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International Pheasant Championship

By William S. Smith | Nov 05, 2018
Championship Winners. In foreground, from left: Tommy Davis with Touch’s Red Rider and Will Dunn with Dunn’s Tried’N True. Behind: Judge Chis Rider, Mike Jackson, Judge William Smith, Ted Goodyear, Jimmy Wallace, Claudia McNamee and Luke Eisenhart.

Dresden, Ohio — Want to know if your dog can handle hills, hollows, and high cover? Want to know how tough your horse is? Want to know if you’re up to the challenge of sometimes extreme riding? You can answer these questions if you attend a trial at the Tri Valley Field Trial Grounds in Dresden, Ohio. The grounds are a demanding test for equine, canine, and mankind, but to win a placement here is something that can be proudly celebrated.

Strip mining once dominated the landscape. The reclaimed fields transformed into three one-hour field trial courses hosted three championships beginning on October 12. The International Pheasant Championship was the first to be contested. Fourteen pointers and three setters were entered. All seventeen competed with several performances worthy of championship consideration.

Due to unexpected circumstances club president Dr. Fred Corder was not able to attend. In his absence Mike Jackson and Jimmy Wallace performed yeoman duties. Jimmy released pheasants each morning long before the first rays of the sun appeared in the eastern sky and then he either marshalled or scouted during the running. Mike assumed the duties of field trial chairman and he ran the affair with precision. Mike also handled, scouted and marshalled on several occasions. Their combined efforts made this a quality event. Club Director Andy Cline drove the dog wagon and he attended to many other details as they arose. The club furnished lunch each day in the clubhouse. Ed Teiga was always punctual with a variety of cold cuts and condiments made ready for the earliest patron. If anyone left there hungry it was their own fault. Everyone was very appreciative of the noon-day meals.

Chris Rider came from Smithfield, Pa., to arbitrate along with your scribe. Chris’ inaugural visit to Tri Valley was soon after the first trials were conducted there. He has seen much improvement to the courses over the years. He has judged countless trials, predominance of them championship events, during his decades of field trialing. It is always a pleasure to work with him.

Sean Derrig handled pointer male Erin’s Cold Justice in the first brace. Justice did not make the turn on the east end of the breakaway field and after an unsuccessful search Derrig asked for the retrieval device at 35.

Erin’s Wild Justice, pointer male handled by Luke Eisenhart, carded finds at 12, 16, 30, and 34. He also had a stop to flush on a pheasant. He started strong but shortened at times because of the rugged terrain. Overall his performance was creditable but was just short of the winners’ performances.

Luke Eisenhart piloted pointer male Awsum’s Country Justice to two finds and a barren stand at 59. Country hunted the heavy cover during his hour.

Erin’s Hidden Shamrock, setter male for Sean Derrig, was found standing dead to the front on two occasions with pheasants perfectly located. His race had him in the mix until the last brace.

Mike Jackson handled Game Bo, pointer male, to a pheasant find at 16. This was the first time he had been seen since breakaway. His race was not suiting and he was leashed.

Pointer male True Confidence scored on a pheasant at 8. Eisenhart elected to pick up when Confidence’s race was lacking.

Dunn’s Tried’N True had pheasant finds at 21 and 51. He had a nice relocation at 36 on quail and two more quail finds at 42 and 59. Eisenhart sat back and let True roll through the hills. His race was always forward and pleasing. His style on point was mesmerizing, as he stood unmoving with a twelve o’clock tail. He covered a lot of territory during his bid. Scout Tommy Davis called point for him at 59. When Eisenhart flushed his birds everyone knew the bar had been set.

Game Throne tallied two pheasant finds at 13 and 42. He was credited with three backs at 36, 51, and 59 for handler Mike Jackson. His race lacked the range expected of a championship performance.

Erin’s Red Rum had a pheasant find at 56. Derrig had his hands full the first half as Rum was moving fast but not always in the right direction. The last half of his race was more acceptable but restricted at times.

Luke Eisenhart handled Awsum in Motion to a pheasant find at 10. The setter male was charged with a barren stand, had a dead bird find and a back at 56. He was fast but this just wasn’t his day.

