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Mid-America Brittany Championship

By Wesley Felt | Jun 04, 2018
Tequila Scorcher Winner of the Mid-America Brittany Championship

Raymond, Neb. — The Mid-America Brittany Championship was held April 23-25 at the Branched Oak Field Trial Area near Raymond, Neb., hosted by the Missouri Valley Brittany Club. It followed the regional club event held April 20-22.

There are some fine folks to be noted for their contribution to the success of this Championship. First and foremost, Missouri Valley Brittany Club members Bill and Julie Cockrum. The Cockrums, along with club members Bruce Heiter, John Savicky, John Schlicht and Jack Higgins, devote their time to make this event one of the premier Championships in the Brittany world. We thank these dedicated folks for their hard work.

Sponsor for the Mid-America Brittany Championship is Nestlé Purina which gives both money toward the running of this event and Pro Plan products for the winners. Purina is fed to several dogs running in this event as testimony to the quality of the Pro Plan product. We thank Purina for its continued support.

The Branched Oak Area has a large lodge enjoyed by trial folks to gather for socializing and meals. Meals are prepared by the Wagner family. Karen, George and the kids are there for breakfast and lunch delights. If you have never attended this Championship it would be well worth the drive just for the food.

Some memories are made at each trial event. This week, besides the winning dogs, we also remember our friendship memories. Folks who were here this week will remember Tommy Thomas giving Hyatt Burchett the aerodynamic techniques needed to keep a kite soaring in the air. It went well for some time until the kite found its resting spot, up 20 feet in a tree. No matter how they tried to retrieve the monkey kite, it will stay at the trial grounds for all of us to view in the future.

I have many memories of families and friends getting together to share our joys at these field trial events. I know as folks drive in the trial grounds and see the kite resting in the tree they will remember this young boy and his kite. I hope Hyatt tells this story for many years. I know it will be one of my favorites.

Judges were Bruce Bryant from Iowa and Chris Bryant from Colorado. These two judges were up to the task of three days of riding through some cold weather to select the true all-age winners.

The Branched Oak Area provides ample space to show a true all-age bird dog. The judges had a number of good dogs to choose from with the all-age range, intensity on birds pointed, and the handling necessary to be named as the champion and runner-up.

We had a banner entry of 42 dogs. Named the winner was Tequila Scorcher, male owned by Charles B. Crain of Raymore, Mo., and handled by Ed Tillson. The runner-up title was awarded to Hehi’s Slim Chipley, male owned by Matt Healey of Birmingham, Mich., and handled by Bob Burchett.

The running format had seven braces per day, four braces in the morning and three in the afternoon.

Weather for the three days was good for dogs. The calendar said spring but the temperature on Monday began cool, around 39°, and by the late afternoon was in the low 70s. Tuesday began in the 40s and by noon it was in the mid-60s and then the front and spitting rain came and temperatures returned to mid-50s. Wednesday morning was in the low 40s to begin and then rose to high 60s.


Kinwashkly Fat Bastard (Tracy) and Alar’s Dirty Dancer (Tillson) were ready to find birds. After both dogs had finished the hour, Fatz had pointed seven times, all with good manners. Dani had three finds and an unproductive.

Almaden’s Under Lock and Key (Tillson) had a bird early. Midway through the hour handler chose to pick up. Maxwell’s Prickly Pete (Tracy) had an early find with good manners and ended the brace lost.

A N J’S Ohio Hellion (Burchett) dropped to the last brace. Just Call Me Lucky Ned Pepper (Campbell) was pulled from the Championship as his handler had to go home.

Captain Finn (Burchett) went on point, then flush all without the handler’s assistance and was sent to the dog wagon. M K’s My Lil Ammo (Johnson) was lost late in the hour.

Carpe Diem (Johnson) had a breach of manners and was sent to the dog wagon. Table Mountain Lulu (Davis) had four bird contacts with good manners and finished the hour.

