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Whippoorwill Justified Wins Championship Crown; Dominator’s Rebel Heir is Open All-Age Winner

Missouri Open Trials

By Bonnie Hidalgo | Apr 04, 2019
Whippoorwill Justified Winner of the Missouri Open Championship

Grovespring, Mo. — Whippoorwill Justified captured the title of Missouri Open Champion for 2019 with a terrific all-age performance. The champion is owned by Ronnie Spears of Jacksonville, Ark., and was handled by Larry Huffman. Runner-up honors were earned by S F Bandwagon, also handled by Larry Huffman. The six-year-old pointer male is owned by Larry Smith of Pleasant Hill, Ia.

Dominator’s Rebel Heir won the Missouri Open All-Age Stake with three picturesque finds. Heir was handled by Jamie Daniels for owner James Hamilton, Atlanta, Ga. Westfall’s True Grit was second with two finds for owner Ryan Westfall, Liberty, Mo., and handler Andy Daugherty. Third place went to True Confidence owned by Frank and Jean La Nasa, Isanti, Minn., and handled by Luke Eisenhart. True Confidence scored four nice finds in a beautiful, forward race.

The winner of the Don Fox Memorial Derby, Westfall’s Red Man handled by Andy Daugherty for Ryan Westfall. S F Stetson, pointer male was second. He is owned and handled by Larry Smith. Third was Miller’s Hot Rod, owned by D. Raines Jordan of Talbotton, Ga., and handled by Randy Anderson.

The eight-day trial commenced on Monday, March 18, with the Southwest Missouri Sportsmen’s Club’s Missouri Open All-Age which attracted a field of 38 pointers and one setter. The Don Fox Memorial Derby drew 24 entries and began on Thursday afternoon. The Missouri State Field Trial Association hosts the Missouri Open Championship. It followed the Derby beginning the afternoon of March 22 with an entry of 39 dogs. The Field Trial Sportsmen’s grounds at Grovespring, Mo., is home to these National Championship qualifying all age stakes.

Heavy rains the week before this trial left standing water in some of the hay meadows; some of the normally dry crossings contained flowing water. As the trial progressed, the water receded from the meadows and the crossings got easier. Other than the water, the  Grovespring grounds were in good shape. The three one-hour courses offer excellent edges and plenty of good quail habitat. They have been set to have a good forward flow. Many coveys of quail were located during the trial in addition to the birds which were released twice daily throughout the event.

The Field Trial Sportsmen’s Association recently completed a parking lot expansion project which met with much favorable comment. The new corrals and kennels along with RV parking with hook-ups are a hit! The clubhouse, kennels and corrals are maintained for the use of trial participants throughout the year. In addition to the per-dog fee for the privilege of running on this venue, the only other charge for the use of these facilities is for RV electricity. Association  Directors are Don Arnold, Andy Daugherty, and Ken Schmidt.

The drawing for all stakes was held at the home of Andy and Sharleen Daugherty on Saturday, March 16. Sharleen conducted the drawing and provided copies of the running order for all three stakes. A total of 102 dogs were drawn.

Judges for the Open All-Age and Derby were Tom Milam, Ross, Tex., and Kent Patterson, Franklin, Tenn. These gentlemen watched all dogs closely and kept a good pace. Tom and Kent are very successful at competing on the all-age Brittany circuit. They have each judged many major trials for all breeds.

The Missouri Open Championship was judged by Ronnie Miller of Van Buren, Ark., and Eddy Taylor from Red Bank, Miss. In 2018, they judged the Missouri Open All-Age Stake.

Ronnie Miller competes as an amateur in shooting dog competition and has done so for many years. Ronnie has been a driving force behind Arkansas’ Fleetwood Classic trial, and he assists with the running of the Southland Championship each fall at Booneville, Ark. Eddy Taylor is a successful shooting dog trainer and handler with many wins to his credit. These gentlemen set a good, consistent pace throughout the trial and watched all dogs closely and carefully.

