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Kendal Hills Dawson Creek Wins Championship for Owners Tim Perschke and Tim Tufts; Tim McClurg’s Mac’s Hi Oh Silver is Runner-Up

Mid-States Walking Shooting Dog Championship

By Joe Cammisa | Jun 06, 2019
The Winners. From left: Dave Hughes, Mark Hughes with Kendal Hills Dawson Creek, Joseph Mains, Dominic Mains, Tim McClurg with Mac’s Hi Oh Silver, Judges Jim Thomas and Chris Catanzarite.

Harrisville, Pa. — The Mid-States Championship saw chairman Tom Mains draw 22 dogs for the upcoming renewal at Oakridge Pointing Dog Club in Harrisville, Pa. The trial was held April 25-26.

As has been traditionally done the past few years, the Championship was held just prior to the National Walking Shooting Dog Futurity and companion stakes and the Mid-Atlantic Walking Shooting Dog Championship, all also held at Oakridge for a great ten days or so of bird dog extravaganza.

Thanks to all who entered the Mid-States Championship to make it a great trial.

When I pulled up to the clubhouse, the morning hustle was started, and the coffee was on early. Jim Thomas and Dave Hughes started the gathering along with Norm Meeder, Tim McClurg, Brandon Kreuer, Nick Mellon, Tom Mains with his two boys Dominic and Joseph. Chris Catanzarite pulled on and things were starting to fall into shape. Dominic and Joseph Mains, the bird planters, were driven around by their father Tom Mains, and with the first brace birds having been planted things were ready.

In that first morning, the field of entries for the day were moving about in the gathering and camping field of Oakridge in anticipation of the two days unfolding in front of them. The judges were busy tending and saddling their horses, Norm Meeder was at work early and getting ready for his daily tasks and the first competitors were lining up to put their charges into the dog wagon, all ready for a really big show . . . .

Judges for the day were famed outdoorsmen Chris Catanzarite and Jim Thomas. Both famous for their field trial experience in owning, training and handling championship caliber dogs. Jim hails from New York and Chris is a Pennsylvania native.

Weather conditions at the start time included heavy rains from the south, cloudy skies and a few drizzles.


Mac’s Hi Oh Silver (PM/McClurg) and Braggabull (PF/Hughes) were tugging at their leads. The official breakaway was 8:44 with both dogs breaking away, starting out easy with Silver taking the big cut along the top treeline. Silver pointed at 11 just before the road crossing with “Bull” backing, everything clean and clear. At 19 Bull pointed in the left woods before the tall grass corner with all in order. Simultaneously at 19 Silver pointed at the tall grass field, looking like he owned the place, standing tall with all in order. Both raced to cover their way past the duck blind bridge and on up to the corner left turn. Bull backed and Silver pointed at the mound. This bird was hard to find. Bull moved on, Silver and McClurg continued to search and came up with the gold. Bull pointed once more at 33 and was later picked up at 41 for a breach of manners. Silver was lost on point and found at time. Silver found the silver and finished well.

The first brace, an exciting start to the trial, was in the books.

Pointer females Hypointe Witch Way (Mellon) and Double Deuce Molly (Hughes) tallied their first finds independently at 12 and made the road crossing at 14. They hunted and ran hard until hitting the tall grass field corner where Molly pointed and Way backed. Both were turned loose and rounded the duck blind area and on up to the top of the mound where the situation repeated itself with Molly pointing and Way backing once more. At 44 Molly pointed at the top field corner and Way backed. At 51 Way suffered an unproductive with Molly backing this time.

Suemac’s Sashay (PF/Hughes) and  Mac’s Silver Chief (PM/McClurg) had a speedy breakaway. Sashay pointed at 13 with Chief backing before the road crossing near the road edge. After crossing and working their way to the high grass corner in the ditch, Chief pointed with Sashay settling for a back at 18. Chief picked up an unproductive on his way to the mound and Sashay tagged a find at the mound top at 24. At 29 Chief took the lead again, pointed at the top of the big hill in the corner with Sashay coming in for the back. Chief suffered an unproductive but at 31 both dogs came into a divided find. Chief tagged again at 38 and Sashay tallied again on a bird at 53.

