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Just Irresistible

By Tommy Rice | Jun 11, 2021
Just Irresistible

Pavo, Ga. — A vote for Just Irresistible for Hall of Fame is a great choice! Here are my thoughts why he should be considered with your votes.

I came to work for Jamie Daniels the summer that Irresistible was a coming Derby and I witnessed first hand the extreme athletic ability that this dog had. His speed and style were second to none on the ground, and he was a good bird dog along with that. I remember working dogs with Jamie and other handlers with several dogs on the ground at a time, and eyes and talk were always about Irresistible; he had that ability to catch one's eye and keep one watching to see where he would pop out of cover next. A true all-age dog! He showed very early that he was a winner with wild bird wins of the Southeastern All-Age Championship and the Border International Championship as a Derby and first year dog. An accomplishment that should be met for selecting a sire and future Hall-of-Famer is winning on the northern prairies and southern piney woods on the wild birds that dwell there.

Irresistible's legacy isn't his field trial career which was cut short; his legacy is in his offspring! To this date his record shows 44 winners with 281 wins, and his first Derby crop year was 2015. Those numbers are from six complete field trial seasons up to date. His offspring show up in the horseback shooting dog circuit winners' circle weekly, with several shooting dog and amaetur handlers having multiple dogs by Irresistible in their string.

The 2018 and 2019 National Shooting Dog Champions are directly by Just Irresistible and the 2021 winner is a son of the 2018 winner. Not bad for the big stage in shooting dogs National. Along with this the all-age champions and other championship wins Irresistible has sired should not go unnoticed with major stake wins: Continental, United States Shooting Dog Invitational, Southeastern Open Shooting Dog, Masters Open Shooting Dog, just to name a few, and the dog of year awards as well.

Last but not least, Irresistible gets my vote because his offspring gave me my career and were able to put my name in The Field as a trainer and handler despite my inexperience and mistakes at field trialing. Thrill Me, Just Thrillin, Seekin A Thrill were littermates by Irresistible that made three of my five dogs in my first years in open shooting dogs. Adding Grand Prairie Thrill as a granddaughter of Irresistible I have 30 placements with six championships and four runners-up with Irresistible blood running through them. The great thing is that the win numbers will probably go up, if not with my dogs then some of the many other handlers who have Just Irresistible running wide up in their veins.

Hope you consider Just Irresistible for Hall of Fame.

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