Purina is a very generous sponsor of the entire Missouri Open trials. They sponsor this event each year and generously supply dog food to the winners of each stake. This trial is a Purina Points trial and a Purina Handler of the Year points program member. Purina Pro Plan Sport/Performance supplies the nutrition these canine athletes require for peak performance. In short, Purina Pro Plan is “Nutrition that Performs”! The Missouri State Field Trial Association and the Southwest Missouri Sportsmen’s Club are very grateful to Purina for the support it has given them through the years.

SportDog sponsored the trial with the contribution of a training collar for the winner of the Championship. Jim Morehouse who represents SportDog was on hand for the trial and personally delivered the collar. Jim is a very knowledgeable bird dog man who also knows the finer points of using SportDog equipment. The club appreciates the donation very much and everyone at the trial enjoyed Jim.

If you have never attended the Missouri Open field trial, you have missed one of the best trials of the year. The grounds and facilities are great, but the friendly atmosphere is what really makes this event! You owe it to yourself to check this trial out next spring.

Missouri Open All-Age Winners And Others

Dominator’s Rebel Heir emerged the winner of this stake. Rebel Heir has had success on these grounds in the past; in 2016 he won the Missouri Open Championship.

His brace was turned loose heading towards Sycamore from the end of Little Vine loop. He showed well through Sycamore, taking the right edge far to the front. Heir scored a nice find at 21 on the ridge. At 27 he properly located birds below the barns, pointing with style and intensity. Near the blue house at 35, he notched his third high-quality piece of work. Heir made some wonderful moves during this time as well.

Westfall’s True Grit placed second with a big forward race. Grit has been a serious contender everywhere he goes. Bill, Ryan and Landon Westfall were all present to see Grit, or Jack as he is called.

He got into action quickly, notching a stylish find in the back corner of Little Vine loop at 6. Jack’s second flawless find came at 30 on the ridge before the barns. Jack finished with a beautiful move through Horse Corral bottom. His was a strong race in which he stayed forward and responded well to his handler’s wishes.

True Confidence was awarded third. He broke beautifully to the front and stayed there. Point was called for Confidence at 14; he stood stylishly on the ditch line below double gates. True Confidence continued his big forward race, showing in the right places through Davis bottom and the Island field. Below Horse Killer hill at 41, he carded another impressive find. He scored two more nice finds on Apple Tree hill, the first at 47 and the last, his fourth find at 50. He finished going away in Little Vine loop.

Whippoorwill Justified handled by Larry Huffman turned in a performance worthy of mention, one which held him in the placements until Dominator’s Rebel Heir ran. Justified, or Patch, had a pretty find in Little Vine’s far corner at 7, nicely done. He ran a big forward race. His second find occurred just below the barns at 33; he was high and tight through flush and shot. Whippoorwill Justified was strong and forward through the bull pasture and Climer’s. With only minutes remaining he faded out of sight into the clubhouse loop; he was found at 62, forward on point above the horse corrals capping his performance with a third find.

Missouri Open All-Age Running

Touch’s Blackout (Anderson) was braced with True Confidence whose performance has been noted. Blackout broke nicely forward. At 14 Blackout backed his bracemate naturally and at great distance. When the shot was fired, Blackout roaded in and was up.

Lowrider Frank (Vincent) and Whippoorwill Justified. An account of Justified’s hour was given above. Dr. Jim Mills was mounted for Frank. Frank scored a mannerly, stylish find at 6 in the back corner of Little Vine loop. Frank’s second find came at the head of Sycamore bottoms. He remained stylish and steady through flush and shot at 19. He was running a pleasing forward race.

Salem’s Annie Oakley (Daugherty) and Hush Money (Anderson). Jay McKenzie was riding for his Hush Money. Annie broke fast and forward; at 13 she was pointing on the west edge of the clubhouse loop. No birds were produced. Hush Money scored a nice find in Horse Corral bottom at 18, all in order. He turned right at the barns and was gathered up. By the end of the chute into Sycamore he was absent again; both scout and handler went in search and opted to pick up.

