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International Pheasant Championship

By Randy Hopkins | Jan 11, 2018
Erin's Rebel Rum Winner of the International Pheasant Championship

Dresden, Ohio — The 2017 running of the International Pheasant Championship commenced in mid-October at the Tri Valley Area near Dresden, Ohio.

Judging this renewal were local Ted Goodyear of Centerburg, Ohio and Mike Jackson of Battle Ground, Ind.

This trial is hosted by the Pheasant Championship Club with Dr. Fred Corder as president.

Handling the bird planting duties were Jimmy Wallace and Randy Hopkins, this duty eased greatly this year with the Ohio Division of Wildlife allowing the use of ATVs for the first time.

There was some concern about dogs following tracks or just in general if the use of ATVs would affect the trial in any way. The only affect was easing the work load on the bird planters and their horses. A change was welcomed by all.

Also, in cooperation with the Ohio Division of Wildlife all roosters were released. In the past, for financial reasons, 99% of the birds released were hens. This year the Division of Wildlife offered to reimburse the club the cost difference to move to releasing roosters so they would be available for upland hunters as the season started a couple weeks after this event. The grounds are a very popular public hunting area. This change provided a lot of positive feedback from the Ohio Division of Wildlife and local hunters.

Some competitors were not sure of the change as the full grown ringneck roosters obviously behave differently than the younger hens, but they proved to provide an interesting event with no negatives except maybe flying a little farther than the club would want in some cases.

The grounds were in good shape, having been mowed by volunteers from Associated Bird Dog Clubs of Ohio in August.

At the conclusion of the stake Erin’s Rebel Rum, white and liver pointer male, was named as champion. Erin’s Hidden Shamrock, white, black, tan and ticked setter male, earned the runner-up title, both handled and owned by Sean Derrig of Chicago, Ill. Details follow.


Erin’s Black List (Sean Derrig) and Erin’s Country Thunder (Luke Eisenhart). Details of this brace were unfortunately not recorded.

American Icon (David Grubb) and Game Strut (Tommy Davis). Leaving the clubhouse heading east point was called for Game Strut with the flush of a covey of quail quickly followed by Tommy’s shot. At 11 point was again called for Game Strut with Icon honoring; this time a rooster was produced. The action continued quickly with another pheasant find recorded by Game Strut. At 20 we approached the crossing by the barn a bird was in the air and Dave was not pleased with his entry and put a rope on his charge. Game Strut continued the bird-finding with another rooster in the area between the barn and Keyes Road; roosters flushing quickly and provided a challenge to all. Game Strut continued with another rooster find well located at 29. This was the last find for Game Strut which finished the hour to the front, completing his bid strong but not extreme.

Brace No. 3 broke away heading behind the Keyes Road pond. Seahawk’s Percy (Eisenhart) and Phillips Nosam Line (Davis) were running and hunting hard. At 24 Percy was standing. After an extensive flushing attempt and relocation as Luke was taking his charge on the pheasant was ridden up. As Luke caught the front at 30 Tommy had a rope on his entry, not happy with the results of a find. At 34 Luke requested the retrieval unit for his errant entry.

Starting after lunch on course No. 1 were Whippoorwill Mayhem (Larry Huffman) and True Confidence (Eisenhart). Confidence stood at the turn by Rhine Road at 8 near the ravine with only a rabbit being produced after a lengthy flushing attempt. Confidence stood again as Luke caught the front with this one being an unproductive and Luke putting the rope on him. As we passed by the clubhouse at 34 Larry called in Mayhem and put the rope on as the dog was not pleasing him.

Caladen’s DaVinci (Eisenhart) and American Shadow (Grubb). This pair of setters broke away from the clubhouse heading east. At 5 point was called, both setters standing independently of each other. Dave quickly produced a covey of quail that ended up being found repeatedly during the slate of trials. As Dave was riding on, Luke produced a rooster pheasant for his stylish setter. They continued to hunt through the hour, with Dave calling point at 59, this resulting in an unproductive. DaVinci finished the hour also with no additional bird work.

Erin’s Redrum (Derrig) and Cross City Hank (Davis) broke away heading behind the Keyes Road pond. Hank pointed at 2 as we went up the first hill, with Redrum honoring. After an extensive flushing attempt and relocation an unproductive was recorded for Hank. At 8 Hank stood again behind the pond, carding a second unproductive to end his bid. As we crossed Keyes Road past the iron gate, Redrum stood, but only a rabbit here. At 39 Redrum, having not been seen for awhile, was found standing to the front, a single quail being produced. The hour finished with no further bird work, the weather just not being conducive to bird-finding.

Starting day No. 2 were Whippoorwill Justified (Huffman) and Erin’s Fatal Attraction (Eisenhart). Fatal Attraction was scratched. Justified stood at 5 with a rooster being produced quickly. Justified stood again at the turn by Rhine Road at 10; after an extensive flushing attempt a single woodcock was produced. At 20, by the oil tanks, Justified pointed again but this proved unproductive. Justified stood again at 37 right before the ravine crossing by the pipe yard, a rooster being quickly produced. At 45 just past the pipe yard Justified was found standing in a thicket by this reporter after the handler and judges had ridden by. When Larry returned, a rooster was produced for Justified but was not handled to Larry’s satisfaction thus ending his bid.

