, with no bird work.

No. 13: Northwoods Charles ran a consistent forward race before Owen elected to pick up at 45. West Mountain Sunny Days (Sampson) started out strong and point was called at 8, but waved off. Sunny took a wrong turn over a hill at 20 and was gone for a period of time. She had to be rounded up by the scout and brought back into judgment. Point was called at 40 but no birds could be produced; her handler elected to pick up shortly after.

American Falls, Ida., September 18

Judges: Alex Mauck and Eric Mauck

IDAHO OPEN SHOOTING DOG CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] — 20 Pointers, 4 Setters, 1 Brittany and i German Shorthair

Winner—TOUCH’S DIAMANTE, 1651518, pointer male, by Touch’s White Out—Henson’s Go Girl. Austin Turley, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—PRAIRIE TANK, 1668298, pointer male, by Touch’s Diamante—Northern Prairie Addition. Glenn Conover, owner and handler.

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