Miller’s Dialing In (Eisenhart) and Miller’s Blindsider (Daniels). The retrieval device was out for Dialing In at 25. Blindsider scored a good find before Horse Killer at 40. His race was of reasonable range and mostly forward.

Westfall’s True Grit was braced with Whippoorwill Mayhem (Huffman). Grit’s hour has been described. Mayhem made some good moves and ran a forward pattern. Mayhem was under birds in the bull pasture at 43.

Touch’s Adams County (Anderson) and Whippoorwill Foto Op (Huffman) were lost shortly after breakaway and not recovered under judgment.

Miss Stylin Sue (Vincent) and Game Wardon (Eisenhart) started Tuesday’s running. Dr. Jim Mills was riding to watch Sue. These stylish pointers had a divided find at 14 below the double gates. Point was called just before Horse Killer hill for each at 42; Warden was on the right edge and Sue on the hillside to the left. Both finds were stylish and mannerly. On top of Apple Tree hill, Sue pointed again but pushed the birds to end her bid at 49. She had been running a nice forward race. Game Wardon finished the hour to the front.

Miller’s Bushwacker (Daniels) and Miller’s Select Call (Anderson) were released up the hill into Little Vine. Select Call pointed at the east end of Sycamore at 22, but it was unproductive. Bushwacker scored a nice find at 24 on the ridge beyond Sycamore. Select Call was picked up at 28 after owner Don Stroble was injured in a horse accident. Bushwacker scored his second find at 28 on the ridge behind Daugherty’s. His third find came at 36 in the ravine, south of the barns. Again, he showed excellent style and intensity. Bushwacker notched a stylish covey find in the Bull pasture at 49. He finished the hour climbing into the clubhouse loop.

Westfall’s Castaway (Daugherty) and Touch’s Red Rider (Eisenhart) were loosed heading into the clubhouse loop. The Westfalls were present for Castaway. Both pointers were fast to the front. Castaway hung up briefly in the corner above the clubhouse. Rider headed past the clubhouse gate and up the next hill. He could be seen for quite a while, running on the next ridge. Castaway quickly caught the front and at 12 point was called for him on the west fenceline. Rider was backing; both dogs were stylish and mannerly. Past the barns at 21, an excellent second find was recorded for Castaway. Rider was forward. In the chute to Sycamore, Castaway pointed stylishly on the left edge. Birds were produced with all in order. Just before the road crossing, Castaway was under a bird and up at 30. Beyond the double gates, Rider pointed staunchly but no birds were produced. He ran a strong forward race but was lost shortly after the creek crossing.

Whippoorwill Forever Wild (Matt Cochran) had a find at the second crossing at 12. Touch’s Fire Away (Anderson) had one farther down the same line at 13. All was as it should be for both dogs. Fire’s second find was on the first cross row in Davis bottom at 18 and was very nice. No. 3 was below Horse Killer hill at 36. Wild was lost by the time we came off of Apple Tree; Fire was forward to finish.

S F Mapleleaf (Vincent) was down with Dominator’s Rebel Heir. The latter’s hour is noted above. Dr. Bob Rankin was riding to watch his Maple Leaf. This brace turned loose heading towards Sycamore from the end of Little Vine loop. Mapleleaf showed well through Sycamore bottom but vanished at the end and was found on point across from Daugherty’s at 17. It was a long ride and the birds were gone. It was decided to pick Mapleleaf up at 24.

Whippoorwill Wild Assault (Huffman) was lost near the barns at 28. Owner Jay McKenzie was riding for Valiant (Anderson) which had an absence of several minutes after the barns. He was returned at the double gates at 29 where he scored a good find. He then went up the knoll to the front where he pointed again at 31. This proved unproductive and he was picked up.

The first brace on Wednesday. Touch’s Spaceman (Anderson) and Westfall’s Black Ace (Daugherty) were  away well. Ace was far ahead on point at 13 below double gates where a relocation was successful. Spaceman pointed on top of Apple Tree hill at 45 but took the birds out. Ace was lost late in the hour.