Cole Train (Eisenhart) and Erin’s Rebel Rum (Derrig) broke away hard and fast without turning around much if at all. Luke requested the retrieval device at 20, not having seen Cole Train much since breakaway. Rebel Rum was found standing near the corner of Keyes and 208 after being wide and far to the front and seen sparingly. A single rooster was produced. At 58 Rebel Rum was standing again behind the Keyes Road pond with a single pheasant being produced for the stylish pointer. Rum finished his hour behind the lake completing a forward race.

Blackhawk’s Diana (Grubb) and Awsum Country Justice (Eisenhart) were away behind the Keyes Road pond. Both dogs hunted forward hard. As we passed the crossing near the barn Justice turned left to the other side of the ravine from the course. At 37 Diana pointed. Dave was able to produce a rooster quickly. As Luke was able to round his charge up from the errant turn he elected to put the rope on. At 50, not having seen his entry for a period of time, Dave requested the retrieval unit.

Erin’s Wild Justice (Eisenhart) and Whippoorwill Time Line (Huffman) were the first brace after lunch on Friday. Time Line started the action with a stand near Rhine Road at12 to the right of the course. An extended flushing attempt along with relocation were unsuccessful, an unproductive recorded. As we approached clubhouse turn Larry put the rope on Time Line, the warm dry conditions having their effect on Time Line. The retrieval device was also requested for Wild Justice as he had been absent since right after breakaway.

Motor City Rockstar (Grubb) and Game Bo (Eisenhart) broke away across from the oil wells on course No. 2. At 7 Rockstar was standing. Dave quickly produced a rooster. Luke was pointing out Game Bo far to the front. Rockstar stood again on the downhill toward the barn crossing at 20. Dave’s extended flushing effort was unsuccessful, the heat showing its effect on Rockstar. Both dogs finished the hour, Game Bo running a stronger race, but also birdless.

Erin’s Hidden Shamrock (Derrig) and Awsum in Motion (Eisenhart). At 20 we rode up to Shamrock standing and Motion standing farther to the front. Sean quickly produced a pheasant and Luke flew a small covey of quail. At 30 Motion was standing again, Luke flushing wide. As Motion was relocating the scout following Luke rode up a pheasant with Motion stopping mannerly for the flush. At 37 Shamrock pointed again. Sean performed a wide running flush then returned to Shamrock, flushing both a pheasant and a woodcock ten feet in front of the mannerly setter. Both dogs finished the hour, the effects of the heat showing as the pace slowed greatly in the last ten minutes.

Whippoorwill Blue Blood (Huffman) and Awsum Country Girl (Eisenhart) started the morning on Saturday. As the party turned the corner away from Rhine Road at 12, point was called from behind, neither dog having been seen in awhile. Blue Blood was standing with Country Girl honoring. A single quail was produced. Luke was not happy with something he saw on this and elected to put the rope on as Larry took Blue Blood on. At 20 as we turned by the oil tanks Larry was not happy with his entry and put the rope on thus ending the brace.

McCree’s Roxy (Eisenhart) and Game Throne (Dr. Fred Corder). Point was called by scout for Game Throne at 7 deep to the right of the course. Dr. Corder was able to quickly produce two roosters for the stylish pointer. At 15 both dogs were standing. Neither handler was pleased with the results after the flush of a rooster, and both dogs got the rope applied.

Dunn’s Tried’N True (Eisenhart) and Whippoorwill Wild Assault (Huffman) broke away near the corner of Keyes Road and 208 heading toward the hay fields. Both dogs were seen sparingly through this section. As the judges and gallery approached the Keyes Road crossing to head behind the pond, both handlers had rounded up their entries awaiting the judges. At 24 True was standing behind the pond. Luke’s extended flushing attempt was unsuccessful. As he attempted a relocation his bracemate going on caught his attention and he went on. As Luke mounted and rode on a single pheasant flushed from an area where he’d already attempted to flush. As we approached the crossing near the barn both dogs were found standing. As Luke rode up he did not like what he saw and elected to put the rope on True. Larry’s attempted flush was unsuccessful and he took Assault on to finish the hour.

Dresden, Ohio, October 14

Judges: Ted Goodyear and Mike Jackson

INTERNATIONAL PHEASANT CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] — 25 Pointers and 5 Setters

Winner—ERIN’S REBEL RUM, 1663614, pointer male, by Erin’s Redrum—Erin’s Super Star. Sean Derrig, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—ERIN’S HIDDEN SHAMROCK, 1649459, setter male, by Ridge Creek Cody—Erin’s Skydancer. Sean Derrig, owner and handler.


The companion Tom Honecker Memorial Open Derby had a full slate of fourteen entries. All three placements had bird work.


1st—Dunn’s True Decision, 1671406, pointer male, by Dunn’s Tried’N True—Hendrix’s Sassy Tide. Will & Rita Dunn, owners; Luke Eisenhart, handler.

2d—HendriX’s Zip Ty, 1671556, pointer male, by Dunn’s Tried’n True—Hendrix’s Tri Tide. Burke & Guy Hendrix, owners; Tommy Davis, handler.

3d—Rocky Ridge’s Second Chance, 1671423, pointer male, by Erin’s Kentucky Gambler—Burning Edge Julie. Sean & Debra Hauser, owners; Luke Eisenhart, handler.

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