C V K Spartan King (Tracy) and K J’s Darlin Darcy (Windom) separated before the white rock creek. Darcy had two finds and finished the hour. “Leo” caught the front at the wooden bridge. He had two finds before the wooden bridge, one later, and finished the hour.

Gunbarrel Godfather Augustus (Chang) had two finds and the third find became a relocation and a bump. Crescent City Girl (Tillson) was up early with a breach of manners on a bird.

J R’s Cool Hand Luke had two backs and midway through the hour Johnson elected to pick up. Piney Run Jake (Patterson) had two finds. The first find Jake stepped at flush. The second find was perfect manners through the shot and he finished the hour going forward and taking the lines. The performance was enjoyed by the judges as he was awarded third place.

Glade Run Irish (Tracy) had an unproductive early but continued forward with three good finds and finished the hour. K J’s Irish Whizky (Windom) had a bird early and then began to stretch out and was gone midway when the handler turned on the retrieval unit.

Godfather’s Lucky Nickel (Chang) had an unproductive early and near the end of the hour took out a bird to end his day. Whiskey’s Little Tip (Burchett) had a nice forward application which rewarded him with four finds. Scout called point for the third find and it was a considerable ride for judge and handler to find him pointing the bird with perfect manners. He had one unproductive. He finished the hour and his performance was enjoyed by the judges and was awarded fourth place.

Hehi’s Slim Chipley (Burchett) broke away and carried the edges to the front and he hunted the entire hour. He had two finds with good manners. Slim finished the hour strong. This performance was enjoyed by the judges and he was named runner-up. Roll On Miss Bella (Tracy) began her mission strong but finished early with a breach of manners.

Ru Jem’s Last Penny (Tracy) had a bird early, then two unproductives and finished with one last bird near time. Turning Points Shenanigans (Burchett) had a mannerly find early then near the half bumped a bird and went to the dog wagon.

Arrow’s Tequila Rustler (Milam) and Hope’s Chief of Crosscreek (Burchett). Point was called for both dogs, but Rusty took it out. Chief was sent on and midway through the hour handler elected to pick him up.

Romence’s Texas Two Step (Burchett) was lost early. Sparky Prairie Wind Gypsy (Johnson) was forward for the hour. She had two finds and was seen forward at the end of the hour.

Sniksoh Little Diamond (Johnson) and Crossed the Line (Tillson). “Katie” had one good find before her breach of manners on the second bird. “Ty” had a find early and an unproductive. He had a dead bird retrieve which lessened his chances and went to the dog wagon.

Jagoub’s Buzz’n Bayou (Tracy) had a bird early and before mid-hour was lost. S S Rig’s Colorado Gun Runner (Milam) was hunting forward and had three finds and an unproductive. He got hung up at the corner before the wooden bridge and handler called for the retrieval unit.

T L M Tall Tale carded several early finds. The second half of the hour was shorter and Tracy elected to pick up. Remchester’s Premium White Lig Hooch (Johnson) had some early finds and was considered lost before the end of the hour.

Kinwashkly Tempo carded an unproductive midway and Tillson picked up early. M K’s Magnificent Bandito (Johnson) had an early unproductive and finished the hour with two nice finds.

Shady Way’s Joker’s Hill Country (Tracy) and Touch of Bourbon Little Chug (Johnson). “Stan” was lost before the midpoint of the hour. “Carson” was rolling down toward the dam and had a nice find. He was released and moved forward until he lost contact with the handler and the retrieval unit was used.

Tequila Scorcher (Tilson) carded two nice finds with great maturity shown at flush and shot. He gained energy throughout the hour and finished strong. His performance was enjoyed by the judges and he was awarded the championship title. A Trace of Bourbon with Diamonds (Hastings) had two early finds. At the half point was called. We rode back across the dam to see a picturesque point. He lost some range after catching the front and finished the hour.

Kashmir (Tracy) was lost early. Starlight’s Mercury Out Ryder (Burchett) was picked up after a breach of manners.