Greypointe Luminoso (Vincent) and Dunn’s True Issue (Eisenhart). Doug Meyer was in the gallery for Luminoso. Will Dunn was scouting for Issue. They headed up hill into Little Vine. True Issue had a far forward find in Sycamore bottom at 17; Luminoso failed to honor. True Issue scored his second find near the twin barns at 29. His third find came at 36, near the blue house. All of his bird work was beautiful and steady. He was picked up after his third find as he was not beating the marks set by earlier dogs.

Neither Las Animas Fancy (Huffman) nor Aberdeen Paid In Full (Anderson) was raising the bar set earlier in the stake and they were picked up before the hour.

Westfall’s Black Thunder (Daugherty) had an absence of several minutes before returning to the front as the course went into Davis bottom. He scored a very nice find on the right edge at 21. Lester’s Jazz Man’s owner Dan Hensley was riding. Jazz Man (Anderson) had a brief absence before Davis. He scored a good find on the far-right edge at 25. Thunder scored a second find at 38, on the left just prior to Horse Killer with Jazzman backing politely. Jazz Man pointed at 52 with Thunder backing; it was unproductive after a lengthy relocation. Both dogs ran good solid forward races.

T’s Nickleback (Vincent) and Dunn’s Tried’n True (Eisenhart). Will Dunn was scouting his 2019 National Champion. Nickle pointed at 6 near the deer stand in Little Vine; it was barren. Tried’n True scored a stylish find just around the left bend into Sycamore at 17. He was running a huge forward race and was eventually lost. Nickle scored two pretty finds, the first at 23 near the pump house and then at 26 on the ridge. His race was predominantly forward.

Dr. Bob Rankin was riding to see Justifier (Vincent) which was forward in pattern and pointed birds nicely and correctly at 38 just below the barns. Erin’s Wild Justice (Eisenhart) was strong and impressive to start. He suffered an unproductive at 26.

Awsum Country Justice (Eisenhart) and Haley’s Wild Again (Anderson) were the first brace Thursday morning. Tom McPhail was riding to see Wild Again. Justice was not suiting his handler and was up at Davis bottom. Wild Again scored a good find at 14 below the double gates. He made some good moves early before shortening and was up at 38.

Westfall’s River Ice (Daugherty), as a bye, was released from the top of Apple Tree Hill. He made some good moves and was seen far to the front in Little Vine loop as he swapped ends and pointed. No birds were found at 18. He went forward out of the loop but not with the earlier drive and he was up.

Grovespring, Mo., March 18

Judges: Tom Milam and Kent Patterson

OPEN ALL-AGE [One-Hour Heats] — 38 Pointers and 1 Setter

1st—DOMINATOR’S REBEL HEIR, 1654881, pointer male, by Rivertons Funseek’n Scooter—Pearl Again. J. W. Hamilton, Jr., owner; Jamie Daniels, handler.

2d—WESTFALL’S TRUE GRIT, 1663635, pointer male, by Erin’s Brave Heart—Westfall’s Irish Bell. Ryan Westfall, owner; Andy Daugherty, handler.

3d—TRUE CONFIDENCE, 1622365, pointer male, by Two Acres Bulldog—Bar P Anex. Frank & Jean LaNasa, owners; Luke Eisenhart, handler.

Don Fox Memorial Derby

This stake drew a gratifying entry of 24 pointers. It began on Thursday afternoon and was completed late Friday morning. Tom Milam and Kent Patterson officiated.

The winner, stout pointer Westfall’s Red Man was handled by Andy Daugherty for Ryan Westfall of Liberty, Mo. Red Man ran on Thursday afternoon. He had a good stop to flush at the pond on Horse Killer hill early in his brace. He ran a big, forward race and scored a limb find in the far corner of Little Vine loop. He was high and tight on both ends through flush and shot.

