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July 1, 2007—August 15, 2021

Mohawk Mill Pirate

By Ellen Clements | Sep 14, 2021
Mohawk Mill Pirate

Powhatan, Va. — Pirate was whelped on July 1, 2007 from a breeding of Mohawk Mill Viking and Burning Edge Silver.

He was raised and developed from a pup by Gary Winall and was Gary’s dog.

When I first saw this young dog in a workout I told Gary he looks like a gazelle leaping through the milo patch chasing birds. Gary said, “He has to find them to chase them.” Find them he did, over the years.

As a Derby he would make a fantastic cast only to wipe it out by coming all the way back to Gary and looking up like, "Did I do good?" And then go again.

He matured and got on to know just when it was about time to make that big showy cast and finish.

It was said he could find a bird on a blacktop road. He learned and developed just how and where to look for birds and it paid off through the years.

One year during the Lean Breed trial at Hoffman, N.C., there were seven covey finds in the initial series and then a callback. Pirate pointed five of the seven coveys.

He was also a dog with some stubbornness to him and it cost him several championships. If you called on him, he would have to go another fifteen yards. If you wanted him to turn, "Let me finish this first and then I will."

He placed in Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee. He was the Purina Amateur All-Age Dog of the Year for the 2011/2012 season, and won the National Amateur Invitational.

His record shows a total of 32 placements, eighteen (18) of them firsts. Among his wins were the Tar Heel and North Carolina Quail Championships, the Region 2 and Region 3 Amateur All-Age Championships, the aforementioned National Amateur Invitational Championship, and a score of other important all-age stakes.

He also produced some nice offspring for us, which continue to compete and produce currently.

Gary always said that if he had to go right then and there and win a field trial he would take Pirate. He was an easy dog to be around in the kennel and his final years were spent, just as a champion should, being a dog.


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