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Illinois Open Shooting Dog Championship

By Jeff Wagoner | Jun 23, 2020
Knight's White Lady Winner of the Illinois Open Shooting Dog Championship

Chandlerville, Ill. — As I write this report, the state of Illinois has a stay at home order in effect.

It is hard to stay focused and I knew this (report) needed to be done. It will be short and sweet.

As always we need to thank Purina for all they do to keep this sport alive. Also SportDog came through again as always.

My grunt workers are Pat Sheehan who every year plants birds every day to make this trial fair. My truck drivers  who get all the dogs to the right places. John McIntosh started and Rich Leake finished with that duty.

Mark Livingston always keeps me in line and keeps things moving. Sean Patrick Derrig marshalled and scouted when needed. Brian Sheehan was not able to run his champion but still showed up to help.

Terry Trzcinski for Purina came and helped with planting. meeting and thanking participants.

The list of participants this year included Harold Gearhart, Travis Gellhaus, Jeff Wagoner, Jim Lawless, Sean Patrick Derrig, Bill Stapleton, Mark Livingston, Mark Johnson. A few watched their dogs — Doug Reisner, Larry Burgard, and J. D. Waters.

Dog transporter Rich Leake had his sweet daughter and grandson riding in the gallery watching his dog perform. I hear she works for the DNR, so it was nice to hear a welcoming response from her. If I forgot anyone it has almost been a month and I may have forgotten you.

The judges this year were Aaron McAfee of Clinton, Ill., who is no stranger to hunting and field trial walking and horseback champions. Bill Branham was scheduled to judge and the day before loading his horse trailer fell stepping out to load it and ended up in the hospital with a torn knee. Hope you are recovering quickly, Bill. So we panicked and came up with the perfect choice, Jarrett Bell of Troy, Mo., who stepped up and was there in a day to take the task. Thank you so much for saving our trial.

Travis Gellhaus came and showed us how it’s done this year. Knight’s White Lady, seven-year-old white and orange pointer female owned by William Owen of Santa Barbara, Cal., ran in the 14th brace. When you sometimes get to the last or second to last brace you find dogs will not always finish knowing there is a champion and runner-up already. Well at a perfect road crossing at 50 Travis gathered and released Lady to finish strong and to the front with three even spaced finds with great style and we knew who the champion was.

Runner-up Zumbro Stinky Pete, six-year-old white and black pointer male owned by Terry Reinke of Longmont, Colo., ran in the 10th brace. Pete finished the hour with four finds. Style running and pointing was what you would expect. Travis had drawn the third hour and was seeing some parts of the course he was not familiar with and at times gathered Pete to shorten at times, but finished strong when the dog was allowed.

Thank you and see you next year.

Chandlerville, Ill., February 28

Judges: Jarrett Bell and Aaron McAfee


[One-Hour Heats] — 29 Entries

Winner—KNIGHT’S WHITE LADY, 1653758, pointer female, by Touch’s Knight Rider—Henson’s Snow White. William Owen, owner; Travis Gellhaus, handler.

Runner-Up—ZUMBRO STINKY PETE, 1657915, pointer male, by Go Johnny Go —Beaver Creek Lucy. Terry Reinke, owner; Travis Gellhaus, handler.




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