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Prairie Celebration — Region 14 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship, McLean and Cam-Am Classics

Lesser Sandhills Field Trial Club

By Dave Noell | Oct 11, 2019
Region 14 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship Winners. In foreground, from left: Ten Oaks Annie A with Lou Qualtiere and Heard Hill’s Tom Cruizer with Lynn Heard. Behind: Dave Nelson, Jerry McLarney, Jeanette Heise, Judge Colin Kennedy, Judge Jerry Kolter, John Neely, Buck Heard, Terry Reinke, Alex Mauck, Jenny Gellhaus and Sergio Velez.

Hazlet, Sask. — With an idea conceived just a few years ago by Travis Gellhaus and others within Region 14, there has become an event that grows each passing year.

The concept was to have three quality trials run consecutively at the same venue so that field trialers could compete in three trials without the problem of traveling long distances in order to do so. Several aspects had to be in place to make this successful.

Generous landowners are crucial to every field trial and several landowners have made their property available. Thanks and gratitude are due to Kendall Day, Adam Anderson, Dale Shultz, Brian Weeden, Ralph Stock and Travis Gellhaus.

Also needed are volunteers to do all of the tasks involved in putting on a field trial. Clay and Pam Gellhaus cooked three hot meals for all every day of the event. Terry Reinke came up from Colorado and drove the dog wagon every day even though she could not bring her horses north because of a V. S. health quarantine.

Colin Kennedy marshalled most of the event and stepped up at the last minute to judge one of the stakes. Bill Owen coordinated with our sponsors to secure prizes for the winners. SportDog and Purina each support field trials in so many ways. Jim Morehouse goes out of his way to attend as many field trials as possible. Greg Blair and Jim Smith from Purina consistently support our sport.

This year’s trial had attendees from California to Georgia. Buck and Lynn Heard (Moultrie, Ga.) entered their dogs as did John Neely (Albany, Ga.). Bill Owen makes it from California each year and Ed Mayhew (California) wanted to come but the aforementioned V. S. outbreak prevented his horses from being able to cross the border.

A field trial cannot be better than the grounds on which it’s conducted. These grounds are thirty minutes or so northwest of Swift Current, Sask., on land that is either native prairie or hay fields. The courses offer places for a dog to reach and areas where it must handle. There are both sharptail grouse and Huns on every course.

Also, the facilities for attendees surpass what is usual in this region. There are sizable corrals available that include water tanks that are filled throughout the three trials. It certainly makes the horse chores easier for everyone.

McLean Open Shooting Dog Classic

The first trial of the Prairie Celebration is the McLean Amateur Shooting Dog Classic. It was conducted in nearly perfect weather over two and a half days.

Judges were Alex Mauck of Sandy, Ore., and Jerry Kolter of Sandstone, Minn. Each has many years of bird dog experience and their efforts were appreciated and well received.

The winner emerged during the second brace. D K’s Wild Child, owned and handled by Dave Nelson, began to get into birds right after the breakaway. Sharptails were seen in flight behind some tall cover and both Wild Child and bracemate Hytailing Jasmine (Travis Gellhaus) were found standing. Each handler fired his blank pistol. At 7 handlers signaled point; both dogs were standing in close proximity. Handlers again shot for a lone sharptail. Wild Child was found pointing at 27 but it ended as an unproductive. At 41 point was called for Wild Child. This time birds were flown, everything as it should be. Nine minutes later another find on sharptails was recorded. Just to put a cherry on top of an already fine hour, a find on Huns was completed at time.

The second and third place dogs are noted in the brace results that follow.


Ten Oaks Annie A (Jeanette Heise) and B K Pablo Escobar (Sergio Velez), callname Narco, which was pointed at 7 but no birds could be flushed. At 21 Annie was pointing far to the front. Sharptails lifted as the handler and judge approached. Four minutes later Annie was found standing where sharptails were observed leaving. Heise shot for her dog and continued on. Annie finished the hour always searching the front in a very consistent race that was good for the second place finish. Narco had a second unproductive just before time.

Hytailing Jasmine (Gellhaus) was braced with the winner D K’s Wild Child (Nelson). After the previously mentioned bird work, Jasmine finished the hour without further bird contact.

Heard Hill’s Memory Lane (Buck Heard) was standing at 26 with what ended as an unproductive. Lane handled a stop to flush at 29. Duke (Gellhaus) suffered an unproductive at 43. Each handler elected to pick up at 45.

Heard Hill’s Tom Cruizer (B. Heard) was finished after unproductives at 3 and 38. Thunderbird Finnegan (Gellhaus) had a good find on sharptails at 53.

