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National Amateur Shooting Dog Championship

By Piper Huffman, AFCA Secy. | Feb 06, 2018

Mayflower, Ark. — The National Amateur Shooting Dog Championship has received a banner entry for the 2018 running at Camp Robinson, near Mayflower, Ark. Fifty dogs have been drawn!

Judges are Tony King of Thompson, Mo., and Tim Penn of Edina, Mo.


Name of Dog/Breed & Sex/Owner/Handler


1. Dunwell’s Cuppa Joe, PM; Les Rowell. With

Snow Drifter, PM; Rita Ornsby.


2 Open Range Terminator, PM; Bob Barker. With

Hale’s Kickstarter, PM; Dr. Jeffrey Hale Hale.


3. Miller’s Bring The Heat, PF/IS; Fran/Jack Miller. With

Belle’s Star Joker, PF; Thompson/Steve Messick.


4. Dubose’s Daddy Boy PM; Bobby Dubose. With

Stylish Taz, PF; Tom Curtsinger.


5. Absolute Diva, PF; Joyce/Johnny Taylor. With

Nemaha Cinch, PM; Dr. Pat McInteer.


6. Miller’s Shoot Em Liz, PF; Ronnie Miller. With

Rebellita, PF; Austin Turley.


7. Hale’s Southern Touch, PF; Dr. Jeffrey Hale. With

Panther Creek E Z, PF; Frank Rutland.


8. Lester’s Prime Poison Lane, PM; Brian Peterson/Darron Hendley. With

At’A Boy Roy, PM; George Kimbrell.


9. Rentz’s Fire and Ice, PF; Joe Rentz. With

Talladega, PM; Elias Richardson.


10. Deep Red Black Diamond, PM; Gary Young. With

Prairie Tank, PM; Glenn Conover/Austin Turley.


11. Miller’s California Dreamer, PF; Fran/Jack Miller. With

Nemaha Boot, PM; Dr. Pat McInteer.


12. Open Range Fury, PF; Bob Barker. With

Pineywoods Jackpot, SM; Darron Hendley/Brian Peterson.


13. Pink Pistol, PF; George Kimbrell. With

Emmalita, PF; Austin Turley/Glenn Conover.


14. She’s A Knockout, PF; Tom Curtsinger. With

Cadet, PM; Steve Messick.


15. Panther Creek Snow Queen, PF; Frank Rutland. With

Tangled Sheets, PF; Johnny Ornsby.


16. Sammy’s Reduction, PM; Gary Young. With

Outback Elhew Jake, PM; John Van Horn.


17. Doc’s Haven Rail, PM; George Kimbrell. With

American Express Lane, PM; Brian Peterson/Darron Hendley.


18. Touch’s Katrina, PF; Austin Turley. With

Redland’s Jacked Up, PM; Joe Rentz.


19. Ironestone Lone Star, SM; Elias Richardson. With

Miller’s Sheza Hot Cookie, PF; Fan/Jack Miller.


20. Nemaha Night Hawk, PM; Dr. Pat McInteer. With

Smoky Joe Rambo, SM; Joe Bruner.


21. Dunwell’s Miss Deplorable, PF; Les Rowell. With

Zara, PF/IS; John Van Horn.


22. Touch’s Diamante, PM; Austin Turley. With

Miller’s Special Edition, PF; Fran/Jack Miller.


23. Neely’s Rock and Roll, PM; John Neely. With

Smoky Joe’s Bandit, SM; Joe Bruner.


24. Marksman, PM; Steve Messick. With

Absolute Magic Lil, PF; Joyce/Johnny Taylor.


25. Miller’s Miss Kitty, PF; Ronnie Miller. With

Little White Lies, PF; Elias Richardson.

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