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By Jay Lewis | Jan 29, 2019
Ralph Berendzen Memorial Derby Stake Winners. Front (l-r): Eddie Berendzen with S F Fullcolor, Jerry Alden with Rocky Ridge’s White Smoke and Sam Hasekamp with Dream Chaser. Standing: Larry Smith, Richard Lewis, Sean Hauser, Judge Stan Wint, Tim Heiner and Judge Ken Chenoweth.

Grovespring, Mo. — On December 7 in a small town in south Missouri an intense group of sportsmen converged to compete for the laurels of the Missouri State All-Age Classic. Handlers from Iowa, Nebraska and three corners of Missouri attempted to best each other with their charges. While all these men are friends, they pulled no punches at this affair.

With birds aplenty and weather cooperating esteemed judges Dr. Stan Wint of Gardner, Kan., and Ken Chenoweth of Fair Grove, Mo., called “Turn ’em loose”.

The grounds of the Sportsmen’s Association in Grovespring were well groomed but the heavy rains from earlier in the week caused the creek to swell and at times made the crossings tough, but that didn’t squelch the enthusiasm of all present. After all, not only were bragging rights at stake there was the saddle for the winner.

Richard Lewis and Eddie Berendzen have been hosting this trial for the last couple years and it’s making a comeback. This classic waned over the years for lack of leadership but has now returned to its rightful prestige and if you couldn’t make it, you missed out!

Meals were prepared by Robert and April Berendzen with assistance from daughter Ashley Clark and her husband Evan and little Cooper. There were Berendzens everywhere this weekend on the grounds. They came to honor their patriarch Ralph Berendzen who was a well known friend and supporter of field trials for over 50 years. A fierce competitor and lover of all-age youngsters. His family (over 10 in the saddle at the breakaway) chose to memorialize his life with an added money Derby Stake to accompany the All-Age Classic. To be forever known as the Ralph Berendzen Memorial All-Age Derby Classic, this stake will follow the All-Age Classic.

Ralph, your smile and stories will be missed, but you live on in your children and grandchildren as they compete in your honor for years to come. The mark of a man is not what he takes with him, but what he leaves behind.


Dr. Pat McInteer and Jay Lewis were the first to the line with pointer male Ch. Nemaha Boot and pointer female Bocomo Rose. Boot drew first blood with a find at 10 along the right side of the breakaway bottoms but couldn’t stand the pressure of the running birds and moved at flush to end his bid. Rose was making wide swings and consistently crossing the front for a pleasurable hour when birds stopped her at 50. Shot was fired and all was in order. Showing ease of handling today she finished her bid. The bar had been set.

Ch. Miller’s Dialing In, pointer male handled by owner Sean Hauser of Iowa, was braced with pointer male S F Strongwind, scouted by owner Nathan Berendzen and handled by Eddie Berendzen. Dialing In scored at 5 with Strongwind backing at top of little vine loop, both dogs standing tall for flush and shot. Next Strongwind found birds at the end of sycamore bottoms after a beautiful cast. Both dogs were running the front and hunting hard. Dialing In had another find on the top of twin barns showing his natural style and grace at flush. Loosed again he finished his hour out front in Climber’s pasture. Strongwind was laying on his edges and running hard to the front and carded a second find before pickup, making it hard for the judges to determine which performance was best. Dialing In was chosen and he held first position while Strongwind sat in the second seat until the last brace.

Nemaha Night Hawk (PM/McInteer) and Wild Covey Shockwave (PM/Tony King). “Nash” had his running shoes on, was not in sync with Tony and was lost at 30 causing Tony to pull the retrieval unit just as Nash returned from a swing off course. Hawk was not showing his usual attributes and at 30 with no birds Dr. McInteer elected to end his bid.

After lunch, Rocky Ridge’s White Smoke (PM/Hauser) and R R Craftsman (PF/Berendzen) leaped off the line, through the bottoms, and out the end of the first course. Just before crossing into Davis bottoms “Pepper” scored a find on the right next to the creek edge. “Bill” failed to back and stole the point in front for all to see and was up. Pepper finished her hour alone with no further birds.

Ch. Westfall’s Black Cloud (Ace/PM/ Jay Lewis) and Jack (PM/Joe Worsham). Joe braved high winds and heavy rains at home to make it to this venue with one canine athlete, and Jack was wide eyed at the breakaway. Jack headed over the hill and never looked back and a frustrated Joe pulled the retrieval unit at 10 to find his charge and load up for the long trip home. It just wasn’t his day. Ace began with a solid forward edge running race and checked back multiple times, showing he had finally yielded to his handler’s voice. His efforts were rewarded with one nice find, found standing way out front on a covey. Shot was fired and all was in order. Not enough to move the winners but pleasing to all.

S F Wishbone (Spot), pointer male for Team Berendzen, and Bocomo Hawk (PM/Lewis). Hawk was not listening from the beginning and Lewis opted to end his bid at 25. Spot was laying on his edges and cautiously hunting his prey. He stopped for birds at 15, all in order, and continued on until 50 when, not suiting his handler, he was picked up.

Saturday morning offered heavy fog and the start was delayed for Ch. Nemaha Rio (PM/McInteer) and S F Saltwater (PM/Larry Smith). Rio, coming off a recent championship win, scored a find at 25 but coupled with a shorter race was not found worthy of placement this day. This young dog has done well in his short time on the circuit for Dr. McInteer and I’m sure will continue to bring home the hardware. Smith loosed his young dog as well and, with a barren stand at 30, also garnered a less than usual performance and finished without birds.