Knight’s White Lady (Gellhaus) and Heard Hill’s Misbehavin (Lynn Heard). The hour began with both dogs hunting far to the front. Lynn Heard called point at 21 and flushed sharptails for her dog, all in order. At 24 Lady was pointing, her bracemate honoring. Gellhaus flushed sharptails for Lady. At 41 Heard’s dog pointed Huns, everything in order. Just minutes later Lady stopped to the flight of a big group of Huns. After this the wheels began to come off. Misbehavin failed to back Lady at 46. While this stand proved to be barren, Lady’s day was done with a mishap with Huns a few minutes later.

Traveler’s High Point’s (Greg Sand) day was done with two early unproductive. Lone Tree’s Showbiz (Gellhaus) ran a very fine race but only had a late unproductive to show for it.

Both Heard Hill’s Jaybird (L. Heard) and Born on Fourth July (Gellhaus) were running strongly at the start. At 14 Gellhaus called point. He flushed sharptails for his dog, all in order. Jaybird was not often seen and was up at 25. July had an unproductive and a strong forward race during the remainder of the brace.

Prairie Fire Annie (Sig Guggenmoos) pointed at 11 and had sharptails for her handler, all in order. She was found standing again at 26 but did not have birds this time. At 49 she was again on point, this time having sharptails once more. Neely’s Party Girl (John Neely) hunted hard the entire hour and carded a find on sharptails at 59.

Zumbro Stinky Pete (Gellhaus) was not often seen and at 25 he was picked up. Traveler’s Split Rail (Sand) pointed at 28, producing a porcupine. At 50 Split Rail had a find on sharptails, all in order. Four minutes later he was standing again but nothing was produced.

Candy Crush (Gellhaus) was running strongly at the start of the hour. When the course turned she was not seen again. Littlewing B K Tia (Velez) ran a very well directed race of moderate range. She had a very nice find at 34 when she pointed next to a bluff along a fenceline. She finished the hour as she began it, hunting always to the front. Her effort garnered the third placement.

Heard Hill’s Golden Eye (B. Heard) and Ten Oaks Cassandra (Lou Qualtiere). This brace was a reporter’s dream but a nightmare for both handlers. Their dogs had wrecks on sharptails before the 4-minute mark.

No. 12: Lone Tree Splish Splash (Bill Owen) and Heard Hill’s Rebel Polly (B. Heard). At 6 there were sharptails flying in every direction. Both dogs managed it well with stops to flush. Splash had a second stop to flush shortly after the first one. Neither dog had further bird contact during the hour.

Both Making Me Better (Owen) and Neely’s Seal the Deal (Neely) were hunting ambitiously to begin the hour. Sixteen minutes into the hour Owen called point for his setter. Only when he approached his dog for a relocation did the sharptails decide to flush. Four minutes later Seal the Deal was standing but it proved to be barren. At 27 Owen’s setter had a mannerly stop to flush. Then at 45 Owen called point next to a large copse of aspen. This resulted in a mule deer doe and an owl leaving the scene. Seal the Deal had a second unproductive just before the hour ended.

Fastforward’s B K Gunner (Velez) started well with a find on Huns at 6. It ended quickly with a breach of manners on sharptails shortly after the first find. Northwoods Charles hunted without bird work until Owen had seen enough and picked up at 45.

Hazlet, Sask., August 28

Judges: Alex Mauck and Jerry Kolter


21 Pointers and 7 Setters

1st—D K’S WILD CHILD, 1656450, pointer female, by Touch’s Blackout—Wiggins Snow Princess. Dave Nelson, owner and handler.

2d—TEN OAKS ANNIE A, 1658799, pointer female, by Erin’s Brave Heart—Nathan’s Sis. Jeanette Heise & Louis Qualtiere, owners; Jeanette Heise, handler.

3d—LITTLEWING B K TIA, 1659662, pointer female, by Night Rider—Littlewing Paige. Sergio Velez, owner and handler.

Region 14 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship

The second trial of the Prairie Celebration was the Region 14 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship which began the morning after the McLean Classic was concluded.

Judges for the Championship were Jerry Kolter and Colin Kennedy of Calgary, Alta. Jerry stayed in the saddle to judge back-to-back stakes and Colin stepped in when Ted Goodyear was unable. Both judges gave the dogs their attention.

The winner emerged from the seventh brace. Ten Oaks Annie A is finding her way to the winners’ stand with amazing regularity. It is largely because she always hunts the front and seems to always find birds. This time was no different. The white and orange pointer female is owned by Louis Qualtiere and Jeanette Heise of Saskatoon, Sask. She hunted the front for the entire hour. Searching every likely area, she had finds at 22 and 56. Everyone who watched knew they had seen the winner.

