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By Elton Bray | Jan 04, 2018
Open All-Age Winners. From left: Judge Mike Small, Larry Huffman, Jack Griffin, Nick Thompson with Whippoorwill Wild Assault, Piper Huffman, Judge Jeremy Taylor, Korry Rinehart with Touch’s White Knight, Gary Lester, Doug Arthur, Steve Hurdle with Coldwater Thunder and Joy Lester.

Blue Mountain, Miss. — The Kentucky Lake Open All-Age and Ricky Chism Memorial Open Derby were concluded November 20 at the Hell Creek Wildlife Management Area near Blue Mountain, Miss. Forty all-age competitors and 18 Derbies were drawn. Over forty coveys of birds were moved during the five-day running which made for a successful trial.

The grounds, as always, were in tip-top condition thanks to the State of Mississippi and Jack Griffin who oversees the property for the department. Cover was good and food plots were plentiful. Not only does Jack oversee the grounds, he’s also on hand at every trial held at Hell Creek. Jack drives the dog wagon, helps with lunches and keeps the bathrooms stocked and cleaned. Without his help the trial would not have run as smoothly as it did.

The trial would also have not been complete without the help of Joy Lester who prepared and served lunches each day and also made sure the dog wagon was stocked with goodies and drinks.

The club sponsored a barbecue dinner at the clubhouse Friday evening for trial officials and participants. Saturday night David Thompson treated everyone to a steak dinner at the Warehouse in New Albany, Miss., honoring his 2016 winner, Lester’s Sunny Hill Jo.

Advertised judges for both stakes were Jeremy Taylor of Rienzi, Miss., and Mike Norris of Furman, Ala. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Mike was unable to fulfill his duty, and Mike Small of Evansville, Ind., stepped in at the last minute to officiate. They rode attentively, giving each dog an opportunity to perform. Both Jeremy and Mike were a pleasure to ride with. Their decisions were well received.


Winning top honors in the Open All-Age Stake was Whippoorwill Wild Assault, six-year-old white and orange pointer male owned by Jim and Stephanie Bickers of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., and handled by Larry Huffman. Assault competed in the 6th brace alone after his bracemate Dunn’s Break Time (Jamie Daniels) was scratched.

To be able to handle the third course at Hell Creek one must be in tiptop shape. Its huge bean field bottoms can separate the all-age contestants. “Salt” ran every edge with speed and style. At 22 just before crossing Hell Creek he was found pointing several hundred yards to the front. A nice covey was flushed earning him his first find. A second piece of classy bird work came at 28 just before entering the big back bottom. At 32 Huffman called point again and flushed the third bevy for this stylish pointer. As he was running the far end of the bean field before crossing the creek again, just before pickup was called, Huffman raised his hat for the fourth time. By the end, all in the gallery were standing on their toes, and as the birds flew, the dog staunch and stylish.

Placing second was Touch’s White Knight which competed in the first brace with Coldwater Stoner (Weldon Bennett). Knight is a five-year-old white and orange pointer male owned by Eddie Sholar of Leesburg, Ga., and handled by Mark McLean. Knight was credited with four finds, his first at 19, a second at 41 and quickly again at 42. No. 4 came at 51. Knight ran the entire hour hunting the front. His speed and stamina along with bird work earned him a spot in the winners’ circle. Stoner backed Knight at 19. He was harnessed at 41.

Third was Coldwater Thunder, three-year-old white and liver pointer female owned by Rachel Blackwell of Oxford, Miss., and Doug Arthur of Eads, Tenn., and handled by Steve Hurdle. She was braced with Miller’s Bushwacker (Jamie Daniels) in brace No. 12.

Lu’s first find came at 7 on the right-hand side of the second field. Scout Nick Thompson was riding that side when he came upon her standing there. Just as Hurdle started in the brush, the birds flew. Her second piece of bird work came at 17 just before making the turn at the creek. She was strong and elegant until completion. Daniels requested the retrieval unit at 19.


The first brace produced the second place winner.

Touch’s Game Point (McLean) had a find at 24 which was honored by bracemate Just Watch (Daniels). Game Point was picked up at 38. Just Watch had a find just off the breakaway. Unfortunately, he was unable to produce game at 35 and was harnessed at 41.

Miller’s Speed Dial (Gary Lester) was stronger the first half and remained consistent later. He was credited with at find at 32. Coldwater Odyssey (Bennett) was picked up at 25. Touch’s Mega Mike (McLean) suffered an unproductive at 48 but completed the hour. Cassique’s Boss (Hurdle) was picked up at 13.

Funseek’n Hit Man (Daniels) was credited with two finds, at 26 and at 36, but was unsuccessful at 34. He completed the hour. Coldwater Hammer (McLean) carded a find at 3 and finished the brace as well. The 6th brace produced the winner and has been reviewed.

Starting the second day were Georgia Boy Rock (McLean) and Dazzling (Hurdle). Rock was harnessed at 14. Dazzling tallied four finds at 4, 8, 35 and 57. She also competed at a nice pace.