Smith was up again with pointer male Ch. S F Bandwagon, braced with  Nemaha Scoot (PM/Steve Auxier). Bandwagon began his three find performance with a stand at 8. After an extensive flushing attempt birds were flown. He carded another at 24 followed by a stand at 30, Scoot backing with manners, with no birds flushed. Bandwagon had a solid find at 45 showing style and a keen nose. Smith flushed again at 55 to no avail and his time was ended early. Scoot finished his hour alone with no birds.

The finalé held the winner of this stake,  pointer male Frontline Little Bud (Livingston) paired with Mack (PM/ Auxier). During this brace the skies cleared and birds were everywhere. At 5 Bud stood staunch with Mack honoring like a gentleman. Again at 16 Bud stood on birds mannerly while Mack had a find of his own across the field. All in order for both dogs. At 28 Bud styled up again for Livingston to flush. Mack stood for birds at 30 and it looked like this was going to be a wild ride for both handlers. Judges were watching every step and liking what they saw. At 35 Mack stood again and while handler was flushing he breached his manners with steps to end his brace. Bud was covering more country and scored his fourth find at 45, still remembering his training, and stood high and tight while handler took birds to flight. Shot was fired and Chris commended his young athlete for a job well done. Loosing him again to find yet one more covey at 55. Bud finished strong and wide to take home the saddle and a story to tell.

The judges, while sitting in good shape carrying two worthy dogs since the second brace, continued to watch all participants with full attention. Bud shined above all others for handler Chris Livingston of Frontline Kennels. When the stake was over, Richard Lewis called out the winners at dinner in the clubhouse.

Grovespring, Mo., December 7

Judges: Ken Chenoweth and Stan Wint

AMATEUR ALL-AGE CLASSIC [One-Hour Heats] 18 Pointers

Winner—FRONTLINE LITTLE BUD, 1669729, male, by White Dollar—Frontline Kate. Chris Livingston, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—MILLER’S DIALING IN, 1628372, male, by Miller’s Happy Jack—Phillips Silver Star. Sean & Deb Hauser, owners; Sean Hauser, handler.


Fourteen dogs were entered in the inaugural Ralph Berendzen Memorial Derby and came to the line under judges Ken Chenoweth and Dr. Stan Wint.

Jack (PM/McInteer) and Bocomo Cherry (PF/Jay Lewis) were loosed and showed they had vigor and love of the game. Handling well and hunting the edges, both dogs finished without the aid of scouting but neither had bird contact.

S F Saltwater (PM/Smith) and Glover’s Van Halen (SM/Glover) started in the island field and took separate edges to the front. Van recently won the North Missouri Derby with several broke finds but did not have benefit of birds to keep his attention and began to run deeper into the cover in search of game. Saltwater and Smith headed to the front and distanced themselves to split the judges. Both dogs have won on other days, but not today.

S F Stetson (PM/Smith) was slow to start but gained speed and distance throughout the brace, showed promise but not enough to make the winners’ circle today. Pointer male Dream Chaser and Kipp Linard were showing that hard work and discipline pay off. Dream ran a mature front race with one broke find to secure third place. Dream recently placed in the open stakes in Tennessee for Kipp and will surely be a well-known name on the circuit in a short time. It was great to see Kipp back in the saddle with his scout Dennis Auping in tow. They’ve been missed in the last few seasons during their hiatus.

Reba (PF/Auxier) and Jessie (SF/Althiser). Althiser guided his charge through the course while hunting deep into the cover. Jessie showed her adolescence, but love for birds, and was seen pushing some game to flight across the creek. I do not think we have seen the last of this handler or his promising young starter. I think time will tell the story. Reba exhibited a more mature ground application while seeking game to the front.

S F Flagship (PM/Smith) and Rocky Ridge’s White Smoke (Bill/PM/Hauser), our second place winner. Bill and Hauser took the front and never looked back. Bill rolled through his course with ease and maturity and had a Derby find at 15. This find coupled with a pleasing race was rewarded. Flagship was doing his best for Smith to keep with his bracemate but lacked the speed today to accomplish a win.

S F Fullcolor (PF/Smith) took top honors while braced with Jane (PF/ Hauser). Fullcolor jumped away from the starting gate with tail high and nose leading the way. Laying on the edges well to the front she stopped for birds at 10 and again at 15. Both finds were adequate for her age as she showed talent and a desire to please her handler. Jane was following Color through the course but somehow missed the game.

Benchmark (SM/Smith) and Bull (PM/Berendzen) had well applied races and no fear to stay far to the front. Neither could be faulted but today’s performances were just not going to be enough to displace the leaders.

I would like to thank our judges for their attention to detail and naming worthy winners. Thank you to Richard Lewis and George Hill for their dog wagon duties. Over 100 years experience behind the wheel.


1st—S F FULLCOLOR, 1675689, pointer female, by S F Bandwagon—S F  Rushhour. Larry Smith, owner and handler.

2d—ROCKY RIDGE’S WHITE SMOKE, 1679520, pointer male, by Wiggins Sand Man—Wiggins Driving Bev. Sean & Deb Hauser, owners; Sean Hauser, handler.

3d—DREAM CHASER, 1680227, pointer male, by Pleasant Run Bob—House’s Wild Bess Again. Kipp Linard, owner and handler.

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