Runner-up was Heard Hill’s Tom Cruizer, white and lemon pointer male. He had an unproductive at 3 and a find on sharptails at 33 to go with his ground race. Tom is owned by Buck and Lynn Heard of Moultrie, Ga.


Traveler’s High Point (Sand) found a lone sharptail at 3 in an area that resulted in unproductive points in earlier braces, a nice find to start the brace. At 13 High Point ended with an unproductive after a flushing attempt by Sand and a relocation effort. Neely’s Party Girl (Neely) had a stop to flush at 25. At the same time that High Point had found sharptails, all in order. At 54 High Point was pointing again, Party Girl backing. This resulted in a barren stand as time ended.

Prairie Fire Annie (Guggenmoos) and Littlewing B K Tia (Velez). At 29 point was called for Tia. The birds left as the handler and judge approached, all in order. At the same time Annie was pointing. Her birds flew also as handler and judge rode to the point, all in order. Then at 50 Tia was pointing once again. This time no birds could be produced.

Heard Hill’s Jaybird (L. Heard) pointed at 3 but nothing resulted from his stand. Thereafter Jaybird was absent from the front for a good bit of time. When he did return, there had been a minor incident with a porcupine during the interim. B K Pablo Escobar (Velez) hunted the hour with ambition and to the front but could not come up with a bird.

Heard Hill’s Misbehavin (L. Heard) and Knight’s White Lady (Owen) were reaching to begin the hour. Heard called point for her dog at 8. An extended flushing and relocation could not produce a bird. At 32 both dogs were pointing next to the same bluff. To this reporter it appeared to be a divided find. Heard flushed and before she put birds into the air, Owen had led his dog away. Both dogs finished the hour hunting at good range, without birds.

Neither Seal the Deal (Neely) nor Fastforward’s B K Gunner (Velez) finished the hour. Seal the Deal had two unproductives, the second at 47. Three minutes later, Gunner was done after a mishap with sharptails.

Gin’n Tonic Live Wire (Noell) was quickly picked up after a mishap on Huns on the breakaway. Lone Tree Splish Splash (Owen) had two mannerly stops to flush to go with a big reaching ground race.

Northwoods Charles (Owen) was braced with the winner Ten Oaks Annie A. Charles hunted with good ambition for the hour but could not come up with a bird.

B K Damascus Sureshot (Velez) and Traveler’s Straight Line (Sand). At 3 Sand called point for his dog. The judge advised that a bird had been seen leaving from the area before his dog entered the area. He elected to flush and finished with an unproductive for his dog. At 5 Velez called point. He flushed sharptails for his dog, everything in order. A second unproductive at 14 finished Straight Line’s day. Sureshot was absent for a time hunting through some heavy cover. Upon his return he finished the hour hunting with a big race through tight cover.

Heard Hill’s Golden Eye (B. Heard) suffered an unproductive at 27.

Traveler’s Split Rail (Sand) did not find birds during the hour.

Heard Hill’s Rebel Polly (B. Heard) found birds at 30 next to a bluff that held birds consistently throughout the trials. She found sharptails again at 55, all in order. Jurnee’s Callaway (Sheldon Rogers) hunted with ambition but never connected with birds.

Making Me Better (Owen) was down with runner-up Heard Hill’s Tom Cruizer. Better was never to the front and was picked up fairly early in the hour.

Ten Oaks Cassandra (Qualtiere) took an unproductive at 10, while D K’s Wild Child (Nelson) honored. Both dogs were hunting ambitiously until Cassandra was again standing near an old cemetery. She moved around as her handler was flushing, ending her effort. Wild Child hunted hard for the hour, hitting many likely areas but could not find a bird.

Judges: Colin Kennedy and Jerry Kolter


[One-Hour Heats] — 17 Pointers and 7 Setters

Winner—TEN OAKS ANNIE A, 1658799, pointer female, by Erin’s Brave Heart—Nathan’s Sis. Jeanette Heise & Lou Qualtiere, owners; Jeanette Heise, handler.

Runner-Up—HEARD HILL’S TOM CRUIZER, 1679831, pointer male, by Miller’s Light Cruizer—Heard Hill’s Queen Mary. Buck & Lynn Heard, owners; Lynn Heard, handler.

Can-Am Shooting Dog Classic

The third and final trial in the Prairie Celebration began the morning after the Region 14 Championship was concluded.

Judges for the final trial were Alex Mauck and Lou Qualtiere. Lou stepped up to fill a last-minute judging assignment. Their efforts were appreciated by all.