Castaway Wilson (Tracy) was lost early. A N J’s Ohio Hellion (Burchett) had a bird late and finished the hour.

Raymond, Neb., April 23

Judges: Bruce Bryant and Chris Bryant


42 Brittanys

Winner—TEQUILA SCORCHER, 1642501, male, by Almaden’s River of Shadows—Tequila With A Twist. C. B. Crain, owner; Ed Tillson, handler.

Runner-Up—HEHI’S SLIM CHIPLEY, 1671528, male, by Biebel’s Huckleberry Huck—Rebel Jac’s Kentucky Flyer. Matt Healey, owner; Bob Burchett, handler.


Raymond, Neb., April 20

Judges: Dano Morf and Jeff Wallace

OPEN ALL-AGE — 38 Brittanys

1st—SNIKSOH LITTLE DIAMOND, 1648952, female, by Shady’s Count Kid—Diamond Hill’s Magical Mollie. Tom Wonderling, owner; Scott Johnson, handler.

2d—A TRACE OF BOURBON WITH DIAMONDS, 1658738, male, by Touch of Bourbon Little Chug—Sniksoh Little

Diamond. Rick & Becky Hastings, owners; Rick Hastings, handler.

3d—ROUSTABOUT’S WHITE KNIGHT, 1641758, male, by Ortho Acres Booker T—Jay Hawk’s Georgia Girl. Paul Rosevear, owner; Tom Tracy, Jr., handler.

Judges: Wes Felt and Matt Harris

OPEN PUPPY — 20 Brittanys

1st—COUNTYLINE’S THAT GUY, unreg., male, by Kid’s Red Devil—Farm Girl Pearl. Stan Truksa, owner and handler.

2d—RU JEM’S DIRTY DINGUS MCGEE, 1677037, male, by Sniksoh Spank’s Hank—M K’s My Lil Ammo. Jerry McGee, owner and handler.

3d—LIGHT EM UP LOUIE, unreg., male, by Light Em Up Luke—Table Mountain Lulu. Dave & Liz Klein, owners; Dave Klein, handler.

Judges: Barry Steinmetz and Jeff Wallace

OPEN DERBY — 24 Brittanys

1st—J B’S FULL SPEED AHEAD, 1679137, male, by Bony Bud—J B’s Cabella Cheyanne. Jennifer Pollman & Todd Babble, owners; Scott Johnson, handler.

2d—EL GRANDE, unreg., male, by Cowboy Way—Special Hope. Robert Myers & Rob Rohner, owners; Rob Myers, handler.

3d—GLADE RUN RUGER, 1677980, male, by Glade Run Solo Uno—Glade Run Bonnie. David Webb, owner; Tom Tracy, Jr., handler.

Judges: Dan Morf and Stan Truksa

AMATEUR ALL-AGE — 20 Brittanys

1st—KID’S RED DEVIL, unreg., male, by Shady’s Count Kid—Allied’s Dazee Belle. Bruce Heiter, owner and handler.

2d—TABLE MOUNTAIN LULU, 1648127, female, by Foster’s Buddy—Decan’s Blazin Bye. Allen Davis, owner and handler.

3d—FARM GIRL PEARL, unreg., female, by Touch of Bourbon Little Chug—Sniksoh Little Diamond. Bruce Heiter, owner and handler.

Judges: Wes Felt and Matt Harris

OPEN SHOOTING DOG — 26 Brittanys

1st—TOMMY’S RAISEN A RUCKUS, 1615032, female, by Havapal’s Renegade Billy Boy—Bourbon’s Lucky Penny. Tommy & Linda Thomas, owners; Tommy Thomas, handler.

2d—T L M PETE NOCONA, 1629411, male, by Damn Yankee—T L M Hidden Money. Linda & Tom Milam, owners; Tom Milam, handler.

3d—QUEEN OF COMEDY, 1665656, female, by Sirius Buddy Boy—Tommy’s Raisen A Ruckus. Tommy & Linda Thomas, owners; Tommy Thomas, handler.

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