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Midwest Vizsla Shooting Dog Championship

By Chad Chadwell | Nov 05, 2018
Championship Winners. Front, from left: Brian Gingrich with C K Too Hot To Handle and Nancy Browne with Cali’s Wiki Mia Tai at Sunset. Behind: Jeff Zenas, Jim Cipponeri and Fred Ryan, the judges; Ron Chenoweth, Chad Chadwell, Julie Zenas, Carrie Syczylo, Jim Gingrich and Terry Trzcinski.

Ionia, Mich. — The Midwest Vizsla Shooting Dog Championship and Gary Jagoda Derby Classic were held again at the DNR grounds near Ionia, Mich., on September 26-28.

We had light rain the night before the start of the trial, but otherwise weather conditions all three days of this event were nearly ideal for both animals and humans, with mostly sunny skies and cool temperatures. Fog delays, almost always an issue at this site, did not occur.

The grounds on course No. 1 were well groomed and in good condition for watching the dogs. The back side of the grounds were not mowed and the cover was tall and thick in certain areas, making it a challenge for handlers and scouts to locate their dogs.

A special thanks to our sponsors,  Nestlé Purina and Garmin-Tri-Tronics, for their much appreciated continued support of this event and the field trial community in general. Thank you Terry Trzcinski, our Purina representative, for visiting with us and especially for pitching in by driving the dog wagon. We always enjoy visiting with Terry; his time and assistance are much appreciated!

The event ran smoothly thanks to an experienced and attentive committee: Jeff and Julie Zenas, Ron and Denise Chenoweth, and my wife, Nancy Browne. Nancy kept me organized and on track and completed many tasks that are essential to a well-run trial. Nancy also ensured great food was available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and boiled eggs, snacks and drinks were available in the dog wagon.

Jeff Zenas helped in so many ways, from planting birds, driving the dog wagon, completing cleanup of the bird house, driving the tractor and wagon for the Derby Classic, using the tractor and loader for manure cleanup. Julie Zenas was essential in completing much of the paper work and checklists, and was responsible for collecting fees, planting birds as needed, and assisting Nancy in the clubhouse. Your time and talent are greatly appreciated.

Ron Chenoweth ensured the birds were adequately cared for each day. Ron arose early each day before daylight and handed me the filled bags to seed the courses. Denise Chenoweth helped Ron with the birds and rode nearly every brace to complete much of the championship reporting. All of you are much appreciated!

A special thank-you to the experienced and attentive judges who sat in the saddle and watched our dogs over the three days. Jim Cipponeri of New Hudson, Mich., and Fred Ryan of Cridersville, Ohio have many years of judging experience and know what they are looking for in a shooting dog. They rode at a shooting dog pace and their attentive judging was in evidence throughout the Championship.

Fred remained to judge the Gary Jagoda Derby Classic with his judging partner Ron Gulembo of Hudsonville, Mich. Special thanks to Ron and his wife Kathy for driving in from Nebraska so that Ron could assume his judging duties. Jim, Ron and Fred’s judging expertise in watching our dogs was evident throughout the stakes and is greatly appreciated.


The championship title was awarded to Cali’s Wiki Mai Tai At Sunset (Mia), female owned by Chad Chadwell and Nancy Browne of Springfield, Ill., and handled by Chad. Mia ran in brace No. 7, the first brace of the second day, braced with Sunset Trails Reasonable Suspicion (Sydney), owned by Julie Zenas and handled by Brian Gingrich.

Runner-up was awarded to C K Too Hot To Handle (Cayenne), female owned by Bryan Adams of West Linn, Ore., and handled by pro Brian Gingrich. Cayenne ran the second day in brace No. 10, the last brace of the stake, with Sophie’s Red Buddy.

Twenty dogs were brought to the line in this Championship.

The champion’s brace started promptly at 8:00 a. m. on Thursday, sunny, the temperature approximately 55°. Both dogs moved boldly to the front, crossing the bridge and moving aggressively up the hill. Mia hunted briefly at the hilltop, then shifted right and made a rapid independent move forward leading her bracemate. At 5 Mia pointed stylishly in the south field with Sydney honoring. The bird was flushed and the shot fired, Mia holding staunchly. Mia was again in the lead as she swiftly edged the next field hunting hard. Mia pointed very stylishly at the right treeline in full view of the judges and gallery. She held firm as a single bird was flushed and shot fired.

Mia quickly joined her bracemate ahead and again took the lead. At the top corner of same field, Chad called point, Mia pointing stylishly and Sydney honoring. Chad successfully flushed a single bird, Mia and Sydney swiftly worked the far left edge of the next big field, Mia leading the way. Mia went on point for a third time nearest the gallery just outside an island with Sydney nowhere in sight. Upon riding up, the handlers discovered Sydney on point on the far island side, pointing away from Mia. Both handlers moved in to work their birds. Chad produced a single, Mia holding firm, and shot. He collected her and moved forward through the keyhole break. Brian searched a bit longer and eventually located and flushed a single, all in order.

