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Maritime Open Grouse Classic

By Robert Little | Oct 05, 2018
Harold Hatfield Memorial Amateur Shooting Dog Winners. From left: Deb Sloan and Deb Kennedy with Kalamity Cinder, Joe Dahl, judge, and Paul Christopher with Ruff Grouse Lilly.

McAdam, N. B. — The Maritime Open Grouse Classic is dedicated to the memory of David Palmer, a longtime benefactor to the field trial sport in New Brunswick.

This was the seventh running of this stake since its inception in 2012.

This year’s running was a mirror image of last year’s with hot and dry conditions leading to very few wild birds on the courses.

Eleven dogs took part in this year’s classic. The judges were Steve Forrest of Hampden, Me., and Dale Hackett of Fredericton, N. B. Both judges returned from last year and the Maritime Bird Dog Club is appreciative of their efforts.

Mooselook Mac, five-year-old setter male owned by Jack McNulty of Rangely, Me., took the honors with a stylish woodcock find at 8 and went on to finish in brutal mid afternoon temperatures. Mac’s proud owner was on hand to watch him and carried water to keep Mac hydrated. Mac was handled by New Brunswick pro Robert Little.

Ruff Grouse Lilly, four-year-old setter female owned and handled by Paul Christopher of Luneburg, Mass., took runner-up. This fancy chestnut setter had a scouted woodcock find at 16, and a race a little shorter than the winner’s. Paul is a great supporter of the trials in New Brunswick and it was pleasing to see him take a ribbon in this event.

Not to be outdone, Lilly took first in the Harold Hatfield Memorial Amateur Shooting Dog the following day.

Other dogs with bird contacts were Wild Apple Polka Dot (Craig Doherty) and Cairds Lefty (Bob Little). Dot was feeling some pressure from her bracemate and broke on the shot. Lefty showed too much exuberance on a relocation attempt and put his bird to flight.

In the Harold Hatfield Amateur Shooting Dog, seven dogs were drawn. The stake is run in memory of Harold Hatfield, a longtime supporter of amateur field trials in New Brunswick. One dog was scratched after coming into heat subsequent to the draw.

Joe Dahl of Danforth, Me., and Anthony Matthews of Second Falls, N. B., were the judges for this event.

After the three braces were run no dog had any work on wild birds. The following dogs were called back for an opportunity on quail: Ruff Grouse Lilly (Christopher), Mooselook Mac (Despins), Kalamity Cinder (Kennedy) and Bog Brook Brodie (Wilkins) in reserve. Lilly stuck her quail and was fine; however, Mac broke on the shot to get a closer look at his bird. Cinder and Brodie had good work on their birds and placements were given in the order run.

The Andy Wishart Open Derby is in honor of Andy Wishart who was also a great giver to the sport of field trialing in New Brunswick.

Donald Cluney of Grand Pre, N. S., and Anthony Matthews judged the Derby which ran over the same courses as the Hatfield Amateur Shooting Dog.

We had a nice draw of twelve young dogs for this stake, and names of the winners are appended. Each of these dogs had bird work. Siri scored on a brood of grouse. Carly stood a woodcock briefly, and Snakewood stopped on a pair of grouse.

The Maritime Bird Dog Club wishes to thank all handlers for attending as well as the judges who stepped up to help out on a holiday weekend.

McAdam, N. B., September 1

Judges: Steve Forrest and Dale Hackett

MARITIME OPEN GROUSE CLASSIC [One-Hour Heats] — 8 Pointers

and 3 Setters

Winner—MOOSELOOK MAC, 1649949, setter male, by Long Gone Buckwheat—Long Gone Pebbles. John McNulty, owner; Robert Little, handler.

Runner-Up—RUFF GROUSE LILLY, 1656963, setter female, by Doodle Ridge Jiggs—Grouse Ridge Sarge. Paul Christopher, owner and handler.

Judges: Joe Dahl and Anthony Matthews


1 Pointer, 5 Setters and 1 Irish Setter

1st—RUFF GROUSE LILLY, 1656963, setter female, by Doodle Ridge Jiggs—Grouse Ridge Sarge. Paul Christopher, owner and handler.

2d—KALAMITY CINDER, 1678532, Irish setter female, by Come Back Cutter—Come Back Bonita. Deb Kennedy, owner and handler.

3d—BOG BROOK BRODIE, 1654964, setter female, by Full Blast—Fernwood Cove’s Bella. Tom Wilkins, owner and handler.

Judges: Donald Cluney and Anthony Matthews


and 2 Setters

1st—WILD APPLE SIRI, 1675511, pointer female, by Elhew Black Dose—Wild Apple Calvados. Eric Rizza, owner and handler.

2d—CAIRDS YOU’RE SO VAIN, 1678944, pointer female, by It Ain’t My Fault—Chasehill Baby Bella. Robert Little, owner and handler.

3d—ELHEW SNAKEWOOD, 1680106, pointer male, by Elhew Snakecharm—Elhew Danner. Craig Doherty, owner and handler.

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