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Amateur Shooting Dog Classic

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By Lloyd Miller | May 17, 2018
Amateur Shooting Dog Winners. From left: Kevin Joyce with Backcountry Bonnie, Judge Greg Nicholson, Alex Smith with Calico’s Mr. Wonderful, Luigi DiMeglio, Dave Creagan with Talladega and Eli Richardson.

The Jockey Hollow Amateur Shooting Dog Classic was held Saturday, March 31. The Imperial Open Shooting Classic and companion Derby, which was to start on Monday, April 2, was cancelled due to lack of entries and conflict with other trials.

Some may have not come due to the heavy snow nor’easters which hit this area all month since most of the planned trials, subsequent to this one, were cancelled. Travel was difficult the previous week, as well as all month, and some trainers who were going to hit all three events here decided not to make the trip.

In any event, we had a nice entry of 19 class shooting dogs for this program, since owners of dogs who ran in the English Setter Club’s Garden State Open Shooting Dog Classic stayed to run in the Amateur Classic, too. We thank all participants for their support and entries. It made for a nice and successful event.

The judges were Gregory Nicholson of nearby Clarksburg, N. J., and Matt Basilone of Pittsgrove, N. J. They rode hard and watched every dog attentively. Their decisions were well received.


The Amateur Classic was a competitive stake with plenty of bird work. We used the same course as the Garden State Open Classic which had already been stocked with quail for that event.

Backcountry Bonnie, white and liver  pointer female owned and handled by Kevin Joyce of East Northport, N. Y., was declared the winner. Bonnie put down a strong effort over of strong field of competitors. She ran in the third brace on Friday and scored on seven stellar finds coupled with a fast, classy and forward race. Her effort would stand and not be surpassed.

Taking the red ribbon was Calico’s Mr. Wonderful, owned by Calico Kennels and Tiffani and Alex Smith and handled by Alex. This fast and classy white and black pointer male ran Saturday morning in the seventh brace. He put down a very good forward race and hunted hard. Alex did a nice job of showing him throughout his hour. He dug up six stylish and mannerly finds.

Third was Talladega, white and orange pointer male owned and handled by Eli Richardson of Uxbridge, Mass. Talladega was released Friday afternoon. He did an equally nice job on the ground and scored on five stylish quail stands.

Some others had good performances only to be cut short. One was Shadow Oak Doc, setter male handled by Brian Sanchez in the second brace on Friday morning. He broke away with Hoos English Ivy, setter female with Dave Creagan handling. At 3 Doc pointed at pine fall down at the cable road crossing with Ivy taking a back far off. After an unsuccessful flushing attempt, he went on to score seven or eight finds in rapid succession with a nice forward race. Returning to the same spot with only minutes to go he pointed and took a second unproductive. Just bad luck for otherwise a really good performance.

After her back Ivy was lost making a wrong turn at breakaway course intersection. Dave Creagan’s other entrant, Lily An Creag, red setter female running in the fifth brace Friday afternoon, had an almost similar fate. She was putting down a very fast forward race, racking up find after find. She was doing a really nice job, but on her eighth find, at center road crossing on far north side course, she pointed. Bird was seen over mound just right of pine woods course cut. When bird was flushed, she took a few too many steps at shot. Another good effort down the drain.

I believe one of the only other dogs besides the winners to complete the hour was Limbsmoke’s Sheet Rock, white and orange setter. He ran with the winner in the third brace. Sheet Rock started with a good find on pine edge in Rocky’s field at 8, had a nice back of Bonnie on big covey huddled in woods below sand wash field at 23, added another nice back of Bonnie in field above mud hole on north 3 road at 35, and suffered an unproductive at fall down off north road at 45 while Bonnie had a nice stand on same pine row to left. He finished the hour hunting hard.

What hurt was he got behind early and used at lot of energy to catch up on a warm day The Amateur Derby was a small field but had some real good quality. Hightailing Pearl was a standout for Kevin Joyce. The little pointer female ran a hard-medium wide race and scored five nice finds in her half hour. Second went to Roger Dvorak who handled Storm Rider, white and orange pointer male, which covered the ground nicely and had four well-handled and stylish stands for his effort. Third was Erin’s Murder Suspect, pointer male, out of Erin’s Redrum, handled nicely by Kevin Stuart of Schenectady, N. Y., to a really good two-find performance. His race was forward and he searched effortlessly throughout.

Lacey Township., N. J., March 30 — One Course

Judges: Matt Basilone and Gregory Nicholson

AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG CLASSIC [One-Hour Heats] — 10 Pointers and 9 Setters

1st—BACKCOUNTRY BONNIE, 1647576, pointer female, by Backcountry Sid The Kid—Backcountry Dolly. Kevin Joyce, owner and handler.

2d—CALICO’S MR. WONDERFUL, 1651048, pointer male, by Calico’s Catch N Release—Calico’s Touch of Class. Calico Kennels, Tiffani & Alex Smith, owners; Alex Smith, handler.

3d—TALLADEGA, 1657299, pointer male, by Whippoorwill Wild Agin—Sparkles. Eli Richardson III, owner and handler..

AMATEUR DERBY — 6 Pointers

1st—HIGHTAILING PEARL, 1674284, female, by Bail Me Out—Calico’s Redhot Ember Annie. Kevin & Maureen Joyce, owners; Kevin Joyce, handler.

2d—STORM RIDER, 1674889, male, by Nottingham’s Storm Warning—Williamson’s Touch of Ice. Roger Dvorak & Gordon Ramey, owners; Roger Dvorak, handler.

3d—ERIN’S MURDER SUSPECT, 1673943, male, by Erin’s Redrum—Erin’s Lullaby. Alex Stuart, owner; Kevin Stuart, handler.

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