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Keystone Open Shooting Dog Championship

By George Tracy | Nov 05, 2018

Petersburg, Pa. — The Keystone Open Shooting Dog Championship drew a field 43 dogs. The Keystone Yankee Open Derby Classic has 17 entries.

The trial began November 5 at the Keystone Bird Dog Trust property in Petersburg, Pa. Judges Chris Catanzarite of Scenery Hill, Pa., and Mike Spots, Bloomsburg of Pa.


Championship Running


1. Landcruiser Benny, SM; Jeanette Tracy. With

Waybetter Rocky, PM; Mike Tracy.


2. North Country Girl, PF; Mike  Tracy. With

Good Reason Farkleberry, SM; Jeanette  Tracy.


3. Miller’s Lock and Loaded, PM; George  Tracy. With

Kingsman, PM; Mike  Tracy.


4. Bully Bragg, PM; Mike  Tracy. With

Sugarknoll War Paint, PM; George  Tracy.


5. Miller’s Heat Seeker, PM; George  Tracy. With

Pack’in A Punch, PM; Mike  Tracy.


6. Adjusted Attitude, SM; Mike  Tracy. With

Sassy Creek, PF; Jeanette  Tracy.


7. Chippewa Warrior, PM; Jeanette  Tracy. With

Miller’s Miss Calamity Jane, PF; George  Tracy.


8. Armstrong Mountain Dustie, PM; Mike  Tracy. With

Erin’s War Creek, PM; George  Tracy.


9. Touch’s Mae Mobley, PF; George  Tracy. With

Coosawhatchie Smooth Ride, PM; Mike  Tracy.


10. Navajo Cody, PM; Mike Tracy. With

Jessie’s Bojangles, SF; Jeanette  Tracy.


11. Miller’s Honor Code, PM; George  Tracy. With

Bulltaeo, PM; Mike  Tracy.


12. Reedy Creek Dial Tone, PM; Mike  Tracy.

Miller’s Just Plain Rowdy, PM; George  Tracy.


13. Steele City Storm, PM; Jeanette  Tracy. With

Erin’s Saint Louis Jimmy, PM; Mike  Tracy.


14. Ladywood Miss Daisy, SF; Jeanette  Tracy. With

Bail Me Out, PM; Mike  Tracy.


15. Backcountry Bonnie, PF; Mike  Tracy.

Steel City Karen, PF; Jeanette  Tracy.


16. Neely’s Paint The Town, PM; George  Tracy. With

Great River Bayne, PM; Mike  Tracy.


17. The Slight Edge, PM; Mike  Tracy. With

Riviera, PM; Jeanette  Tracy.


18. Moonlite Yellow Jacket, PF; Mike  Tracy. With

Miller’s Unbridled Forever, PM; George  Tracy.


19. Walden’s Ridge Shadow Dancer, PM; Mike  Tracy. With

Miller’s Vanilla Snow, PF; George  Tracy.


20. Cheyenne Jack, PM; Mike  Tracy. With

Pine Straw Sweat Tea, SF; Jeanette  Tracy.


21. Miller’s Braveheart, PM; George  Tracy. With

Sand Mountain Icy, PF; Mike  Tracy.


22. Cory’s Easy Holy Water, PF; George  Tracy.



Yankee Derby Classic


1. High Drive Night Hawk, PM; George  Tracy. With

Calico’s American Made, PM; Mike  Tracy.


2. Miller’s Big Iron, PM; George  Tracy. With

Irrevocable Trust, PM; Mike  Tracy.


3. High Drive Highway Man, PM; George  Tracy. With

Ace, PM; Toby Tobiassen.


4. Out On Bail, PM; Mike  Tracy. With

High Drive Fantasy, PM; George  Tracy.


5. Pete, PM; Toby Tobiassen. With

War Creek Daizie, PF; Mike  Tracy.


6. Suemac’s Missouri Jane, PF; George  Tracy. With

White Knuckles, PF; Mike  Tracy.


7. Calico’s Country Strong, PF; George  Tracy.

Rag Popper, PF; Mike  Tracy.


8. Miller’s War Bonnet, PF; Mike  Tracy. With

Walden’s Ridge Storm King, PM; George  Tracy.


9. Miller’s Blazing Hot Chick, PF; George  Tracy.

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