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National Amateur Chukar Shooting Dog Championship

By Todd Schaaf | Jul 13, 2018
Championship Winners. From left: Judge Tim Zick, Jim Emerson, Jim Reynolds with Tekoa Mountain Gale, Talmage Smedley, Rick Anderson, Todd Schaaf with Big Rock V Kobe, Lynn Lund and Judge Sheldon Twer.

Sunnyside, Wash. — The National Amateur Chukar Shooting Dog Championship was hosted by the Pacific Coast Field Trial Association at the Anderson Ranch in Sunnyside, Wash. The judges were Tim Zick of Edgerton, Wis., and Sheldon Twer of Oakdale, Cal. Eighteen dogs were drawn — 10 pointers, 2 setters, 5 German Shorthairs and 1 Vizsla.

Named champion was Tekoa Moun- tain Gale, setter male owned and handled by Jim Emerson of Bonney Lake, Wash. This is both the dog and handler’s first championship. Runner-up was Big Rock V Kobe, German Short- hair male handled by Lynn Lund and owned by Kevin Prescott of Seattle, Wash. This was also Lynn Lund’s first championship placement.

Champion Tekoa Mountain Gale was the top dog in the third brace. It was a beautiful morning for running dogs. There was a slight breeze and perfect temperature. “Mach” had four finds, all of which were a great distance from the handler. The dog worked in a perfect pocket from ten to two ranging in and out depending on the cover. The finds were spread out evenly through the brace at 20, 33, 40 and 50. Mach was found either to the front or on point every time showing great style and stamina. It was a strong race from start to finish demonstrating a great rapport between dog and handler.

Runner-up Big Rock V Kobe was the top dog in the second brace. Kobe once again showed us his workmanlike atti- tude, winning his fifth championship placement in three years with two separate handlers. Kobe demonstrated his excellent bird-finding skills with five finds at 10, 20, 25, 42 and 51 with impeccable bird work. He had a strong race hunting every bit of cover he could find. Kobe is always a pleasure to watch.


Northern Prairie Addition (Glenn Conover) ran a nice shooting dog race with a find on a liberated chukar at 26 and an unproductive at 50. Dunfur’s Three Ninety One A L (Lynn Lund) had a good run until he retrieved a bird to hand at 20.

Big Rock V Kobe’s (Lund) effort was described earlier. Sunsetter’s Queen Sunrise (Jim Reynolds) ran a snappy, forward shooting dog race with three stylish finds at 8, 20 and 35. Sunrise was not able to resist the flying chukar in front of her.

Tekoa Mountain Gale (Emerson) was previously covered. Snakebite N V (owned by Mel Lueck, handled by Todd Schaaf) was gone early wild chukar hunting.

Prairie Tank (Conover) found no birds. Canadian Elhew Jacko (Clark Lundgren) had two finds, the first on a liberated chukar and the second on wild Huns. All was in order and Jacko finished the hour.

Royalerun Cole Miner’s Daughter (Dave Fowler) put down a nice shooting dog race with two finds and one unpro- ductive. “Retta” finished the hour. Foxgloves Money Maker (Brian Hill) had two finds, all in order, and finished the hour.

Gator Done (Todd Schaaf) had one mannerly find, then failed to back. Painted Owyhee Toad (Bridget Leding- ton) carded two finds, all in order. The young dog broke on the third bird.

C K Too Hot to Handle Cayenne (Brian Adams) had two finds with good manners and finished the hour. Painted Molly (Jim Ledington) had two finds, an unproductive and finished the hour.

Painted Owyhee Sagebrush (B. Led- dington) was up early. Foxgloves Spend- ing a Buck (Hill) was also up early.

Gotta Little Project (Schaaf) scored one find, all in order, displayed good ground coverage and finished the hour. Seahawk’s Percy (Phil Spencer) also displayed good ground coverage and finished the hour without a find.

There are so many people who make field trials happen and there are a few people we would specifically like to thank: Rick Anderson for his ongoing generosity letting field trialers use his land for over 50 years; Dr. Mark Ledbetter and his wife Jan Ledbetter for providing our lunches; Jim Emerson for all of his support; Dave Fowler and Talmage Smedley for dog truck driving. Thank you to Tim Zick and Sheldon Twer for watching our dogs. We have some wonderful sponsors that make this happen — AFTCA, Purina, Garmin and Bruce Fox Awards.

Thank you to everyone who came and supported our trial.

Sunnyside, Wash., March 17

Judges: Sheldon Twer and Tim Zick

NATIONAL AMATEUR CHUKAR SHOOTING DOG CHAMPIONSHIP [One-Hour Heats] — 10 Pointers, 2 Setters, 5 German Shorthairs and 1 Vizsla

Winner—TEKOA MOUNTAIN GALE, 1623873, setter male, by Tekoa Mountain Outrage— Tekoa Mountain Attitude. James Emerson, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—BIG ROCK V KOBE, 1648585, German Shorthair male, by Big Rock v Deion— Top Lil Crow Dog. Kevin Prescott, owner; Lynn Lund, handler.

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