Kendal Hills Dawson Creek (PM/M. Hughes) and  Zuk’s Rambling Man (PM/ Zukovich) were off and around the breakaway side with ease. Rambling Man made first contact and suffered an unproductive at 13. Meanwhile just prior Creek showed his skill off rimming the breakaway in great fashion and at 14 he stopped hard and tagged his first one for his judge’s book. Creek’s demeanor on birds is something to be admired. Two divided finds followed at 20 and 32. Both dogs stretched their legs to the front and ate up the real estate. Creek took the bigger bite of ground and rounded the clubhouse turn and took in the entire ditch line and down into the high grass field as Rambling Man hit it wider to the side and rounded the top near the platform. This developed into two separate finds at 55, Rambling Man above the platform near the quail pen field and Creek in the high grass field corner. All in order and the two ran out their time toward the end of the course.

Dave and Mark Hughes had setter females  Single Shot Barley and Twilight Echo Promise. This brace was filled with excitement as Barley pointed in places other dogs did not go. Echo made the first move on a bird at the road crossing at 15. Barley took her skills across the road to a clump of trees right of the crossing after having covered the quail pen hill. Both dogs had things in order and were turned toward the long woods edge and in to the tall grass corner where Echo tagged her second find. Both dogs were fancy and covered the ground well. Barley rimmed the outside edge of the shooting dog breakaway hill and stopped dead on one of the high bush objectives on the near side of the platform hill at 22. Echo got a strike three from the pitcher’s mound at 23 and was lifted after the encounter. Barley tagged three more finds, each at the top of the far hill turn at 42, the woods at the point at 51 and in the woods bottom at the clubhouse turn. The woods were an attraction, and after her last find led her to stay deep into them until pickup.

Southern Cross Barandilla (PM/Mellon and Double Deuce Dexter (PM/ Hughes) broke away well and covered the far treeline. They cornered the pond and came up to the Porter Road edge. Both crossed at 14. Dexter pointed at the tall grass corner at 20 where he made a solid contact. Dexter made contact again in the milo near the duck blind site at 25 and his last find was at the point in the woods. Barandilla, after crossing the road, hit hard on a find in the first corner. Everything in order, Nick Mellon moved him on. Barandilla broke to the right toward the platform hill and down toward the duck blind. Just above the duck blind in the milo, Barandilla stood for approximately four minutes. The bird popped and he stepped forward to end his bid.

Pointer females Hollywood Madam (Schmeider/Kreuer) and A Distant Spec (Hughes) started with a full out coverage of the Porter Road side. Both dogs ran the far treeline edge and rounded the pond with bird work on their minds. Madam pointed at the road crossing and Spec found her own at the well pipes before the road. Both crossed at 14 and Spec ran onto the old breakaway and around the hill to the platform area, where she was found standing. A bird was produced and she was loosed toward the duck blind bottom. She was found standing at the mound top and suffered a breach of manners. Madam crossed the duck blind bridge around the mound area, to the west side boundary and into the next county to the top of hill corner. Madam stopped, pointed and a bird was produced when Ron Schmeider flushed with little effort. On course down the hill to the point woods out through the clubhouse turn and on the platform hillside, she rounded the point and was found standing at time.

Day No. 2 started at 8:05 a. m. I’ll Be Back (SM/Meeder/Hughes) and La Sombra (PM/Hughes) made a thorough search crossing the road and back at the breakaway field end where both completed their first finds. With everything in order, they crossed Porter Road at 18 and headed for the cig side of the trial grounds. I’ll Be Back (Mickey) was found standing at the side of platform hill at 22. La Sombra (Trico) went forward with his handler Dave Hughes. Mickey, high and tight with everything in order, was moved forward by Mark Hughes. Trico was picked up after he came forward from the high grass corner where he committed a breach of manners. Mickey stopped 30 yards north of the old duck blind site at 26 where Mark Hughes flushed, fired and moved him on. At the top of the big hill Mickey struck again at 35 and finished hid bid at time with an unusual find and stop where he pointed, possibly a quail egg.

