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By Eddie Sholar | Feb 02, 2018
Miller Unfinished Business First in the Jep Wade Open Shooting Dog Stake

Leesburg, Ga. — The Mill Pond (Jep Wade) Open Shooting Dog trial started on January 15. Judges were Woody Watson  and Eddie Sholar, both from Leesburg, Ga.

Birds were plentiful for the 26 entries that competed. The tone was set in the first brace of the stake for the rest of the field by Miller Unfinished Business, pointer male owned by Benjy Griffith of Leesburg, Ga., and handled by Joel Norman.

Miller Unfinished Business was strong throughout the hour and ran a forward race as he tallied five stylish finds with a strong finish.

Later in the trial, C S Coldwater Rex, owned by Tony Gibson of Union Springs, Ala., and handled by Doug Ray, made a good showing with a forward race and finish, not to mention three good finds.

Ray Pearce handled Nonami’s King’s Ransom, owned by R. E. Turner, Albany, Ga. He ran big and showed at the right places and found game three times.

Congratulations and thanks to all the participants.

Greg Shepherd and Eddie Sholar judged the Open Derby and as in the Jep Wade Open Shooting Dog, the winner ran in the first brace.. Pinson’s Imagine That, owned by Ray Pinson and handled by Doug Ray, was exciting to watch and the decision was well received by the other participants. Second was Tallokas Sun Dial, owned by Tallokas Kennels and handled by Jason Loper. Third was Chief’s Rising Sun, owned and handled by John Mathys. Both of these also ran well and handled their game with style.

Thanks to Plantation Supply, Inc. for its continued support and James Parker for all the good meals he prepared each day.

Leesburg, Ga., January 15 — One Course

Judges: Eddie Sholar and Woody Watson

JEP WADE OPEN SHOOTING DOG [One-Hour Heats] — 19 Pointers and

7 Setters

1st—MILLER UNFINISHED BUSINESS, 1661405, pointer male, by Just Irresistible—Miller’s Bring The Heat. Benjy Griffith, owner; Joel Norman, handler.

2d—C S COLDWATER REX, 1651605, pointer male, by Cassique’s Portwood—My Mustang Sally. Tony Gibson, owner; Doug Ray, handler.

3d—NONAMI’S KING’S RANSOM, 1669338, pointer male, by Ransom—Mega Ruby. R. E. Turner, owner; Ray Pearce, handler.


[One-Hour Heats] — 5 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st—MASTER’S TOUCH, 1668517, pointer male, by Bar P Big John—Lil Miss Sunshine. T. J. Liesfeld, owner; Doug Ray, handler.

2d—ALWAY’S DREAMING, 1669360, pointer female, by Lindley’s Thin Ice—Lindley’s Runtellthat. Charles Cantrell, owner; Doug Ray, handler.

3d—CHIEF’S RISING SUN, 1673071, setter male, by Erin’s Prometheus—Skydancer Flash Dance. John Mathys, owner and handler.

Judges: Greg Shepherd and Eddie Sholar

OPEN DERBY — 9 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st—PINSON’S IMAGINE THAT, 1669331, pointer male, by Lindley’s Thin Ice—Lindley’s Runtellthat. Raymond Pinson, owner; Doug Ray, handler.

2d—TALLOKAS SUN DIAL, 1673609, pointer male, by Miller’s Dialing In—White Diamond Sally. Tallokas Kennels, owner; Jason Loper, handler.

3d—CHIEF’S RISING SUN, 1673071, setter male, by Erin’s Prometheus—Skydancer Flash Dance. John Mathys, owner and handler.

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