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National Amateur Shooting Dog and Derby Championships

By Bob Barker | Feb 17, 2021
Runner-Up Winner. From Left: Bob Barker, Bill Stapleton, Barry Moore, Judges Lynn Oxendine and Dr. Bob Rankin; Lou Qualtiere, Dr. Buck Neil with Baja Blues.

Inola, Okla. — The National Amateur Shooting Dog Championship kicked off immediately following the National Amateur Derby Shooting Dog on January 29 at the Ingersoll Ranch at Inola, Okla.

To pull off a trial of this magnitude you have to have  a lot of help. Club members who stepped up the plate to help were Barry Moore, Jason Reed, Austin Bryant with opening gates and Mike Griffin and Warren Henderson driving  the dog wagon. Also a big thank you to Mike Griffin for fixing some of our electrical hookups and Lynn Oxendine for fixing some of the closing straps for the stalls in the back to accommodate participants.

Weather is a big factor for any trial and this trial was no exception. Conditions were good on Thursday and Friday, but Saturday and Sunday were brutal with the wind and cold temperatures. We did see a lot of pretty clouds during this event as posted by Joyce Taylor on Facebook.

We would like to thank Purina for the fine dinner we had at the clubhouse on Saturday night. Hammett House, a local favorite restaurant came out with their chef Mike and prepared a fine meal of sirloin, baked potatoes, salad and a pecan raisin pie that was out of this world. Also the winner and runner-up got certificates for  bags of Pro Plan. Purina does a lot for our sport and we need to support them. Also thank you to Garmin for providing collars to the winners.

This trial was unique in a lot of ways. One was we had five different women handlers competing in this competition: Joyce Taylor with her pointer, Kelli Aiken with her Irish Setters, Cindy Findley with her setter, Laura Miller with her Vizslas and Jeanette Heise with her pointer.

Another side note. We had handlers from the West Coast to the East Coast. Bill Owen from California, Gunner Boyer from Pennsylvania, Bill Stapleton from Wisconsin, and other handlers from Iowa, Kansas, Arkansas, Georgia, Oklahoma and Texas.

Many thanks to our gracious hosts Kay Ingersoll and her daughter Windy for allowing the use of this fine ranch. Both attended the Purina dinner on Saturday night and brought a few books of the history of the ranch for those that wished to obtain one.

[2020 has been a rough year for us in the field trial world in Oklahoma for the passing of Win Ingersoll, Preston Tremble, and Chuck Taylor and Dr. Dorwin Hawthorne. All of these men contributed so much to the sport.]

Judges for this event were Lynn Oxendine from Joplin, Mo., and Dr. Bob Rankin from Edmond, Okla. Bob has had a lot of success over the years with his Brittanys and pointers on the major circuit with Allen Vincent. Lynn is an accomplished rider and loves to compete in amateur all-age stakes. Lynn took a break from field trials for a few years to get his business established. When he was younger he went up north with Bud Kessee to work dogs one summer, and he worked with trainer-handler Bill Trabue as well.


When the dust had cleared the judges named Dunwell’s Miss Deplorable, pointer female owned and handled by Les Rowell of Greenbriar, Ark. Les is no stranger to the winners' circle. Les won this Championship with Fire Buster down at Albany Miss.,  and Dunwell’s Mac at Camp Robinson in Arkansas. He also got a runner-up title with a dog named Leverage down at Ardmore a few years ago. Coincidently Leverage is the sire of Dunwell’s Deplorable.

Kate, as she is called, ran in the third brace on Friday. At the breakaway Kate took a hard right at the beginning and took about 7 minutes to get in sync with handler. At 23 she hit pay dirt with a nice find close to a feeder. Continuing to push to the front she scored again at 45 standing so pretty high and tight with all in order. She continued to finish her hour with good ground application.

Runner-up was Baja Blues, pointer male owned an handled by Dr. Buck Neil of Fort Worth, Tex. Baja Blues was sired by Buck’s multiple Champion Rock Star Andy and Phantom Santo Pride, a product of Dan Hendrickson’s breeding program.

Blue ran in the 16th brace on Sunday morning.  Blue ran a nice forward consistant throughout the hour. At 42 he stood standing with high head and tail on a wild covey. All was in order and he finished his hour going away.

Blue has had an amazing career in such a short time. He has placed in the last three championships he was entered in. He won Region 7 Amateur Shooting Dog last spring, was runner-up at Region 7 Amateur All-Age Championship and now runner- up at this Championship.

There were other dogs that had bird work and finished their hour clean but could not beat the performances of the above dogs. Some of those dogs were Lawless Spec  for Jim Lawless, Open Range Terminator (Bob Barker), Hale's Southern Touch, (Dr. Jeff Hale), Bad Bourbon (Gunner Boyer), Bad Rebel Addition (Buck Neil), and Westfall’s Tulsa Time (Jon Humphrey).

Inola, Okla., January 29

Judges: Lynn Oxendine and Dr. Robert Rankin


[One-Hour Heats] — 33 Pointers, 3 Setters, 2 Irish Setters

and 4 Vizslas

Winner—DUNWELL’S MISS DEPORABLE, 1670209, pointer female, by Leverage—Dreamy Blossom. Leslie Rowell, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—BAJA BLUES, 1677164, pointer male, by Rock Star Andy—Phantom’s Santo Pride. Buck Neil, owner and handler.


The National Amateur Shooting  Derby Championship commenced January 28. It has been about 20 years or so since the Oil Capital Field Trial Club has hosted a National Amateur event.

This Championship preceded he National Amateur Shooting Dog Championship. This stake attracted fourteen dogs of which thirteen came to the line. One was scratched because handler could not get here on time.

Lane Hodges and his wife Darcy came all the way from Georgia to run dogs in both stakes. This proved to be a very  rewarding trip as both of their dogs were awarded both the championship and runner-up titles in this Derby stake.

Named champion was One Day Lucky Strike, pointer male that ran in the 6th brace. It did not ake Lucky Strike long to figure out the lay of this unfamiliar territory. He had a find at 1 with all in order. At 15 he had an unproductive. He continued to knock the front end out with his race. When we did not see him he popped out to the front. Finished his hour strong and going away.

Named runner-up was One Day Queen, also owned and handled by Lane Hodges and scouted by this wife Darcy. Darcy scouted the champion as well. Queen started a little slow trying to figure out the new surroundings. It did not take her long for the cylinders to kick in. She had a big race with a strong finish. At 45 she had a find by a feeder on course  No. 2. She marked flight but all was good.

Moore's Gamer was another impressive Derby. He had a find at 12 where there was a long ride to get to him. He stood well for the flush and shot. He had a nice race but got on deer and finished behind. Judges also commented on Greypointe Patron with a nice race.


[One-Hour Heats] — 14 Pointers

Winner—ONE DAY LUCKY STRIKE, 1684551, pointer male, by Heard Hill’s Memory Lane—Dubose’s Snow White. Lane Hodges, owner and handler.

Runner-Up—ONE DAY QUEEN BEE, 1684579, pointer female, by Heard’s Hill’s Memory Lane—Dubose’s Snow White. Lane Hodges, owner and handler.





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