S F Stetson, pointer male placed second; he is owned and handled by Larry Smith, Pleasant Hill, Ia. Stetson ran first brace on Friday morning. He scored a stylish, well-mannered find at 2. He ran his edges well at a desirable range.

In third place was Miller’s Hot Rod owned by D. Raines Jordan of Talbotton, Ga., and handled by Randy Anderson. Miller’s Hot Rod ran a strong, predominantly forward race. His brace started into the clubhouse loop. Below the twin barns, he backed his bracemate nicely. He went on to a strong finish.

OPEN DERBY — 24 Pointers

1st—WESTFALL’S RED MAN, 1676062, male, by Frontline Rebelator—Honky Tonk Country Girl. Ryan J. Westfall, owner; Andy Daugherty, handler.

2d—S F STETSON, 1674396, male, by S F Bandwagon—S F Rushhour. Larry L. Smith, owner and handler.

3d—MILLER’S HOT ROD, 1680644, male, by Miller’s Speed Dial—Jackson’s Silver Arrow. D. Raines Jordan, owner; Randy Anderson, handler.

Missouri Open Championship Winners and Others

This was a great stake, a tough one to win and a hard decision for the judges. Judges Ronnie Miller and Eddy Taylor both commented that in all of their years in this sport they have never had a tougher job of judging than they did in this Championship. They remarked that there were six dogs that could have won any championship with the performances given here. It was up to Ronnie and Eddy to “split fine hairs,” in Ronnie’s words, to separate these dogs. They said that they considered little things which in most cases wouldn’t even be given notice in order to sort these performances out and name a champion and runner-up.

Included here are the winning performances along with those of the other four serious contenders. The descriptions of those contenders’ performances will be listed following the winners, in the order that they appeared in the stake.

The newly crowned Missouri Open Champion Whippoorwill Justified was runner-up in the 2018 renewal of this stake. The 2016 National Champion is a consistent performer and has had much success in national qualifying stakes this season.

Whippoorwill Justified, or Patch, turned loose Friday afternoon on Apple Tree hill in the second brace of this Championship. He was quickly away and pointed near Little Vine road at 9; quail were flushed for the staunch pointer. Up the hill into the loop he raced. Patch carded a mannerly back at 14. After an absence of several minutes, Patch was found ahead pointing at the entrance to Sycamore bottom at 26. His bird was flushed with him looking good. He reached nicely through Sycamore and above on the ridge, making solid, forward moves. In the field beyond the barns, Patch took the right edge. He scored his third find there at 43 with style to burn. Patch finished his hour well forward in Horse Corral bottom.

Runner-up S F Bandwagon also handled by Larry Huffman belongs to Larry Smith who scouted him. The six-year-old Bandwagon holds five championship and seven runner-up titles. He was named the 2017 Purina Amateur All- Age Dog of the Year. He was released up the Little Vine hill, the third brace on Sunday morning. Bandwagon made good moves through Sycamore where he had a commendable find on the far right side at 22. On the ridge he pointed near the old feeder site at 29; his style and manners were superb. Bandwagon’s third mannerly find was at the ravine to the south of the barns at 34. No. 4 was near the blue house at 39. He ran an attractive, forward race at good range, finishing nicely going into Horse Corral bottom.

Westfall’s True Grit handled by Andy Daugherty turned loose on Apple Tree hill on Friday afternoon, braced with Whippoorwill Justified. He was scouted by his owner Ryan Westfall. This was the most thrilling brace of the trial; the two well matched dogs were slugging it out, making great moves. Grit was in fast forward from the start. Near the deer stand at 14, he was clearly visible as he slammed into point. It was a handsome piece of work. Out of Little Vine he went missing; from Sycamore, he was seen on the hillside beyond. Grit responded to Daugherty’s call, turning up the alley to the left. He was found pointing half way down it at 33; birds were flushed with everything orderly. Beyond the barns Grit searched around the pond on the left, moving on toward the blue house. Grit was running hard going into the bull pasture but once into Climer’s Grit came up lame, finishing his hour the best he could, on heart. If Grit’s feet had lasted a bit longer, he likely would have had a piece of the purse.

