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Just Irresistible for the Hall of Fame

By Judd Carlton | Jun 19, 2021
Just Irresistible

Thomasville, Ga. — Just over twenty years ago I attended my first all-age field trial, accompanied by Dr. Ron Deal and Lee Phillips. From that day on I was hooked.

Over the years since, I have been fortunate enough to work with several hall of fame members and a few that deserve to be there one day. This has afforded me the pleasure of seeing some great dogs at their best. Several of those dogs have already been honored in the Hall of Fame. I would like to take this opportunity to ask for support in putting Just Irresistible in the Hall of Fame.

Just Irresistible, “Stud,” didn’t have the most experienced supporting cast to help him along. His owner was barely out of high school and his trainer was doing all he could do to learn the ropes of the all-age world. Tommy Rice and I helped out where we could, both of us still early in our training careers as well.

In spite of our lack of knowledge Stud quickly caught the eye of more seasoned trainers. He showed us what a dog could and should be. Stamina, speed, confirmation, bird finding ability and intelligence to spare. After an encounter with a porcupine as a Derby slowed the early part of his Derby season, Stud showed his true potential capturing the Southeastern All-Age Championship to conclude his Derby year. From that point on, he was a consistent performer, winning from Canada to Florida and several stops along the way.

Most of my most memorable moments with Stud came while scouting him in workouts and field trials. It was during those times that Stud showed his true intelligence and willingness to please his handler. Stud has also produced several winners that continue to pass on his traits. His offspring have won in nearly all disciplines of bird dog competition across the country. He has produced a National Derby winner and a National Shooting Dog winner.

Stud unfortunately passed way too soon, due to continued complications from his porcupine encounter as a Derby. The wins he amassed in a short time are impressive. His influence still can be felt thanks to his offspring and the contributions they continue to make.

I want to thank Jamie Daniels and Mary Devos for trusting me to scout Stud over the years. Just Irresistible is one dog I would definitely like to have another chance to turn loose one more time. Please take the time to remember and consider him for the Hall of Fame.

* * *


By Fran and Jack Miller

BARWICK, GA.—It was in the early fall of 2013, after much deliberation, we decided to breed one of our favorite field trial pointer females. Miller’s Bring the Heat, aka Lacey, was the one but the big dilemma was to who?

We had been looking around to see what might cross with her but could just not make up our minds . . . that was until one cool crisp fall morning. Jamie Daniels had invited us to work some dogs with him and after that morning we knew what dog it was going to be.

Jamie ran a young dog that had all the class and grace running you could ask for . . . and when he was found pointed standing like a statue. His bird finding ability was second to none. The ease at which he performed and his trainability was just what we were hoping to find. His name was Just Irresistible and we knew when we finished up that morning, we were going to breed Lacey to Stud.

The traits we saw in Stud and in what we had in Lacey, we were hoping they would nick. We were not disappointed. Their first litter, as of this writing, has 23 championship or runner-up championship titles . . . five of these are National titles, and one dog earned a Purina Dog of the Year Award.

 Needless to say we rushed to rebreed Lacey to Stud and got two more litters. The latest count this cross from the three breedings has produced is sixteen (16) individual dogs which have combined 45 championship and runner-up championships, nine of which are National titles, and two have earned Purina Dog of the Year Awards.

Stud’s influence on our breeding program is mind blowing. His contribution to our sport and the betterment of pointers is undeniable.

It has been said that none of us take anything with us when we leave this world, what really matters is what we leave behind. Just Irresistible left this world way too soon but he has left behind so much of himself. The genetics he passed along will be such a betterment of our sport for generations to come. Already several of his sons have produced futurity winners and champions at a very young age.

Just Irresistible has given the bird dog world so much. Please join us in giving him his rightful place in the history of our sport and honor him in the Field Trial Hall of Fame.

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Posted by: Tierra J Hadley | Jun 24, 2021 15:32

I wish I could have seen him! Judd, Fran, and Jack, thank you for sharing your memories of Stud.

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