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Inola Open Trials

By Mike Griffin | Nov 30, 2018
Open All-Age Winners. Front (l-r): Allen Vincent with Barshoe Five’N Dimer, Everett Brannan with Westfall’s River Ice and Matt Cochran with Lowrider Frank. Standing: Tiffany Genre, Dan Hensley, Andy Daugherty, Judge Wesley Felt, Dan Wisely and Judge Mike Griffin.

Inola, Okla. — We got started  with the Inola Open stakes on time with good weather and scenting conditions. We enjoyed a lot of bird work with some good races.

The stakes have been held  for  some forty years over the spacious acres of the McFarlin-Ingersoll Ranch near Inola, Okla. At one time, portions of the neighboring Herb Stout Ranch were also used, but for most of the time the venue has been the McFarlin Ranch.

This is made possible by the generous Win and Kay Ingersoll, who have been staunch supporters of field trials on the ranch for decades. Additionally, they have refurbished the current clubhouse, providing comfortable facilities for participants.

For all of this, a heartfelt “thank you” to Kay and Win.

I also want to thank Purina for all that they do for us. Without Purina’s generous support it would almost be impossible to put on these trials.

Judges for this renewal were Wesley Felt of Kaufman, Tex.,  and the writer of Stilwell, Okla.


Barshoe Five’N Dimer,  five-year-old white and orange pointer male owned by Oklahomans Bob Gum and Lee R. West  and handled by Allen Vincent, was named the winner. Dimer came in brace No. 7 and scored with three finds in his hour, combined with a big race and a good finish.

The second place dog was in brace No. 3, Westfall’s River Ice for handler Andy Daugherty. He also had three good finds and a commendable race.

Third was Lowrider Frank (Vincent) whose bid came in the first brace of the stake. Frank rendered a forward effort coupled with two good finds, capped by a good finish.


Lowrider Frank was braced with Distant Sundown (Randy Anderson) in the opening brace. Frank pointed at 20. The extended search for the bird showed the dog letting down. He was sent for a relocation and nailed the bird. He had his second find at 43 with great intensity. Handler fired and he was sent forward. Frank had good range and finished the hour strong. This performance was enjoyed by the judges as he was awarded third place. Distant Sundown was not pleasing his handler and was picked up before the hour.

Hush Money (Anderson) hunted and had finds at 28, 46 and at 59 when he was catching the front. He finished the hour. Oakspring Big Time Warrior was lost early and Vincent asked for the retrieval unit.

Westfall’s River Ice had his first of three finds at 33. His second came at 45 and No. 3 at 49. His third find was in a ditch with running birds. His relocation nailed them and handler fired. He was released and finished the hour going forward, his performance awarded second place. Executive Action (Anderson) had a problem with an armadillo and was sent to the dog wagon.

Abberdeen’s Paid in Full (Anderson) had three finds, the first find at 18, the second at 27. The last find at 40 entailed a stop to flush. Handler looked around then flushed another bird in the same area. He finished the hour. S F Mapleleaf (Vincent) had a mannerly  find midway through the hour. She lost contact with the handler late in the brace and caught the front at the end to finish the hour.

Touch’s Blackout (Anderson) had a bird at 38. He was released, seen going to the corner, and after a reasonable time was considered lost. Tip (Matt Cochran) had a good find at 10. At 24 the dog pointed; handler produced feathers and kept him down to find a live bird, which he did. At 34 he pointed; however, when we arrived he was backing the lost dog. He was sent on and at 51 went on point but no birds found here. He was released and finished the hour.

Hailey’s Wild Again (Anderson)  pointed at 8. During the search for the bird the dog self-released and was sent to the dog wagon. Westfall’s Black Thunder was not pleasing Daugherty and was picked up before the hour.

Valiant (Anderson) had a find midway and finished the hour at medium range. Bracemate Barshoe Five’N Dimer had his running shoes on from breakaway to the end of the hour. At 35 he went on point and all went well with good manners. His application was pleasing as he reached for objectives but had the competency to turn with the handler. The final  find was at 59 after he’d finished a long edge run. It took all the remaining time to reach the location and his manners were impeccable. This performance was enjoyed by the judges and earned first place.

Westfall’s Castaway (Daugherty) pointed at 10 but he was sent to the dog wagon for a breach of manners. Phillips Field Line (Anderson)  pointed at 18. He was released and showed the handler again where the birds were. He was picked up.

Lester’s Jazz Man (Anderson) was scratched. Westfall’s True Grit (Daugherty) had no bird work.

Westfall’s Black Ace (Daugherty) was lost before the hour. Touch’s Adams County (Anderson) had two good finds at 10 and 17. Midway through the hour he was losing the front and was picked up before the hour.

Touch’s Spaceman (Anderson) had a good find at 10. He went on point at 23 and handler had released for relocation and with the gallery moving to see the dog’s new location birds got up in front of the horses and flew at the dog. He had a breach of manners and went to the dog wagon. Salem’s Annie Oakley (Daugherty) went missing early and handler requested the retrieval device.

Miss Stylin Sue, as a bye, began to lose steam near the half, and Vincent elected to pick up before the hour.

Inola, Okla., October 29

Judges: Wesley Felt and Mike Griffin

OPEN ALL-AGE [One-Hour Heats] — 23 Pointers

1st—BARSHOE FIVE’N DIMER, 1656605, male, by Whippoorwill Wild Agin—Sparkles. Bob Gum & Lee R. West, owners; Allen Vincent, handler.

2d—WESTFALL’S RIVER ICE, 1659989, male, by Westfall’s Black Ice—Westfall’s Quick Gold. Brad Calkins, owner; Andy Daugherty, handler.

3d—LOWRIDER FRANK, 1650933, male, by Miller’s Happy Jack—Fairchase Jiggs. Dr. Jim Mills & Steve Lightle, owners; Allen Vincent, handler.


The Derby had some very good dogs with bird work. First was Westfall’s Red Man; second, Miller’s Hot Rod, and third, Justifier.

Westfall’s Red Man (Daugherty) had two finds with good manners. He was forward at the end of the brace. This performance was enjoyed by the judges as he was named the winner.

Miller’s Hot Rod (Anderson) had three finds. His bird work was the difference in the placements. He was forward at the end of the brace. This performance was enjoyed by the judges as he was awarded second place.

Griff’s Valiant Skipper (Griffin) and Terry’s Third Chance (Anderson) went bird hunting in the same feed strip around the ten-minute mark. Both dogs went to chasing birds and handlers elected to pick up. Both dogs were sent to the dog wagon.

Fireaway (Anderson) hunted the brace with no bird contact. Justifier (Vincent) had a nice all-age application during his brace and was awarded third place.

Miller’s Captivator was not pleasing Anderson and was sent early to the dog wagon. Worsham’s Super Sport (Joe Worsham) hunted hard but did not have a bird during the brace.

Forever Wild Reba was not pleasing Cochran and was picked up before the end of the brace. Intensive Chain Breaker (Auxier) was scratched.

OPEN DERBY — 10 Pointers

1st—WESTFALL’S RED MAN, 1676062, male, by Frontline Rebelator—Honky Tonk Country Girl. Ryan Westfall, owner; Andy Daugherty, handler.

2d—MILLER’S HOT ROD, 1680644, male, by Miller’s Speed Dial—Jackson’s Silver Arrow. Raines Jordan, owner; Randy Anderson, handler.

3d—JUSTIFIER, 1678564, male, by Whippoorwill Justified—Greypointe Invierna. Dr. Robert Rankin, owner; Allen Vincent, handler.

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