The veteran Touch’s Adams County handled by Randy Anderson for owner Ric Peterson appeared in the fourth brace, Saturday’s opener. County pointed on the edge below double gates at 13, all in order. He made good moves coming into Davis then rimmed the Island field well to the front. He was forward going up Horse Killer where Anderson waited with him at the top of while the judges made the climb. County took a few minutes getting lined out again but was well forward into Little Vine. He disappeared ahead late in the hour. After time, he was found pointing at the deer stand. Birds were flushed with all in order at this limb find.

Valiant was next in order of appearance, running the sixth brace, last on Saturday morning. He was handled by Randy Anderson with Tiffany Genre scouting, for owner Jay McKenzie and was released from the clubhouse gate. He scored a nice find at 9 on the west fence. Valiant was forward into Horse Corral bottom. At the twin barns he turned right and was found pointing near the blue house at 22, showing excellent style and manners. From there he raced on to the front and showed well forward in the alley. He crossed at the double gates and grabbed the right edge where he pointed a third time at 33. Valiant showed forward on the edges past Daugherty’s and the cemetery. He showed in the left front corner before the ridge loop, then took the long way around, working up the valley on the left and showing up at the top near the far end of the ridge. He made the right turn coming off the ridge and finished the hour well ahead in breakaway bottom.

Miller’s Blindsider, owned by Nick Berrong and handled by Jamie Daniels appeared in Sunday’s final brace which released heading up the ridge from Sycamore bottom. He scored a nice find, steady and stylish with birds well located at 4. Blindsider angled right after passing the barns; he stopped mid-field and pointed at 10. A big covey lifted with the dog looking beautiful throughout. He ran well through the Bull pasture and into Climer’s where he made a huge move. Blindsider made the swing into the clubhouse loop but hung up briefly on the hill before the clubhouse. Coming forward, he raced through the loop and headed east at the barns. Point was called for him up on the ridge above the alley at 57. Birds lifted as the riders approached but the dog was steady. Blindsider was sent down to the alley where he finished going away.

The Championship Running

True Confidence (Eisenhart) and Hush Money (Anderson) were turned loose on the No. 1 course on a warm and sunny Friday afternoon. They both showed well on the way to the creek crossing. Hush Money was absent by double gates; later his scout was heard calling point in Sycamore bottom. By the time the handler and judge arrived the dog had moved on. Anderson opted to pick up. Confidence continued his forward race but lost steam and was picked up at 45 with no birds moved.

Westfall’s True Grit and Whippoorwill Justified. These performances are described under “Winners and Others”.

Lester’s Pete Rose (Lester) was lost. S F Mapleleaf (Vincent) ran a pleasant forward race, making use of the edges and handling kindly for the most part.

Touch’s Adams County (Anderson) and Miller’s Bushwhacker (Daniels) The former’s hour is listed above. Bushwhacker backed mannerly at 13. Point was called for Bushwhacker on the left edge of Davis bottom at 28; on relocation he ran over the bird and was up.

Touch’s Red Rider (Eisenhart) and Touch’s Spaceman (Anderson) were released up the hill in Little Vine. They were forward coming out of the loop and showed a few times approaching Sycamore bottom. They scored a divided find at 26 on a big covey prior to the barns. Both exhibited excellent manners. Spaceman scored a second find near the blue house at 36, showing proper demeanor. Both showed forward through the bull pasture and Climer’s and finished heading into clubhouse loop.

T’s Nickelback (Vincent) and Valiant (Anderson) Valiant’s story is told under “Winner’s and Others”. This brace released from the clubhouse gate. Nickel backed politely at 9. He was forward into Horse Corral bottom and on past the barns. He found no game this hour.

Whippoorwill Mayhem (Huffman) and Game Warden (Eisenhart) turned loose in Breakaway bottom. Both were out of sight in short order but showed at the rocky creek crossing. Point was called at 12, Warden was pointing in the cover on the south edge of the double gates field. Mayhem was in the open, backing but repositioned and was picked up. Warden was mannerly through flush and shot. Warden slowed and was picked up before the hour.