Setter male Erin’s Three Leaf Shamrock performed a back at 13. He got too close to a pheasant and when the pheasant flushed, Derrig elected to pick up.

Mike Jackson handled pointer male Game Wardon to two pheasant finds at 8 and 13. He was up at 40 when he was not suiting Jackson.

Former National Champion Miller’s Dialing In had a find on quail at 9 with a good relocation. He had a stop to flush on a pheasant at 10 and another quail find at 18. Eisenhart let him run and he finished the hour with his second half not equal to his first half.

Pointer male Cowboy Slim is a California product new to Eisenhart’s string. He is extremely fast and he covers the ground in a fluid motion. Eisenhart decided to end his bid when he began to get more and more lateral.

Pointer male Dunn’s True Issue’s owner Claudia McNamee was riding to support her entry. She was disappointed when Issue pushed out a pheasant and Eisenhart put a rope on him.

Pointer male Ascension was picked up by Eisenhart at 40. He started strong and had a back at 20 but without the benefit of bird work Eisenhart decided to save him for another day.

Pointer male Touch’s Red Rider was handled by Tommy Davis in the last brace. He didn’t waste any time getting in the book when he nailed a pheasant at 3. When loosed he disappeared to the front. After going through the cut and up the steep incline, Davis pointed him out in the hollow between the hills. When we reached the apex, Rider was on the hillside headed toward the ditch crossing. He crossed the ditch and he was up the next hill in quick fashion. We were a long way from him when Davis raised his cap at 20. The find reminiscent of those at Reno albeit the hill not as high. After a long ride we reached the statuesque pointer. Davis put a quail to wing with everything in order. This was the find of the trial. The cover was high here and Rider was not seen until Davis found him standing at 29. His third find was credited. Davis worked hard to keep Rider going in the right direction in the dense cover. His effort was rewarded at 54 when Davis again spied him standing. Davis flushed a quail as Rider was unmoving at the shot. Three minutes later at 57 Rider notched his fifth and final find standing to the front in a mowed strip. Rider had more left in his tank and when time was called he was seen at the base of the clubhouse hill.

Dresden, Ohio, October 12

Judges: Chris Rider and William Smith


13 Pointers and 4 Setters

Winner—TOUCH’S RED RIDER, 1661244, pointer male, by Touch’s Knight Rider—Whippoorwill G M A. S. Tucker Johnson, owner; Tommy Davis, handler.

Runner-Up—DUNN’S TRIED’N TRUE, 1655258, pointer male, by Miller’s Dialing In—White Royal Pain. Will & Rita Dunn, owners; Luke Eisenhart, handler.


In the companion Derby, fourteen vied for the placements. Luke Eisenhart took the top spot with  Rocky Ridge’s White Smoke., white and orange pointer male owned by Deb and Sean Hauser of Manchester, Ia. Owner Sean Derrig won second with pointer male Erin’s Lone Star Law. Erin’s Blew By You, white, black, tan and ticked setter male was third, also handled by Derrig.

Smoke and Law were braced together and they put on a show. Both had huge races and were as evenly matched as any two could be. The nod went to White Smoke because of a clean pheasant find. Lone Star Law and Blew By You were placed on race.

We thank our sponsor Purina for the steak dinner at the local eatery, The Warehouse, on Saturday night. Everyone had a great time.

We also thank SportDog, our new first time sponsor, for providing collars to the winner and runner-up of both Championships. This was well received by all.


1 Setter

1st—ROCKY RIDGE’S WHITE SMOKE, 1679520, pointer male, by Wiggins Sand Man—Wiggins Driving Bev. Sean & Deb Hauser, owners; Luke Eisenhart, handler.

2d—ERIN’S LONE STAR LAW, 1678779, pointer male, by Erin’s Redrum—Daisy Bad River. Sean Derrig, owner and handler.

3d—ERIN’S BLEW BY YOU, 1679200, setter male, by Erin’s Hidden Shamrock—T T’s Southern Miss. Sean Derrig, owner and handler.

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