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Oak Grove Pacemaker Named Winner; Lancelot’s Tall Knight is Runner-Up

Illinois Open Shooting Dog Championship

By Jeff Wagoner | Apr 05, 2018
Championship Winners. From front left: Jeff Wagoner with Oak Grove Pacemaker and Harold Gearhart with Lancelot’s Tall Knight. Behind: Sean Hauser, Doug Reisner, Mike Duvall, Lindsey Wagoner, Rick Lake, Judith Reisner and Jerry Alden.

Chandlerville, Ill. — The Illinois Open Shooting Dog Championship was held at Jim Edgar Panther Creek, Chandlerville, Ill.

We were lucky again to have Jerry Alden of Masonville, Ia., and Sean Hauser of Manchester, Ia., serve as judges. These two are fun to be around but are very attentive and knowledgeable of a good performance.

I need to thank Purina for all their support and donations. Also SportDog was very generous with two e-collars.

It takes a lot of help to put on a good trial. This year Mark Livingston and Jeff Wagoner marshalled and took on other trial duties. Rich Lake also stepped up and took on the task of getting all competing dogs on the dog wagon and to the right locations.

We had people come from all over to participate — Matt Collins, Sean Patrick Derrig, Brian Sheehan, Mike Roper, Mike Duvall, Mark Livingston, Chad Chadwell, Harold Gearhart, Chuck Stretz, Jeff Wagoner, Justin Crook made the Championship a success.

Our veteran bird planter Pat Sheehan made sure we all had a fair chance on game.

Max Eldred Memorial Open Derby

The Max Eldred Memorial Derby started Thursday, March 1, with Sean Pat Derrig taking first with pointer male Erin’s Hearts on Fire. “Dan” had a big fancy race with one broke find. This dog also ran in the Championship which shows how broke he is.

Second went to Jeff Wagoner with a pointer female named Rolling Hills Sassy which had a huge race with tons of style. Third was Harold Gearhart with pointer male Hackberry’s Elhew  Eddie which had a forward race for the whole brace.

Chandlerville, Ill., March 1

Judges: Jerry Alden and Sean Hauser

MAX ELDRED MEMORIAL OPEN DERBY — 11 Pointers and 3 Setters

1st—ERIN’S HEARTS ON FIRE, 1669100, pointer male, by Erin’s Braveheart—Miss Elhew Ellie May. Sean Patrick Derrig, owner and handler.

2d—ROLLING HILLS SASSY, 1671837, pointer female, by Fitton’s Elhew Bo—Homestead Jill. Jeff Wagoner, owner and handler.

3d—HACKBERRY’S ELHEW EDDIE, 1670316, pointer male, by Elhew Sinbad—Hackberry Numark Piper. Robert Konz, onwer; Harold Gearhart, handler.


On Friday morning, March 2, we started the Illinois Open Shooting Dog Championship at 8:00 a. m.

In the second brace of the stake, pointer male Oak Grove Pacemaker was turned loose with Jeff Wagoner handling and his owner Doug Reisner of Black River Falls, Wis., scouting.

This soon to be ten-year-old (August 16, 2008) ran like he was five. He naturally knows where the front is all the time. He is fancy and looks awesome on point. His owner and scout just rode in the gallery until asked to leave.

Pacemaker’s first find was a sweeping left turn with Wagoner asking the scout to look where he was last seen. Pacemaker was found stacked up on the end of a winter wheat field. Pacemaker held high and tight even with the quail busting in his face. After that Pacemaker had three more spaced out finds.

When time was called, there was some distance to the wagon and Pacemaker pulled ahead in his roading gear with plenty left to go. He was later named 2018 Illinois Open Shooting Dog Champion.

The first day seemed to be the day. In the sixth brace, Lancelot’s Tall Knight was turned loose with Harold Gearhart scouting and Chuck Stretz handling. Dr. Richard Steckley  of  Wichita, Kan.,  the owner of Tall Knight, was not present to watch his nice performance.

Tall Knight is coming nine years of age. He hit the ground fast and to the front. This was an exciting brace with his bracemate a little on the all-age race and heavier riding. Chuck Stretz just sat back and sang and let Tall Knight do his thing. He scored his first find at 12 when found stacked up stylishly, all in order. Tall Knight had a back earlier at 8 showing style.

Tall Knight had a second find with perfect manners at 20. Then at 52 he was found dead to the front standing with bracemate pointing some twenty steps off to the side where both handlers flushed to produce a woodcock, then the judges corrected, laughing, the big woodcock was  a hen pheasant. Regardless, both dogs stood perfect and Tall Knight finished to the front to earn runner-up laurels.


Winner—OAK GROVE PACEMAKER, 1609282, pointer male, by Fibrillator—Hart’s Wild Thing. Doug & Judith Reisner, owners; Jeff Wagoner, handler.

Runner-Up—LANCELOT’S TALL KNIGHT, 1625124, pointer male, by Sir Eaton—Katrina Wind. Dr. Richard Steckley, owner; Chuck Stretz, handler.

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