Mia worked quickly and independently edging the right treeline where she suddenly whirled and slammed on point in full view of her handler and judge. Chad called point, dismounted and flushed a small covey directly in front of Mia. Both edged the far left side of the next large field, hunting hard all the way to the north side of the field with Mia covering ground efficiently. At this point the dogs disappeared over a rise and behind an island. Chad rode to the top of a small hill and immediately called point and then announced both dogs on point. Sydney was discovered slightly in front with Mia honoring closely behind. After an extensive search, Brian flushed two birds immediately in front of both dogs which held staunchly through the shot.

Mia moved quickly along the next treeline and across the big field where she hunted north toward the second half of the course and was seen moving through the cut. Sydney worked toward the east side of the field where she was discovered on point at the treeline. Chad rode through the north break toward the back side of the course calling for Mia. Mia disappeared at this point and evidently hooked right, hunted toward her bracemate, and was seen by Brian and his judge immediately honoring Sydney. Unaware, Chad was already out of earshot and the judge sent a galley rider forward to retrieve him. After some time Chad reappeared. Brian worked the single bird successfully.

The dogs moved through the chute and next field, across the bridge into the large field,Mia ran a strong, forward, independent race throughout the hour with solid and stylish bird work.

Runner-up brace. The dogs broke away at a rapid pace working their way across the first creek and up the next hill. At 3 Cayenne pointed near the path at the bottom of the second hill. A bird was produced, all in order. Buddy moved forward quickly and was briefly absent. At 5 the scout located Buddy on point in the far corner of the large north field. Handler successfully worked the bird with all in order. Cayenne ran at a good pace through the next two fields hunting hard. At 6 Cayenne was stylishly pointing at the island in the big field south of the keyhole break. Gingrich successfully worked the bird, Cayenne staunchly holding point. Cayenne continued on at a good pace and hunting hard. At 10 Buddy pointed in the north corner of the large field with all in order. Both dogs worked quickly through the next two fields and crossed the creek at the Boy Scout bridge. In the next field, Cayenne pointed staunchly just before the narrow chute, a bird produced, all in order.

Cayenne moved forward at a good pace through the next large fields, crossed the creek and ended well forward when time was called. At 55 Buddy went on point. After an extensive search, the handler located feathers and elected to move forward. At time Buddy again went on point just before the orchard. The handler flushed the bird and fired the shot with all in order. Time was called. Cayenne had a nice forward run with consistent and stylish bird work and was awarded runner-up.

The Running

Brace No. 1 started at 8:01 a. m. near the big tree at the top of the hill.

Alpine’s Playing With Fire (Cinder/ VM/Brian Gingrich) and Another Mai Tai Please (Ty/VM/Chadwell) broke away down the hill, moved quickly across the creek bridge and up the next hill with Ty slightly ahead. Ty pointed just prior to the orchard at 5. Handler flushed two birds and shot, Ty holding point staunchly throughout. On the other side of the treeline, Cinder was also on point. Brian flushed the bird and shot, Cinder holding staunchly. Both dogs moved forward quickly and Ty was found on point with Cinder honoring at the line of trees just before the big pasture. Chad flushed the bird with all in order. The dogs worked their way around the outer pasture edge, then moved forward through the next two pastures. They worked their way around the dogleg and past Logan’s Lookout. Each handler continued forward calling for their charges and each sent their scouts in search. However, after a lengthy absence with no sign of the dogs, both handlers chose to pull their retrieval units at 30.

Burr Oaks Bam Bam (VF/Gingrich) and Durite’s Katy Kat (VF/Carrie Syczylo) broke away from the big oak tree on the return side of the course. Each dog moved smartly forward into the large open field, judges and gallery able to see them clearly. Bam Bam moved into the orchard and worked the left side searching for birds. Katy was working through the trees on the right side of the orchard. At the upper orchard Brian signaled to the judges that Bam Bam was well forward moving through the grassy area. Katy was a bit closer with Carrie encouraging her to move forward. At the old stone school house Katy was not pleasing Carrie and she picked up. Bam Bam moved past the old stone school house smartly and crossed the creek. She was found on point at an island in the orchard area. A single bird was flushed, all in order. Bam Bam worked forward through the next two pastures canvassing the edges in good form and was found on point at the treeline. The bird was successfully worked. Bam Bam then went across the large creek bridge, up Cardiac Hill, through the narrow chute, hunting hard through the next three fields. After crossing the large bridge and receiving water from her handler, Bam Bam moved along the treeline and into the start of course No. 1 where her handler called point at 56. After an extensive search, no bird was produced and time was called.

