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By Judy Graves | Nov 26, 2018
Jim Holman Classic Winners. From front left: Chad Holman with Crosscreek Argus Early Xmas, Crystal Alexander with J W B Arctic Cat, Burton Wice with Driving Miss Daisy and Ed Janulis with Shot of Whizki. Behind: Jack Alexander, Ed Graves, Jeff Marshall and Jim Lawless, the judges; Maurine Ritcher, Ray Trimble, Stan Williams, Paul Kuipers, Dave Capstick, Debbie Connell Jagielski, Bill McLewis, Elaine Kuipers.

Willisville, Ill. — Mother Nature is seldom kind to the Illinois Brittany Club. This year’s fall running was no exception. Twenty dogs came to the line for the one-hour Jim Holman Classic. Day No. 1, rain all day. Day No. 2, beautiful for the four remaining braces from which all placements were announced.

We thank Jeff Marshall and Jim Lawless for sitting in the saddle in such inclement conditions. They always had a smile and seemed to enjoy looking at our Brittanys. This was the last field trial before closing for the ABC National Championship and we are pleased that Jack Alexander and his daughter Crystal, along with Burton Wice, will now be going to Booneville to compete in the Amateur All-Age.

Saturday we were able to run three stakes on the same course, so shuffling people and horses. That left the Open All-Age to run on Sunday. Lightning, thunder and torrential rain kept us from running and everyone went home early. We thank Dennis Sneed and Mike Hutchcraft for driving over Sunday for naught. They provided much needed judging man power on Saturday looking at our 13 amateurs. We also want to thank Ed and Donna Janulis, Stan Williamson and Tom Jagielski for sitting in the saddle. Not only did they help with the judicial duties, they also ran their dogs on Saturday, which made for a busy day for them. Our thanks go out to pros Jamie Fountain, Tom Tracy and Chad Holman, as well as all of the amateurs who participated: Joe Williams, Jack Alexander, Ray Trimble, Stan Williamson, Ed and Donna Janulis, Tom Jagielski, Paul Kuipers, Stevie Duffek, and Burton Wice. Stevie and Jamie were newcomers. We welcomed them with open arms.

Several participants complimented Cha Hill and his limited crew for keeping the grounds in such good shape. Jim Lawless, Ed Graves and Cha’s crew spent countless days this summer mowing. Even the crop farmers cooperated and were picking beans by flood lights the night before we began.

Donna Janulis was the dog wagon driver in training. Dave Capstick, laid up with a new knee, was Donna’s instructor. He also picked up the birds and loaded them each morning for Ed Graves to plant. We welcomed Denny Sullivan who was across the road judging the Vizslas. His help was much appreciated by Ed in planting the birds off Chad Holman’s buggy. Maurine Ritcher drove from Jacksonville to handle the kitchen duties and heat our main courses prepared by Judy Graves. As usual, Mary Jo Trimble was the safety officer road guard and helped shop for all of the special treats we enjoyed.

Of course, we could not conduct this trial without the help and financial support of Nestlé Purina. Their dog food is a staple in our world and most all competitors feed their product.

Willisville, Ill., November 1

Judges: Jim Lawless and Jeff Marshall

JIM HOLMAN CLASSIC [One-Hour Heats] — 20 Brittanys

1st—CROSSCREEK ARGUS EARLY XMAS, 1630291, male, by Hope’s Ranger Rick—Sanbar Crosscreek Early Call. Donovan Markiewicz, owner; Chad Holman, handler.

2d—J W B ARCTIC CAT, 1671900, female, by Maxwell’s Outer Limits—Chancy’s Frozen Asset. Jack & Crystal Alexander, owners; Jack Alexander, handler.

3d—DRIVING MISS DAISY, 1660139, female, by County Line Ace’s High—Famous Chick. Burton Wice, owner and handler.

Judges: Mike Hutchcraft and Dennis Sneed

AMATEUR ALL-AGE — 13 Brittanys

1st—C V K’S SPARTAN KING, 1665065. male, by Maxwell’s Outer Limits—Cedar Valley Lilly. Jack Alexander & Dr. Robert Rankin, owners; Jack Alexander, handler.

2d—ALLEYCAT’S DROUGHT, 1648279, male, by Dakota Alley Cat—T M’s Tennessee Twister. Stan Williamson, owner and handler.

3d—BRENDI BROOKS COWBOY UP, 1667890, male, by Brendi Brooks Broadway Joe—Brendi Brook’s Cowgirl Zip. Ray & Mary Jo Trimble, owners; Ray Trimble, handler.

Judges: Tom Jagielski and Donna Janulis

OPEN DERBY — 8 Brittanys

1st—DIRTY LAUNDRY, unreg., male, by Gun Creek Gangster—Drops of Jupiter. Pam Baird, owner; Chad Holman, handler.

2d—JOWILL’S SIR WALTER RALEIGH, unreg., male, by J B W’s Levi The Lionheart—Maggie’s Blind Heat. Joseph Williams, owner and handler.

3d—BENNET’S FRISCO BLAZE, unreg., male, by Black Creek Blaze—Gun Creek Whizki. Jeff Bennett, owner; Chad Holman, handler.

Judges: Ed Janulis and Stan Williamson

OPEN SHOOTING DOG — 2 German Shorthairs, 1 Vizsla and 4 Brittanys

1st—BISCUIT’S ME WEARING THE PANTS, 1653911, Brittany male, by Biscuit’s Ecko of Dreams—Jagoub’s Zydekoko. Tom Jagielski & Debra Connell, owners; Tom Jagielski, handler.

2d—WINDDANCE CHINA BULL, 1662984, Vizsla female, by Lundy’s Red Bull—Broadruns Tornado At Winddance. Carole & Phil Soot, owners; Jamie Fountain, handler.

3d—MAGGIE’S BLIND HEAT, 1681300, female, by Sunrise Louie—Chancey’s Frozen Asset. William McLewis, owner; Jack Alexander, handler.

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