Whippoorwill Foto Op (Huffman) found a nice covey at 20. She was doing a creditable job on the ground and at 51 she pointed. This time she decided to help her handler flush and was harnessed. Dominator’s Dotted Line (Daniels) was unsuccessful at 36 and was also picked up.

Shearjoy’s Unforgiven (Daniels) competed at a nice pace but went birdless. Touch’s Blue Moon (McLean) was credited with a nice find at 41 and finished the heat.

House’s Buckwheat Hawk (McLean) was picked up at 22. Showtime Dominator (Daniels) had a nice piece of bird work at 15 but was picked up at 25.

Lester’s Private Charter was out of pocket at 23; McLean) asked for the retrieval device at 40. Lester’s Pete Rose (Lester) had a nice find at 39 but was unsuccessful at 49 and 55 and picked up.

No. 12th had the third place winner.

Game Throne (Fred Corder) was picked up at 42. Quicksilver Gold Dust (Hurdle) was unsuccessful at 51 and was also picked up. Attitude’s Iron Will (Hurdle) competed at a nice forward pace and had two nice pieces of bird work at 15 and 48. Game Bo (Corder) suffered an unproductive at 51 but finished the heat.

Sinbad’s Rumor (Daniels) was credited with a find at 17 and was unsuccessful at 33. He was picked up at 56. Whippoorwill Mayhem (Huffman) was birdless. Mountain Music (Hurdle) suffered an unproductive at 12 and was harnessed. Miller’s Dialing In (Lester) ran a nice race and was credited with a stylish piece of bird work at 44.

Hendrix’s Signature (Burke Hendrix) competed at a nice pace and was credited with one find at 28. Just Unforgettable (Daniels) was picked up at 19. B K’s Ransom (Hurdle) and Lester’s Sunny Hill Jo. A severe thunderstorm arose at 14 minutes into the hour. The high winds and flooding rains made it impossible to continue. The two pointers were picked up and this brace was moved to the end of the trial. They competed the last hour on Sunday morning. Hurdle called for the retrieval device at 32. Jo ran a nice race and was credited with one find at 45.

Sunday morning, Skyfall (Hurdle) had a nice find at 18. Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful at 12 and 22 and was picked up. Whippoorwill Blue Blood (Huffman). honored his bracemate at 18. He was harnessed at 43. Dominator’s Rebel Heir (Daniels) had finds at 18 and 43. Neely’s Chocolate Chip (Hurdle) honored his bracemate both times.

Blue Mountain, Miss., November 16

Judges: Mike Small and Jeremy Taylor

OPEN ALL-AGE [One-Hour Heats] — 38 Pointers and 2 Setters

1st—WHIPPOORWILL WILD ASSAULT, 1644982, pointer male, by Whippoorwill Wild Agin—Boxwood Bang. Jim & Stephanie Bickers, owners; Larry Huffman, handler.

2d—TOUCH’S WHITE KNIGHT, 1647849, pointer male, by Lance’s Last Knight—Prairieland Lucy. Eddie Sholar, owner; Mark McLean, handler.

3d—COLDWATER THUNDER, 1655558, pointer female, by Coldwater Warrior—Thunder Bess. Doug Arthur & Rachel Blackwell, owners; Steve Hurdle, handler.

Open Derby Winners

The Open Derby is run in memory of the club’s dear friend Ricky Chism. It was asked that all remember him while running their athletes in the one-hour competition.

Earning first was Fly In The Sky, white and orange pointer female owned by David Thompson and Tommy Loid of Edmonton, Ky., handled by Gary Lester. Fly was brace in No. 3 with Miller’s Blind Side (Daniels). She was originally scheduled to compete with Montana Sky (Hurdle), but she was scratched. Fly was unsuccessful at 7 but followed with two nice pieces of bird work at 46 and 50. She was classy and forward the entire hour. Blind Side backed Fly at 7, but suffered an unproductive at 53.

Game Storm, white and liver pointer male owned by Dr. Fred Corder of Corinth, Miss., and handled by Ike Todd, was in brace No. 9 with Knight Rider’s Hank (Daniels). At 16 Hank pointed but Daniels was unable to produce game. Storm honored. Storm ran a strong smooth race and was credited with one find at 56 with Hank honoring.

Rounding off the winners’ circle was also one of Ike Todd’s competitors, Touch’s Gallatin Fire, white and orange pointer male owned by Alex Rickert of Bozeman, Mont. He was in the second brace along with Stash the Cash (Lester). Fire was credited with good finds at 2 and 18. At 55 Cash was found pointing but was unsuccessful. Fire honored here.


[One-Hour Heats] — 17 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st—FLY IN THE SKY, 1675832, pointer female, by Skyfall—Miller’s White Wall. David Thompson & Tommy Loid, owners; Gary Lester, handler.

2d—GAME STORM, 1673798, pointer male, by Cole Train—Game Bee. Dr. Fred Corder, owner; Ike Todd, handler.

3d—TOUCH’S GALLATIN FIRE, 1675102, pointer male, by House’s Ring of Fire—Touch’s Sandy. Alex Rickert, owner and handler.


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