C K Touchdown Sassy (VF/Gingrich) pointed at 5 in the corner on course No. 1. Brian worked a single bird and moved his dog forward with all in order. Durite’s Indiana Jones (VF/Syczylo) had already moved forward with her handler riding forward as well. Sassy was found on point; however, Brian was unable to produce a bird. Sassy was moved forward, then was out of sight for an extended time. Her handler chose to pull his retrieval unit ending Sassy’s run for this day. Jones was found on point by her scout. After an extensive search for the birds, Jones moved forward slightly and was picked up for a breach of manners.

After a brief lunch break, the fourth brace broke away at 12:40 p. m.

Bangert’s Red Baron (VM/Gingrich) moved smartly forward with purpose. Red was absent for some time and a gallery rider announced that Red was standing in a treeline near a break at 22. Handler worked the bird successfully and moved Red forward into the next large pasture just before the bottoms. C K Guy’s Hot N Spicy (Ginger/VF/Ron Chenoweth) moved out briskly but turned north instead of south with the course. Her scout called point on the north treeline at 10. The bird was flushed and shot fired, all in order. At 25 Ginger’s scout called point at the far treeline in the big pasture prior to the bottoms. Ron rode to the dog and discovered Red on point as well. Brian had ridden forward out of hearing and a gallery rider rode forward and notified him. Upon returning, Brian and Ron worked the single bird successfully, a divided find credited. At 44 Red was found standing  toward the end of course No. 1. As Brian was moving to the dog, Ginger arrived and honored her bracemate. Ron rode up, Brian successfully worked the bird, and the dogs were moved forward. At 49 Ginger was again found on point. The handler searched but was unsuccessful in locating a bird and elected to move on. Both dogs finished the hour.

C K Post Route Scout (VM/Gingrich) and Mia’s Hour of Kalua (Cal/VM/ Chadwell) moved at a fast pace from the big oak tree on the return course. Scout was found on point in the far side of the orchard area at 15. Handler flushed the bird, shot and moved Scout forward with all in order. Scout went ahead swiftly, crossed the creek bridge and moved up Cardiac Hill where he pointed staunchly at the top of the field. After an extensive search, handler failed to flush a bird and elected to move on. Scout moved forward aggressively and was not seen for some time. After riding over the wooden bridge and into the start of course No. 1, Gingrich elected to pull the retrieval unit and end Scout’s run. Cal ran a nice forward race as he hunted the edges through much of the course. After crossing the wooden bridge Cal pointed at the treeline, failed to hold point when the bird was flushed, ending his run.

Midnight Run’s Probable Cause (Kala/VF/Jeff Zenas) and Meyer’s Bella (VF/Syczylo) were away with good energy and hunting hard. Kayla pointed in the first field with Bella continuing on. Kayla failed to hold point and was picked up for a breach of manners. Bella pointed but moved while her handler was flushing and was picked up.

Sunset Trails Reasonable Suspicion and Cali’s Wiki Mai Tai At Sunset were reported above.

C K Touchdown Guy (VM/Gingrich) and Pele’s Wiki Aloha Spirit (Shaka/ VF/Chadwell) broke away from the large oak tree, Guy immediately powering to the front. Shaka worked her way through the orchard and through the next field. At the treeline near the parking lot handler spotted Shaka under a bird and picked up. Guy was still absent at this point and his handler went forward through the field and across the creek crossing. Brian found Guy on point at an island in the orchard. Handler located the bird standing under Guy and worked the bird with Guy standing staunchly. Guy advanced quickly through the next field, moving well forward and hunting hard along the treelines. Guy continued at a rapid pace across the creek bridge, through the narrow chute and the next two fields. Guy crossed the wooden bridge where his handler stopped at the top of the next hill for a quick water break. After releasing his charge, Guy moved quickly forward and was lost for some time by his handler. The handler chose to pull the retrieval unit and Guy’s run ended. [Note: Brian’s retrieval unit indicated Guy located over a mile north standing. However, Guy evidently moved on before Brian could find his exact location. After an extensive ride and search, Brian received a phone call from a person who had retrieved Guy from the road near the oak tree, some two miles from where the retrieval unit was originally pulled. The Good Samaritan called the phone number on Guy’s collar and handed the dog over to a very appreciative handler.]

After a lunch break, Rambling Rivers BGK Fire Woman (Cinder/VF/Gingrich) and C K Touchdown Nitro (VM/ Syczylo) broke away shortly after 12:00 p. m. At 3 Cinder was under a bird and Brian picked her up for a breach of manners. At 10 Nitro’s scout found Nitro on point in a wooded corner. Upon flushing the bird, Nitro took steps and Carrie chose to pick up at this point.

