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Keystone Open Shooting Dog Championship

By George Tracy | Nov 07, 2017

Petersburg, Pa. — The Keystone Open Shooting Dog Championship and Yankee Open Derby Classic began November 6 at the Keystone Bird Dog Trust grounds, Petersburg, Pa.

The Championship drew 37 dogs — 30 pointers and 7 setters. Twenty-two pointers will compete in the Yankee Derby Classic.

The judges for both stakes are Mike Panovski of Cookstowne, Ont., and Mike Husenits of West Lebanon, Pa.


Keystone Championship


Name of Dog/Breed & Sex/Hander


1. Cory’s Easy Holy Water, PF; George Tracy. With

Steel City Karen, PF; Jeanette Tracy.


2. Backcountry Bonnie, PF; Mike Tracy. With

Jessie’s Bonanza, SF; Jeanette Tracy.


3. Pine Straw Sweet Tea, SF; Jeanette Tracy. With

The Slight Edge, PM; Mike Tracy.


4. Miller’s Vanilla Snow, PF; George Tracy. With

Bail Me Out, PM; Mike Tracy.


5. Fast and Furious, PM; Mike Tracy. With

Ladywood Keepsake, PF; Jeanette Tracy.


6. Coosawhatchie Smooth Ride, PM; Mike Tracy. With

Miller’s Unbridled Forever, PM; George Tracy.


7. Riviera, PM; Jeanette Tracy. With

High Drive War Paint, PF; George Tracy.


8. Adjusted Attitude, SM; Mike Tracy. With

Neely’s Paint The Town, PM; George Tracy.


9. Lovern’s Red Lace, PF; George Tracy. With

Backcountry Tornado, PF; Mike Tracy.


10. Jubulee, PF; Mike Tracy. With

High Drive Ranger, PM; George Tracy.


11. Walden’s Ridge Shadow Dancer, PM; Mike Tracy. With

Land Cruiser Benny, SM; Jeanette Tracy.


12. Sugarknoll War Paint, PM; George Tracy. With

Waybetter Rocky, PM; Mike Tracy.


13. Bully Bragg, PM; Mike Tracy. With

Shadow Oak Doc, SM; George Tracy.


14. Bulltaeo, PM; Mike Tracy. With

Erin’s War Creek, PM; George Tracy.


15. Ladywood Miss Daisy, SF; Jeanette Tracy. With

North Country Girl, PF; Mike Tracy.


16. Jessie’s Bojangles, SM; Jeanette Tracy. With

Miller’s Miss Calamity Jane, PF; George Tracy.


17. Thomas Adirondack Turbo, PM; Mike Tracy. With

Steel City Storm, PM; Jeanette Tracy.


18. Touch’s Mae Mobley, PF; George Tracy. With

Great River Survivor, PM; Mike Tracy.


19. Sassy Creek, PF; Jeanette Tracy.




Yankee Derby Classic


1. Gamer, PM; Mike Tracy. With

Backcountry Buddy, PM; Chris Catanzarite.


2. Miller’s Heat Seeker, PM; George Tracy. With

Sydney’s Pride, PM; Mike Tracy.


3. Navajo Cody, PM; Mike Tracy. With

Miller’s Braveheart, PM; George Tracy.


4. Covey Up Woodchipp, PM; Jeanette Tracy. With

Glassilaun War Paint, PM; Toby Tobiassen.


5. Miller’s Just Plain Rowdy, PM; George Tracy. With

Chipper On Parole, PM; Mike Tracy.


6. High Drive Gail, PF; George Tracy. With

Just A Smudge, PF; Mike Tracy.


7. Maple Valley Misty, PF; Jeanette Tracy. With

Gun Runner Carli, PF; Mike Tracy.


8. Backcountry Bruiser, PM; Chris Catanzarite. With

Springflow’s Backcountry P, PM; Mike Tracy.


9. Rock, PM; George Tracy. With

Cheyenne Jack, PM; Mike Tracy.


10. Fox Creek Emma, PF; Jeanette Tracy. With

Armstrong Mountain Dustie, PM; Mike Tracy.


11. Hank, PM; George Tracy. With

Bully Rock, PM; Mike Tracy.

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