Setter females Phillips Half Moon  (Hughes) and  Texas Honey Bee (Klein) filled up the east side of Porter Road. Moon attacked the road crossing, stopping at 10 to nail her quarry and crossing then on to the big side of the trial grounds. Bee found her own quail to pursue at 12 and crossed over a minute or so later. Both dogs pointed separately at 18, Moon at the platform and Bee in the tall grass field corner. Bee suffered an unproductive at 25 but went on to 33 where she pointed at the top of the hill clump. Everything was in order and when loosed Bee decided there was a bird at the last stand and went back, where she proved it to be. Both dogs were found at 53 at the end of the ditch line where they tallied a divided bird for the scorecard.

Setter males Let’s Do It (Tom DeRosa) and Wayward Flying Tomato (Hughes). Cooper vs Cooper, both dogs’ callname Cooper, were  away at Porter Road edge and covered the extremes of the breakaway. Both rimmed the field and hunted with great abandon through the woodcock cover before they came up to road edge where Do It struck paydirt first. With Tomato backing, Do It was standing high when handler approached, and the bird was then produced. At 20, down near the high grass field corner, Do It did it again when he was found pointed with Tomato backing once more. Everything in order they were moved on. A third bird was tallied just prior to the duck blind site with Do It and Tomato in a divided find situation. A bird was produced and both went on. Tomato went left at the duck blind site and Do It went straight up the ditchline. Shortly after Tom DeRosa picked up his charge during the rain shower. Tomato pointed at the mound and ten minutes later was also picked up during the rain by his handler Dave Hughes.

Pointer males Warrior Zeke (Hughes)  and  Pistol Grip (Hughes) ran hard and hit the road crossing, with Zeke returning to the breakaway field where he hunted the woodcock bottom. He pointed a dispatched bird at the road crossing and then was moved forward to where he pointed once more across the road, everything in order. Next was in the tall grass field corner and he pointed another bird in the platform hill clumps with all in order for both of them. The duck blind site near the water trough was Zeke’s next objective where he produced another and ended his bid. Pistol Grip pointed deep in the woods before the road crossing and his handler collared him to the road. He traveled to the tall grass field corner and was picked up for a minor slipup.

All were brought back to the Oakridge clubhouse where the announcements were made. Kendal Hills Dawson Creek was declared the champion and Mac’s Hi Oh Silver was named the runner-up.

The Mid-States Club would like to thank Greg Blair and Purina for their gracious support of the trial over the years and Oakridge Pointing Dog Club. Dominic and Joseph Mains were a great addition to the bird planting staff of “Mains and Sons” and are to be commended for their sticktoittiveness, riding for two days in the rain. Thank you to Norm Meeder for all that he does to pick up all loose ends and for having the lunches ready each day. Thanks to Suzie Cammisa for the pastries and breakfast treats. And a special thank you to Chris Catanzarite and Jim Thomas for sitting it out in the judicial saddles during the two days of cold weather and rain. It is never easy to find judges and their willingness to serve is highly respected and appreciated.

Harrisville, Pa., April 25

Judges: Chris Catanzarite and James W. Thomas


[One-Hour Heats] — 14 Pointers  and 8 Setters

Winner—KENDAL HILLS DAWSON CREEK, 1650421, pointer male, by Beaver Meadow Benjamin—Richfield Stella. Tim Tufts & Tim Perschke, owners; Mark Hughes, handler.

Runner-Up—MAC’S HI OH SILVER, 1643180, pointer male, by Mac’s Silver Dollar—Backcountry Dolly. Tim McClurg, owner and handler.

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