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Jack Hires Remembered

By David Grubb | May 09, 2019

Lake Orion, Mich. — I received a phone call from Paul Tutro on April 29 apprising me that Jack Hires had died the day before.

I met Jack more than fifty years ago, and we were friends ever since. Jack almost devoted his life to help establish and develop the Ionia field trial grounds in Michigan. He helped get the grounds started and spent many hours on his tractor working on the grounds.

His wife Ruth backed him in everything he did until she passed away a few years ago.

Every year at the Michigan Open Shooting Dog Championship we would get together for dinner, and many days Jack rode me around to watch the dogs from the road.

Jack had a good sense of humor and we had a lot of laughs. One of Jack’s jobs was to buy the chicken for the chicken fry. We went into Ionia and bought several buckets of chicken. It was raining so the gallery was quite  awhile getting in to the clubhouse for dinner. Jack said, “Are you hungry, David?”  Of course I replied, “Yes.”

Well, Jack and I started eating the chicken. Finally Jack said, “We’d better stop eating this chicken or it will all be gone.” We had eaten almost two buckets!

Another day, Jack wanted to put up his American flag; however, the flagpole was about forty feet high and awfully wobbly to put a ladder up there. I got “Ek” the one-legged boy who worked for me and whom many may remember,  to climb up and put the flag up. He got it up with no problem, but when he looked down it scared him to death and he couldn’t get down.

Jack said, “What are we going to do?” I grabbed the pole, shook it and Ek came sliding down, much to Jack’s relief.

During one of the Michigan Championship renewals, a good friend of Jack’s accompanied us to the annual dinner. He had a little too much to drink.  Well, he got up and gave a testimonial to me that went on and on. Jack finally grabbed his jacket and pulled him back in his seat.

During the Michigan Championships Jack was on twenty-four hour notice and did everything to keep the trials running smoothly. He will be sorely missed by all who attended trials at Ionia, especially me.



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