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By Kenny DeLong | Jan 14, 2021
Open Shooting Dog Winners. From left  (seated) Theda Langstaff; Rich Hollister with Dun Rovens Soozee; Judge Dave Heavlin; Bruce Minard with Titanum's Hammer, Judge Bob Bricker; and Marc Forman with Grouse Hill Smokey.

Meredith, Mich. — We were blessed with days of wonderful weather, great dogs, and wild birds all over the place for our fall trial.

We had the super support of the folks at Purina, the reliable horses and wrangling of the Hollister Family, the tireless work of club members, and the enthusiastic participation of pros like Ecker, Minard, Hollister, the Forman Brothers, and numerous amateurs to compete with eager, birdy canines under the attentive eyes and ears of excellent judges.

Just to give an idea of the bounty of birds, Friday’s Open Shooting Dog saw  16 woodcock, with 12 pointed, and 21 grouse, 11 successfully pinned. Dogs had good opportunities for bird contact throughout the weekend.


Thirty-eight dogs were entered in the Open Shooting Dog, so competitive, was vigorous and close.  More than a dozen clean dogs made Judges Bob Bricker and Dave Heavlin consider race, application, and bird work carefully.  All the dogs that made it into the winners' circle had multiple finds, impressive, intelligent  movement on the ground, and stylish manners on their birds.

Rich Hollister handled the setter female Dun Rovens Soozee to the blue, with a three-find grouse bonanza, the last of which featured a pair of noisy bonasa bombers that took off with quite a racket.  Second was Grand National Grouse Champion Titanium Hammer, a striking pointer male handled by Bruce Minard, laying down a great race with bracemate and Invitational Champion Drifter, handled by Mr. Hollister (which, as you would expect, attracted quite a gallery in the later afternoon).  Hammer was exciting to watch and superbly handled a grouse and two woodcock.  Rounding out the placements was another pointer male, Grouse Hill Smokey, well-guided by veteran Marc Forman. Smokey was smooth and serious, looking very impressive on each of his three woodcock finds (in two of which Marc put multiple birds to wing).

In Saturday’s Open Puppy, Judges Bob and Diane Wheelock scrutinized the races, application, and stamina of ten young dogs.  Kenny DeLong’s Brittany male “Shooter” set the standard and emerged the clear winner, with his littermate/sister “Anna”, handled by owner Dr. George Najor, not far behind to earn the red ribbon. One of the promising young pointers on Mr. Minard’s string, Hifive’s Ruff Runner, ran hard and smart to ease into third place.

On Sunday, sixteen dogs contended for recognition in the Open Derby, carefully watched by Judges Bill Nelson and Craig Merlington. Three dogs had woodcock finds, only one of which got the nod from the  judges.  In the end, three setters were awarded placements.

Judges elected to give handler Dozeman’s Moss Mac Daddy the blue on the basis of his savvy, forward run and quality bird work.  The pair in the saddle liked the ground race and handling of pro Minard’s setter male, Thornapple Casey for second, and Robert Ecker’s charge, King Creek Dot Sero earned the yellow ribbon with a smooth, even run and minimum of handling.

Judges' decisions in each stake were respectfully acknowledged, humbly accepted, and well-received.

A successful trial depends on the contributions of so many. Fortunately, we have a great family of folks who frequent the greatest wild bird/cover dog venue in the country.

We are thankful for the beauty and bounty of the Gladwin Field Trial Area, the conscientious management of same by the DNR and many volunteer workers from all clubs, our members, competitors, workers, wrangler(s), judges, our faithful “four-leggeds,” and of course the Grace of God.

Meredith, Mich., October 1

Judges: Bob Bricker and Dave Havelin

OPEN SHOOTING DOG — 13 Pointers, 23 Setters and 1 Brittany

1st—DUN ROVENS SOOZEE, 1682090, setter female, by Clark’s Tekoa Sky Hawk—Dun Rovens Boofey. Chris Jager, owner; Richard Hollister, handler.

2d—TITANIUM’S HAMMER, 1651809, pointer male, by Dateline Black List—Hifive’s Wrangler. Bob Leet, owner; Bruce Minard, handler.

3d—GROUSE HILL SMOKEY, 1683018, pointer male, by Silver Ko Kane Ty—Smoke’m Up Jill. John Capocci, owner; Mark Forman, handler.

Judges: Diane Wheelock and Robert Wheelock

OPEN PUPPY — 1 Pointer, 6 Setters and 2 Brittanys

1st—K DEL’S EAGLE MAGNUM HOTSHOT, 1685770, Brittany male, by Magnum High Velocity—K Del’s Eagle’s Chance to Roar. Ken DeLong, owner and handler.

2d—ANNA, unreg., Brittany female, by Magnum High Velocity—K Del’s Eagle Chance to Roar. George Najor, owner and handler.

3d—HIFIVE’S RUFF RUNNER, 1692129, pointer male, by Titanium’s Hammer—Hifive’s Allisin. Robert Minard, owner; Bruce Minard, handler.

Judges: Craig Merlington and Bill Nelson

OPEN DERBY — 1 Pointer, 14 Setters and 1 Brittany

1st—MOSS MAC DADDY, 1686015, setter male, by Ponderosa Mac—Moss Meadow Lil. Marc Dozeman, owner and handler.

2d—THORNAPPLE CASEY, 1690280, setter male, by Thornapple Cody—Hifive’s Guilty As Charged. Bob Leet, owner; Bruce Minard, handler.

3d—KING CREEK DOT SERO, 1690590, setter female, by Heshner’s Grouse Gunner—Call Me Maggie. Dr. Peter Millett, owner; R. J. E Ecker, Jr., handler.


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