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National Bird Dog Championship 2018 DVD

By Brad Harter [Pleasant Hill Productions] Reviewed by Tom Word | Dec 07, 2018

By far the best-yet annual production of the National Bird Dog Championship video has been released by its producer, editor and chief cameraman, the

indefatigable (make that tireless and never discouraged) Brad Harter, one of field trialing’s staunchest friends.

The photography, lighting, scene selection, editing, pace and narration

of this year’s production excel. Moving like a high-speed train, the movie (to borrow a term from my youth) keeps you on the edge of your seat, with no dull moments. The scenes are vivid and bright, attesting to the excellence of the photographic equipment and production technology.

Ames Plantation’s beauty and the planting and grooming along the courses are superb, and the birds seemed to have cooperated this year, for there were multiple champion-level performances, with four dogs in hot contention to the end.

The judges’ choice was last year’s champion, Lester’s Sunny Hill Jo, co-owned by David Thompson and his handler, Gary Lester. Jo’s super nose and smooth forward handling separated him from three close contenders, each with good bird scores and faultless manners.

All and all a good stake, though wet, near flood conditions prevailed through the two weeks.

This DVD is an ideal gift for a bird-hunting skeptic of the value of field trials to the pointer and setter breeds, for the superior hunting, handling and bird-finding qualities of the entries were shown by almost all entries. They amply demonstrated that if you want a good hunting dog, breed to a trial winner. Only thus can you avoid the “drag of the breed.”


[$45 per copy. Includes postage and handling. To order, contact:

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