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Mid-America Prairie Championship

By Tiffany Genre | Oct 10, 2017

Independence, Kan. — The Mid-America Prairie Championshipship program began Monday, October 9, at Bill Westfall’s Ranch near Independence, Kan. The Open Derby has six entries and the Mid-America Open Championship, thirty.

The judges are Harold Gearhart of Kingsville, Mo., and Tim Thornton of Oakley, Kan.

Dr. Minor E. Gordon Open Derby

Name of dog/Breed & Sex/Handler

1.  Executive Action, PM; Randy Anderson. With

Westfall’s Castaway, PM; Andy Daugherty.


2. Worsham’s Silver Charger, PM; Joe Worsham. With

Superstition’s Last Touch Daisy, PF; Allen Vincent.


3. Miss Stylin Sue, ESF; Allen Vincent. With

Miller’s Ring Tone, PM; Randy Anderson.


Mid-America Prairie Championship

1. Worsham’s Silver Comet, PM; Worsham. With

Round of Applause, PM; Randy Anderson.


2. Westfall’s True Grit, PM; Andy Daugherty. With

Hush Money, PM; Randy Anderson.


3. Samstorm, PM; Allen Vincent. With

Whipporwill Wild Shot, PM; Cochran.


4. Miller’s Happy Jack, PM; Randy Anderson. With

Westfall’s Black Ace, PM; Andy Daugherty.


5. Lowrider Frank, PM; Allen Vincent. With

B M B’s Free Ride, GSHM; Blum.


6. Touch’s Adams County, PM; Randy Anderson. With

Salem’s Annie Oakley, PF; Andy Daugherty.


7. Barshoe Five’n Dimer, PM; Allen Vincent. With

Valiant, PM; Randy Anderson.


8. Abberdeen’s Paid in Full, PM; Randy Anderson. With

Westfall’s Black Thunder, PM; Andy Daugherty.


9. Westfall’s River Ice, PM; Andy Daugherty. With

Phillips Field Line, PM; Randy Anderson.


10. Whippoorwill Forever Wild, PM; Matt Cochran. With

Whippoorwill Red Rage, PM; Andy Daugherty.


11. S F Mapleleaf,  PF; Allen Vincent. With

Manteo’s Ace of Spades, PM; Randy Anderson.


12. Lester’s Jazz Man, PM; Randy Anderson. With

Frasier’s John Henry, PM; Andy Daugherty.


13. S F Bandwagon, PM; Larry Smith. With

Hackberry’s Chris Kyle, PM; Allen Vincent.


14. Westfall’s Rampage, PM; Andy Daugherty. With

Touch’s Blackout, PM; Randy Anderson.


15. White Dollar, PM; Randy Anderson. With

Oakspring Bigtime Warrior, PM; Allen Vincent.

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