Westfall’s River Ice (Daugherty) and Stash the Cash (Lester) began in Davis bottom. Ice ran the right edge. Cash was quickly out of sight but appeared at the far end. He showed well in the Island field, making short work of it. Ice pointed at 21 before Horse Killer hill but it was unproductive and he was up. Cash ran a big race but went the hour without bird contact.

Haley’s Wild Again (Anderson) and Greypointe Luminoso (Vincent) started in Sycamore bottom. They were predominantly forward in pattern although each had a brief absence near the barns. Luminoso pointed near the blue house at 22. Relocation was needed and handled very nicely. The bird flushed within a few feet of the dog, got tangled in the weeds and fluttered several times but the dog remained rock solid. Both dogs were forward through the bull pasture but had shortened and were up early.

Whippoorwill Foto Op (Huffman) and Lester’s Jazz Man (Anderson) were first up on Sunday. Dan Hensley was riding for his Jazz Man. They broke fast and Jill was soon out of sight. Huffman spied her far to the front at 8, pointing on the edge of the field to the right. It was a five-minute ride. She stood high until Huffman got close, then dove in to flush the birds. Jazzman scored a find at 12 below double gates with good style and manners. He scored a second find at 24 on the left in Davis, again it was beautiful work. After that he ran out of control and was eventually picked up.

Whippoorwill Forever Wild (Cochran) and Erin’s Wild Justice (Eisenhart) were released mid field in Davis. No birds were moved this hour. Forever Wild was lost.

Miller’s Speed Dial (Lester) was braced with the runner-up S F Bandwagon. Bandwagon’s performance has been noted. Speed Dial pointed quail near the deer stand at 5 but jumped on the flush and was up.

Westfall’s Black Ace (Daugherty) and Dunn’s Tried’n True (Eisenhart) were released at noon on Sunday. The early start was made possible by a quick morning. The threat of thunderstorms in the late afternoon prompted the early resumption of running. Ace and True shared a find below double gates with both dogs mannerly at 12. Ace was in the brush and True stood on the outer edge. True grabbed the right edge of Davis and took it out of sight. As we approached mid field he was standing near the end of the line. Point was called and birds were put up for the majestic dog, all in perfect order at 25. Ace wasn’t running his usual big going race and was picked up. True continued forward into the Island field, rimmed it and went up the rock cut never to be seen again under judgment.

Westfall’s Castaway (Daugherty) and Las Animas Fancy (Huffman). Fancy was lost early. Castaway was seen in Sycamore but was absent by the far end and the retrieval device came out.

Miller’s Blindsider (Daniels) and Lowrider Frank (Vincent) Blindsider’s hour is related in “Winners and Others”. Dr. Jim Mills was mounted to see Frank perform. Frank scored an attractive find at 4 with birds well located. At 11, Frank pointed in the grass; a huge covey rose in front of him as he stood high and tight. Frank ran a good forward race. In the back corner of the clubhouse loop he locked up on point at 45; relocation was fruitless, and he was picked up.

Both Lester’s Sunny Hill Jo (Lester) and Touch’s Blackout (Anderson) started well. Blackout pointed on the right line at 10 but marked on the flush and was up. Jo was forward on the left edge approaching the pond. In Davis bottom he again took the left edge, crossed the front on the cross row to take the right edge, where he pointed at 25. All was in good order. He checked in at Vacuum hollow before making short work of the Island field, rimming its left edge. Jo was forward going up Horse Killer and was next seen pointed on the east line of Apple Tree hill. He repositioned on the birds and was picked up following their flush at 44.

Whippoorwill Wild Assault (Huffman) and Westfall’s Black Thunder (Daugherty) crossed Apple tree and raced on into Little Vine loop. They were both on point in separate locations on each side of the deer stand. Birds were put up for Assault at 15. Thunder’s covey was put to flight at 16. They each did a fine job on the ground until they reached the cross row in Sycamore where they were guilty of putting birds in the air at 31.

