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Kentucky Quail Classic and Open Derby

By Mary Sue Schalk | Nov 26, 2018

Paducah, Ky. — The Kentucky Quail Classic followed on the heels of the Quail Championship Invitational at the West Kentucky Wildlife  Area near Paducah and Kevil, Ky.

Judges for this renewal are William Smith  of Moscow, Tenn., and Ed Epp of Tallahassee, Fla.

The Quail Classic has a field of 31 dogs — 26 pointers, 4 setters and 1 Vizsla. The Derby has drawn 27  youngsters.


Kentucky Quail Classic

1. Quickmarksman’s Dan, PM; Mike Hester. With

Miller’s Dialing In, PM; Luke Eisenhart.


2. Miller’s Blindsider, PM; Jamie Daniels. With

Ascension, PM; Luke Eisenhart.


3. Lonetree Rod Iron, SM; Mike Hester. With

Stash the Cash, PM; Gary Lester.


4.  Dominator’s Rebel Heir, PM; Jamie Daniels. With

Dunn’s True Issue, PM;  Luke Eisenhart.


5. C K Touchdown Guy, VM; Ron Chenoweth. With

Miller’s Bushwacker, PM; Jamie Daniels.


6. Lester’s Pete Rose, PM; Gary Lester. With

Erin’s Full Throttle, PM; Robert “Lefty” Henry.


7. Marques Armed Robber, PM;  Robert “Lefty” Henry. With

Touch’s Red Rider, PM; Luke Eisenhart.


8. Quickmarksman’s Tom Tekoa, SM; Mike Hester. With

Crouse’s Samuri Warlord, PM; M. D. Crouse.


9. Crouse’s Kentucky Wind, PM; M. D. Crouse. With

Dunn’s Tried’N True, PM; Luke Eisenhart.


10. Rebel Pirate, PM; Jamie Daniels. With

True Confidence, PM; Luke Eisenhart.


11. Shagtime Bo, SM; Chris Cagle. With

Funseek’n Hit Man, PM; Jamie Daniels.


12. Coldwater Spectre, PM; Weldon Bennett. With

Crouse’s Equalizer, PM; M. D. Crouse.


13. Shagtime Scout, SM; Chris Cagle. With

Erin’s Wild Justice, PM; Luke Eisenhart.


14. Coldwater Stoner, PM; Weldon Bennett. With

Just Watch, PM; Jamie Daniels.


15. Beeler’s Country Clipper, PM; Scott Beeler. With

Coldwater Odyssey, PM; Weldon Bennett.


16. Rebel Maiden, PF; Jamie Daniels,

as a bye.


Open Derby


1. Dunn’s True Reign, PM; Will Dunn. With

Worsham’s Super Sport, PM; Jamie Daniels.


2. Superstition’s Final Touch, PM; Jamie Daniels. With

Lester’s Shock Wave, PM; Gary Lester.


3. Lester’s Recruit, PM; Gary Lester. With

Touch’s Folsom Blues, PM; Jamie Daniels.


4. Touch’s Doll, PF; Jamie Daniels. With

Marques Big Luck, PM; Robert “Lefty” Henry.


5. Rebel Survivor, PM; Jamie Daniels. With

S F Fullcolor, PF; Larry Smith.


6. Dominator’s Rebel Squire, PM; Jamie Daniels. With

Miller’s Justifiable, PM; Gary Lester.


7. S F Benchmark, SM; Larry Smith. With

Touch’s Blue Spring, PM; Jamie Daniels.


8. Lester’s King Pin, PM; Gary Lester. With

Hilltopper Topdog, PM; John Russell.


9. Caladen’s Yukon Cornelius, PM; Jamie Daniels. With

S F Flagship, PM; Larry Smith.


10. Lester’s Storm Surge, PM; Gary Lester. With

Touch’s Gray Street, PM; Jamie Daniels.


11. Dogwood Bill, PM; Jamie Daniels. With

Beeler’s Country Clipper, PM; Scott Beeler.


12. Crouse’s White Dragon, PM; Mary Sue Schalk. With

Dominator’s Rebel Patch, PM; Jamie Daniels.


13. Crouse’s Rebel Ripken, PM;  M. D. Crouse. With

Marques Lady Luck, PF; Robert “Lefty” Henry.


14. S F Saltwater, PM; Larry Smith, as a bye.


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