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Middle Atlantic Open Shooting Dog Championship

By Joseph A. Lordi | Mar 20, 2017

Lacey Township, N. J. — The Middle Atlantic Open Shooting Dog Championship is scheduled to start Tuesday, March 21, at Lacey Township N. J.

The stake has drawn 43 dogs as shown below; the Derby Classic has 21.



1. Backcountry Tornado, PF; Mike Tracy. With

High Drive War Paint, PF; George Tracy.


2. Essie’s Bonanza, ESF; Jeanette Tracy. With

Walden’s Ridge Shadow Dancer, PM; Mike Tracy.


3. Grouse Woods Skeeter, ESM; Matt Basilone. With

Miller’s Unbridled Forever, PM; George Tracy.


4. Calico’s Cowboy Casanova, PM; Mike Tracy. With

Miller’s Miss Calamity Jane, PF; George Tracy.


5. Fort River Megabucks, ESM; Matt Basilone. With

Grand Heritage Commotion, ESF;  Jeanette Tracy.


6. The Slight Edge, PM; Mike Tracy. With

Shadow Oak Doc, ESM; George Tracy.


7. Bail Me Out, PM; Mike Tracy. With

Jessie’s Bojangles, ESM; Jeanette Tracy.


8. Jayhawk Thunder, PM; Matt Basilone. With

Attitude’s Iron Will, ESM; Mike Tracy.


9. Pine Straw Black Hawk, ESM; Jeanette Tracy. With

Adjusted Attitude, ESM; Mike Tracy.


10. North County Girl, PF; Mike Tracy. With

Ladywood’s Keepsake, PF; Jeanette Tracy.


11. Urban’s Fantasy, PM; Matt Basilone. With

Sugarknoll War Paint, PM; George Tracy.


l2. Bully Bragg, PM; Mike Tracy. With

Erin’s War Creek, PM; George Tracy.


13. Covey Up Woodie, PM;  Jeanette Tracy. With

Hightailing Bud, PM; Mike Tracy.


l4. Sassy Creek, PF; Jeanette Tracy. With

Miller’s Vanilla Snow, PF; George Tracy.


15. Thomas Adironack Turbo, PM; Mike Tracy. With

Miller’s Brown Eyed Girl, PF; George Tracy.


16. Ladywood’s Miss Daisy, ESF; Jeanette Tracy. With

Great River Survivor, PM; Mike Tracy.


l7. Cory’s Easy Holy Water, PF; George Tracy. With

Coosawhatchie Smooth Ride, PM; Mike Tracy.


18. Mama’s Broken Heart, PM; Matt Basilone. With

High Drive Ranger, PM; George Tracy.


19. Pine Straw Sweet Tea, ESF; Jeanette Tracy. With

Waybetter Rocky, PM; Mike Tracy.


20. Deerfield Game, PF; Matt Basilone. With

Lovern’s Red Lace, PF; George Tracy.


2l. Touch’s Mae Mobley, PF; George Tracy. With

Steel City Karen, PF; Jeanette Tracy.


22. Palara, PF; Mike Tracy.


Middle Atlantic Open Derby


1. Fluid Drive, PM; Mike Tracy. With

Jamback’s Johnny Be Good, PM; George Tracy.


2. Don’t Make Me Mad, PF; Matt Basilone. With

Lake Thyme Sister, PF; Mike Tracy.


3. Bill, PM; Bergen/Basilone. With

Steel City Storm, PM; Jeanette Tracy.


4. Tall Hot Dilemma, PF; Mike Tracy. With

Sand Surfer, PM; George Tracy.


5. Neely’s High Drive, PM; George Tracy. With

Moonlite’s Yellow Jacket, PF; Mike Tracy.


6. Ivy, ESF; Matt Basilone. With

Klee’s Full Moon Rising, PF; Mike Tracy.


7. Rattlesnakes Dixie, PF; Matt Basilone. With

High Drive Tex, PM; George Tracy.


8. Deerfield Sophia, PF; Matt Basilone. With

Miller’s Honor Code, PM; George Tracy.


9. Walden’s Keen Ice, PM; Mike Tracy. With

Deerfield Kate, PF; Matt Basilone.


10. Miller’s Handsome Ransom, PM; George Tracy. With

Double M’s Deliverance, PM; Mike Tracy.


11. Steele City Diamond, PF; Mike Tracy. As a bye.

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