Miss Stylin Sue (Vincent) and Miller’s Dialing In (Eisenhart). Sue’s owner, Dr. Jim Mills was riding. She’s a gorgeous moving dog. Sue and her bracemate were far to the front off the breakaway in east Sycamore. They passed the barns in short order. Into the field after the barns, Spec pointed stylishly in the grass and a nice covey was put up at 11 for the mannerly pointer. Sue was absent before the blue house but was found buried up in the first ravine in the bull pasture. She showed high style and perfect manners for the flush of her birds at 18. Dialing In made some huge moves through the bull pasture and Climer’s. Sue ran well through the bull pasture. Above the clubhouse, point was called for Spec at 37. He showed good manners on these birds but was picked up as his performance wasn’t changing the rankings. Sue motored up the hill past the clubhouse gate and disappeared. Near the pond she checked in and was picked up at 42.

Judges: Ronnie Miller and Eddy Taylor

MISSOURI OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] — 35 Pointers

and 1 Setter

Winner—WHIPPOORWILL JUSTIFIED, 1656011, pointer male, by Whippoorwill Wild Agin—Sparkles. Ronnie Spears, owner; Larry Huffman, handler.

Runner-Up—S F BANDWAGON, 1656543, pointer male, by Funseeker’s Rebel—Deep Creek Rose. Larry L. Smith, owner and handler.



It was great to have many of the owners on hand for this trial. With Randy Anderson were Jay McKenzie, Dan Hensley, D. Raines Jordan, Tom McPhail and Don Stroble, who was injured in a fall from his horse and missed the opportunity to watch his dog. We all wish Don a complete and speedy recovery.

Andy Daugherty’s clients included Bill and Ryan Westfall and Ryan’s delightful 10-year-old son Landon. It was so good to have a young person in attendance!

Allen Vincent’s clients, Dr Jim and Marian Mills, Dr. Bob Rankin and Doug Meyer were also attending. Nick Berrong came to see Jamie Daniels run his nice young dogs. We hope you all come back next year!

George Hill, Kendell Schmidt, Hank Jansen, Sharleen Daugherty, Dennis Hidalgo, Tim Self, and George Schmidt were instrumental in conducting this great trial. George Hill was the trial chair, Sharleen handled secretarial and social hour duties. Dennis, Hank and George took turns planting birds from horseback and marshalling. The courses were salted every morning by Ken Schmidt from an ATV. Tim Self, George Schmidt and Hank Jansen handled the dog wagon detail. Kipp Linard assisted where needed. Dennis baked cookies for the morning coffee breaks and fixed breakfast several mornings during the trial.

Sharleen Daugherty’s social hours were among the highlights of each day. She filled everyone up with her array of delicious appetizers. It was an amazing spread with different choices each evening. Sharleen spent hours on the preparation, and it was consumed rapidly. Thanks again Sharleen for all your hard work!

Piper and Larry Huffman supplied sandwich meat, bread and chips for some of the lunches. The two Missouri Clubs supplied lunches the remainder of the week. Many thanks to Piper and Larry!

On Wednesday evening the Southwest Missouri Sportsmen’s Club sponsored a fish fry. Kendall Schmidt dedicated the meal to former Sportsmen’s club members John and Betty Evans who always helped with this trial. Kendell did the frying and was assisted by Hank Jansen and Jim Lawry. Kendall even baked brownies for dessert which Hank served with ice cream. Dennis Hidalgo’s chocolate chip cookies were also a treat. Dinner was delicious.There were no leftovers!

The Missouri State Field Trial Association sponsored dinner on Saturday night; a delicious meal of smoked pork chops and all the trimmings was served. Kendall Schmidt was the master chef. Sharleen contributed some of her delicious pies for dessert. Hank Jansen and Bonnie Hidalgo assisted with clean up.

B. H.

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