It did not take long for the standard to be set in this trial. The first brace of the trial was as fine a shooting dog brace as one could hope to witness. Knight’s White Lady, handled by Travis Gellhaus, was braced with Neely’s Party Girl, handled by John Neely. Both dogs offered big forward races for the entire hour. Party Girl was finally rewarded for her considerable efforts with a very stylish find at 57. Lady pointed birds twice during the hour. Her first find was at 22, the second at 56. Two good finds and a very strong forward race secured the win.


Knight’s White Lady and Neely’s Party Girl were described above. This reporter really enjoyed the brace. Party Girl certainly had to have been considered by the judges for much of the trial. She was most attractive both running and pointing.

Neely’s Seal the Deal (Neely) consistently hunted the front with ambition but his bid ended with a second unproductive at 54. Heard Hill’s Jaybird (L. Heard) also hunted far and wide but could not find any birds during the hour.

Thunderbird Finnegan (Gellhaus) suffered unproductives at 19 and 30. Northwoods Rolls Royce (Kolter) had a find on sharptails at 20 to go with a moderate biddable ground race for his hour.

Traveler’s Split Rail (Sand) managed one find at 58 paired with an earlier unproductive for his hour. Northwoods Sir Gordon (Kolter) hunted forward for the hour but could not find birds.

Hightailing Jasmine (Gellhaus) negotiated several stops to flush in tough windy conditions. The last encounter with birds included a few steps.

Traveler’s High Point (Sand) had a find at 33 on sharptails. At 43 the harness was on the dog.

Lone Tree’s Showbiz (Gellhaus) found Huns right off the breakaway and handled them to perfection. At 15 both dogs were pointing. Heard Hill’s Misbehavin (Heard) was given an unproductive. Though Gellhaus shot over his dog, no birds were seen by the judges. Showbiz finished the hour without any more birds but ran an extremely large powerful forward race under windy conditions.

Lone Tree Splish Splash (Owen) and Prairie Fire Annie (Guggenmoos). This brace included strong forward ground races by each dog. Annie had a good find on sharptails at 20 and also stopped to flight of a group of sharptails at time, as did Splish Splash.

Making Me Better (Owen) was picked up at 30. Heard Hill’s Memory Lane (B. Heard) hunted the hour well but could not come up with birds.

Both Candy Crush (Gellhaus) and Gin’n Tonic Live Wire (Noell) ran big, sometimes to the front. Both were picked up at 40.

Northwoods Charles (Owen) and Heard Hill’s Rebel Polly (B. Heard), another very enjoyable brace. Both dogs were seeking and reaching for objectives for the entire hour. At 28 Charles was pointing next to a fenceline bluff. He had sharptails and handled them perfectly. At nearly the same time in a nearby bluff, Polly had her own find on sharptails, again well executed. Charles reached a bluff not visited by another dog in the trial and pointed at 37. As the judge, handler and reporter converged, Polly came into the area and honored her bracemate. Charles had Huns this time, all in order. Polly was seen very far in the distance pointing just as the hour was coming to a close. It was a long ride to this true limb find. The birds were there. The judges used Polly’s stellar effort placing her second, and Charles earned third for his fine performance.

Fastforward’s B K Gunner (Velez) was running today. His first find was the result of taking a fenceline for perhaps a half-mile where there was a bluff. He was found pointing inside the bluff several minutes later when the course caught up to the dog. Velez was riding close to the bluff before he could see his dog and call point. As riders approached the bluff, bracemate Duke (Gellhaus) came in and pointed outside the bluff for a split find. Both handlers shot over their dogs, all in order. The temperature got to Duke and he was picked up at 26. Gunner had a second find, this time on Huns, at 29. He finished the hour hunting hard to the front without further bird work.

Born on Fourth July (Gellhaus) and B K Pablo Escobar (Velez). The early portion of this course is pretty slick. Both dogs were running far and wide, not necessarily to the front. After a lengthy absence from the front, they were picked up at 30.

Heard Hill’s Tom Cruizer (B. Heard) was picked up at 22; he never settled in. B K Damascus Sureshot (Velez) ran a strong forward race for the hour but without birds.

Judges: Alex Mauck and Lou Qualtiere


18 Pointers and 10 Setters

1st—KNIGHT’S WHITE LADY, 1653758, pointer female, by Touch’s Knight Ryder—Henson’s Snow White. Bill Owen, owner; Travis Gellhaus, handler.

2d—HEARD HILL’S REBEL POLLY, 1670777, pointer female, by Funseeker’s Rebel Tex—Nacho Myakka Miley. Buck & Lynn Heard, owners; Buck Heard, handler.

3d—NORTHWOODS CHARLES, 1652828, setter male, by Ridge Creek Cody—Northwoods Chardonnay. Bill Owen, owner and handler.

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