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Field Trial Report

Lehigh Pointer and Setter Club

By Ernie Saniga | Jan 10, 2019
Little Girl Creek First in the Open Shooting Dog Stake

Petersburg, Del. — The Lehigh Club ran its fall trial at the Norman Wilder Area near Petersburg, Del., December 1-2. Grey skies but dry weather prevailed. This event was delayed for two weeks by an eight inch snowstorm. Winter came early to the Middle Atlantic states. With the permission of The Field we opted to run this weekend as a replacement.

Karen Saniga did most of the work, aided by Roger Dvorak who brought the quail, and his nephew Cody who was the road guard.

Wes Williams was the bird planter, bringing his Polaris for the task. He is always appreciated. Every dog that finished had multiple finds.

Dave McKay furnished a horse for an Amateur stakes judge.

We had three veteran judges — Tom McKellar and Bart Hastings for the Open Shooting Dog, and Ben Dillard as one of the judges for Amateur stake. The “junior” judge was amateur Thor Kain, junior only in age as he has been winning a bunch of titles with his dogs the past several seasons including the New York State Grouse Championship in the fall of 2018.

We had so much rain this summer and fall that the grounds were affected, including a wash out of a crossing that we always use. That required a course alteration, not the best thing to do, but we made out fine.

There are two coveys using the grounds, likely left over from last spring’s trials. We found both of them during the running.

Word on the street is that the state is working on restoring quail and meeting with some success. They were here at one time in great numbers.


Mike Tracy was the lone pro in the Open stake and amateurs covered his seven entries. We really appreciate his support.

The three winners in the Open Shooting Dog each had three finds, the first and second dog adding a back. They were Little Girl Creek, Jubullee and Bulltaeo, respectively.

Roger Dvorak captured the Amateur with his Storm which had a good race and three finds and a pair of backs. Bella Bulli was second with a classy effort and four finds and a back. The setter Paladin was third with a nice effort and three finds.

There were many clean contenders topped by Bart Hastings’ pointer Rebelu Max A Million with three finds and a back and a strong purposeful race. Tom McKellar’s pointer Little Wing Luke was the diamond in the rough. Braced with the winner, the classy dog had four finds and a pair of backs to go with a thrilling race but some extra steps cost him dearly.

Petersburg, Del., December 1 — One Course

Judges: Bart Hastings and Tom McKellar

OPEN SHOOTING DOG — 10 Pointers and 4 Setters

1st—LITTLE GIRL CREEK, 1649540, pointer female, by Our Big Bully—Little Wing Silver Belle. Ernie & Karen Saniga, owners; Ernie Saniga, handler.

2d—JUBULLEE, 1662778, pointer female, by Bully Bragg—Summerhill Bella. Ernie & Karen Saniga, owners; Ernie Saniga, handler.

3d—BULLTAEO, 1662744, pointer male, by Bully Bragg—Summerhill Bella. Ernie & Karen Saniga, owners; Mike Tracy, handler.

Judges: Ben Dillard and Thor Kain

AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG — 12 Pointers and 3 Setters

1st—NOTTINGHAM’S STORM WARNING, 1662154, pointer male, by Game Strut—High Value Special. Roger Dvorak, owner and handler.

2d—BELLA BULLI, 1674898, pointer female, by Bully Bragg—Bullerina. Ernie & Karen Saniga, owners; Ernie Saniga, handler.

3d—BIG TIME PALADIN, 1652709, setter male, by The Insider—Grouse Ridge Comet. Brent Neely, owner and handler.

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