C K Too Hot To Handle and Sophie’s Red Buddy were reported above.

Ionia, Mich., September 28 — One Course

Judges: Ron Gulembo and Fred Ryan


Winner—CALI’S WIKI MAI TAI AT SUNSET, 1626328, female, by Boot Scootin Boogie—Lundy’s Fiddlin With Fire. Chad Chadwell & Nancy Browne, owners; Chad Chadwell, handler.

Runner-Up—C K TOO HOT TO HANDLE, 1662740, female, by C K Rebel Rouser Et’s Born Again—C K Touchdown Sis. Bryan Adams, owner; Brian Gingrich, handler.

Gary Jagoda Derby Classic

The Derby Classic was run on Friday, September 28. The weather at 8:00 a. m. was in the high 50s with partly cloudy skies and low humidity.

Twelve young Vizslas were brought to the line. Judges were Ron Gulembo and Fred Ryan.

The winner was Durite’s Dillon Can’t Lose, Vizsla female owned by Kevin and Jody Spangler DeFord of Coatsville, Ind., and handled by pro Carrie Syczylo.

Second was awarded to Burr Oak’s Born Again (Toby), Vizsla male owned by Jim Gingrich of Winnebago, Ill., and handled by pro Brian Gingrich. Third was Dynata’s Fireball (Shelby), Vizsla female owned and handled by John Bacik of Strongsville, Ohio.


Vezeto’s Alpine Redemption (Oliver/ VM/Gingrich) had finds at 10, 19, 23 and near time. C K Guy’s Lil Spitfire (Ember/VF/Chenoweth) was not seen after disappearing over the first hill at breakaway. At 15 Chenoweth employed his retrieval unit.

Burr Oak’s Born Again (Toby/VM) Gingrich) and Hilltop BGK Sophie’s Red Dreamsicle (Dea/VM/Jim Winnen) broke away with good energy. At 9 Toby pointed just at the treeline before the first large field and held firm until handler moved in front to flush the bird. Toby had another stylish point later on course. Dea handled very kindly. The reporter missed reporting the rest of Toby’s run but was informed that he ran a good forward ground race with good bird work. The judges awarded Toby second place.

Ramblin Rivers Red Rock (VM/Gingrich) had a find at 11 standing deep within a bushy area in the first open field. At 13 Dynata’s All Fired Up (Trixie/VF/Winnen) had a find at the island just before the keyhole break. Jim dismounted, fired a shot and moved his dog forward. The dogs finished the 30-minute stake near the end of the loop.

C K Red Headed Flying Dutchman (VM/Gingrich) ran as a bye. At 11 Dutch pointed a single bird at the island just before the keyhole break. The bird flushed, and shot was fired. Dutch finished near the last break.

At 5 Nova III (VF/Gingrich) pointed in the woodsline near the first large field. Nova finished the brace. Dynata’s Fireball (Shelby/VF/Bacik) moved forward and pointed a bird in the same area and held a stylish point until the handler flushed the bird. Shelby hunted diligently around the large field and went on point at the island. She held staunchly through the flush and shot with all in order. At 12 Shelby went on a stylish and staunch point at the treeline before the last big field. Shelby went a short distance before again going on point at 13. At 18 Shelby pointed again on a treeline in the same field. No bird was produced and the handler elected to move on. At 24 and at time Shelby had stylish points. Shelby had excellent bird work for such a young dog, although her ground race was a bit of a limiting factor. Shelby was awarded third for her efforts.

Solterra’s N Bolder’s Time To Shine (Solé/VF/Gingrich) and Durite’s Dillon Can’t Lose (VF/Syczylo) advanced onto the course at a good pace. Dillon continued forward, rapidly hunting hard. At 13 Dillon pointed stylishly at the island just before the keyhole break and held point for some time before moving in and flushing the bird. Carrie was able to quickly collect her dog and moved her forward through the keyhole break. Dillon ran a very good and consistent ground race throughout the 30 minutes, exhibited a staunch stylish point and was awarded the winning placement. At 18 Solé pointed in the middle treeline in the first large field. Solé flushed the bird, was collected and moved forward. She finished near the end of the loop.

Judges: Ron Gulembo and Fred Ryan


1st—DURITE’S DILLON CAN’T LOSE, 1681309, female, by C K Touchdown Nitro—Durite’s Addiction. Kevin & Jody DeFord, owners; Carrie Syczylo, handler.

2d—BURR OAK’S BORN AGAIN, 1676176, male, by Bangert’s Red Baron—Burr Oak’s Reve. Jim Gingrich, owner; Brian Gingrich, handler.

3d—DYNATA’S FIREBALL, 1680834, female, by Sawmills Already Gone—Dynata’s Bound to Shoot For It. John Bacik, owner and handler.

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